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Erotic Poetry


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any poets among us?  sent to me, shared with you.  btw, authors names were NOT provided


Erotic Anonymous Sexual Poetry 


 he always told me we needed to work on my patience
and then he showed me why
"just breathe" he said....and he touched me
gently, roughly, barely, deeply....and all over
" just feel" he said.... and he closed my eyes
i could feel his breath as whispered to me his wants
i could feel his presence without seeing him
he felt deeper, i was flowing...easily...a puddle 
"focus" he said.....as he played me, he knew me too well
my weaknesses were his strengths
"not yet" he commanded....my body always fights to rebel
and when he knew i was beyond my limits
he asked me to wait some more....for him, he knew i would try harder
moisture all around me, hair damp at my forehead, skin moist with sweat....and me leaking ...evidence on my thighs and sheets
he placed his hands my face...."open your eyes" he whispered
he looked straight into my eyes....the command was silent but there..."do not look away"
it was overwhelming, unnerving, intimate...loving
To look into my eyes, was to look into my soul as i gave to him, what he always brought out of me
tears....it always brings tears....because he is mine
and he tells me i am his
and he is right....it is always worth the wait
to give



 i crave you
your touch
the way you handle me
the way you squeeze me
i crave you
the sounds of your breathing
the way you take control
i crave you
the gentle, intimate, ferociousness of your loving
i Need you
to handle me and take control
to squeeze me like this, hold me and 
to give me what is mine
i need to be full of you...in every way



 if i told you how much i needed it
would that make me seem weak
if i begged quietly...in whispers or pleaded
would that make me seem impatient
if i placed your hand over my heart...so you could feel the pulse 
would you then know
if i placed your hand on the wetness...would you understand
i need you...all of me...at all times...right now
so much right now i can't think
but then i need you always...that's right Always
sometimes, like now, its just so overwhelming



of that first push
i can feel my heart race
i can feel myself leaking
you tease
just touching
rubbing it against me
and all i can think is 
its consuming
the anticipation of that first push
is enough to make me lose control
so soon
just with that first thrust


 I Love Him

 I love that feeling of having him deep inside me
..of being on top, looking down at him before i burry my face in his neck
I love the feeling of almost pulling completely off of him, til nothing but his head is still inside me
...and the sounds he makes when i squeeze it like that, milking him
...before dropping it down Hard on him...repeatedly, incessantly, trying to milk him dry
i love that feeling of his hands, not quite at my hips, but more squeezing that fleshy part where my cheeks meet my thighs
I love the feeling i get when i feel my cheeks clapping around him, taking it
i love the feeling of him pushing up hard inside me, while i push back down on him, and the sounds it makes
....the sounds of our skin smacking against each other is a sound that can make me lose it alone
...almost as much as the sound of his hands making my cheeks red while he's fucking me
i love the gush it creates and how i can feel it push past him, dripping off him and how i slide against his soaked thighs
i love the feeling of knowing he's ready to blow, and how it makes me ride harder...milking it, til i feel him filling me
i love the sounds he makes, the noises, the screams, the moans...the ROARS, cause i won't stop moving against his now ever so sensitive dick head
I love the feeling of trying to catch our breaths,him still inside me...my head on his chest...still squeezing him periodically to see how it still gets him
i love the feeling of having him pull out how i can feel him...our mess...trickle down my thighs
I LOVE the sound he makes, knowing that he's watching it too
Mostly i love it cause i'm greedy and i know he's going to push back up into it...and beat it again
....gawd i'm going to sleep well...and i Love it
cause i love him.

 The Way He Looks at Me

love the way he looks at me
sometimes, when i think i'm not sexy at all
in just boxers, just some jeans & a t-shirt
just regular me
nothing special
just special to him
to know that he wants me, plain old me
to hear it in his voice
to see it in his eyes
makes me wet


 I Can Feel

 all i can think...is that i can't think at all
but what i can do is feel
and i do
blinded in so many ways
yet so very aware
i need..i want...i wish...i hope...
I ....can't breathe...
But i can feel



 Pretty and all, and i know he loves the view
but as he says "it looks nicer on the floor"
I prefer no obstruction between the 2 of us in bed
just his skin against mine

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