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wanting her holes

Guest TeeniePeenie

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Guest TeeniePeenie

This is my first post on this forum. I'll make this one short. I'm a real cuck, not a wannabe. I have had the great pleasure of watching my wife spread her legs wide for men whose cocks were so superior to my own that it made me look like a little prepubescent boy in comparison. I have seen the look in hey eye as they mounted and penetrated her giving her a better, stronger, longer lasting fuck than I have ever given her. I have seen them bring her to Orgasm when I have NEVER once fucked her to Orgasm in my life, not even once. In fact, not fantasy, i have not had the delight of enjoying my own wife's pussy in over 6 months!!! Not just no pussy but any sex of any kind whatsoever. No sex. None. Meanwhile, other men have satisfied their malt needs in her. Why do I tell you all this? To explain that i Yale no offense when other men take liberties with my bride. Why should i feel jealous? They are complimenting me when they try to service her and get into her panties. They are men after all. They need pussy. Why not my own wife? Hey, if they can convince her to give her married holes to them, is that not a compliment to me?

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