My Wifes first time

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 Lisa and I had been married for less than a year and our first child ass only two months old when this happened,


  Les a friend of mine I hadn't seen in a few years called asking if he could spend a couple days with us while he visited his Grandmother that lived just a few blocks from us.

 The last time I saw Les was when I was discharged and he still had a few months to go and wound up taking a job in Colorado when he got out but we had stayed in touch

 I asked if it was ok and Lisa agreed so we set it up for the following week.

 Lisa started asking questions about him and we talked about his and mine years growing up and our times together .

 Lisa asked why he wasn't married and I said he just hasn't found the right gal yet I guess and she asked he is not gay or anything is he and I had to laugh Les was very popular in school with the girls he is taller than me and oh he is also of mixed blood but it just gives his skin a light coffee and the last time I saw him he was in very good shape and she said maybe I can fix him up with one of my friends and started asking more and more questions about him so I wound up telling her that he also has a thick 9 inch cock.

 You might think this is all made up now but Lisa and I have in the past discussed wife sharing and her approach was open minded asking me why I wanted to watch another man fuck her but she didn't seam to be mad or upset jus curious and we talked about it for several nights before she lost interest.

 Her reaction when I told her about his cock was a loud laugh and a no fucking way dude but I only smiled until she asked really no shit and she found out 12 inch ruler and held her finger at the 9 inch mark and put it up to her belly saying holy shit he could hurt a girl with that.

 I had to admit that the girls in school were intimidated by his size but word got around and he told me he was banging some of their older sisters and mothers and in his senior year he was pretty busy.

 Several times she would bring him up again but she had stopped offering to find one of her friends for him she was just curious and when we picked him up at the Oakland Airport she actually Blushed when I introduced him and later I teased her about it and asked her if she liked him and she blushed again.

 That night in bed she was very active much more than usual as we had sex and I began to wonder just what she was thinking so all the next day I waited and watched her around him and I caught her looking down at his crotch from time to time with a strange smile on her face.

 That evening as he and I were drinking beer and Lisa was sipping wine after dinner Lisa would excuse herself but I followed her once and surprised her filling her glass with wine which is something she seldom ever dose she is usually a one glass gal  but she was getting tipsy and laughing a lot.

 She cuddled up to me on the couch and was talking to him and laughing so I asked him well Les what do you think of my gal with my arm around her and he looked her over boldly being a little tipsy and said she is a doll Jim and sexy as hell and Lisa almost purred cuddling up tighter against me and I said she was going to try to fix you up with a friend of her until I told her about your cock and Lisa sat up shocked giving me a withering look and I quickly add she thinks I am bull shitting her why don't you show her.

 We were all a bit more than half drunk by now and Les laughed and said you are kidding aren't you.? But now Lisa had turned back to him to see what he would do .

 I waited for her to lay into me but she just sat there holding her glass and staring at Les.

 I cleared my throat and said show her Les we are all adults here so he stood looking a little uncomfortable and unhooked his belt waiting for me to say stop but I was watching that was still staring at his crotch so he unhooked his pants watching not sure if we were serious or not but then he unzipped his pants and Lisa gasped her eyes locked on his fingers as he pushed his pants over his hips and they fell around his ankles in a pile. His cock filled his shorts to overflowing and it was growing now to and Lisa Gasped again and made a strange sound in her throat as his fingers hooked in his waist band and he slowly pushed his shorts down his legs and his cock unfolded and hung there between his legs as he stood back up.

 Lisa had her hand over her mouth but I heard her say OH MY GOD as she stared at his cock in wonder I whispered touch it babe and like a sleep walker she took the three steps and kneeled in front of him reaching out and capturing his cock in her hand.

 She slowly skinned his foreskin back over his cock head and whispered it,s beautiful skinning him so far back his piss slit winked at her then she leaned forward and sucked him into her mouth as though I was no longer there and I heard her sucking hungerly on his cock head and Les stood there looking down at her lips around his cock and he glanced quickly over at me then his yes lost focus and his mouth snarled and his hands laid on top of her head and his hips began to move shoving more and more of his cock into her mouth until she gagged then he got on his knees beside her and pushed her onto her back and Lisa raised her ass off the floor and lifted her shirt up and pushed her panty's down but Les was to impatient now and he ripped them off of her and pushed her blouse up around d her neck baring her breasts then he pushed her knees apart and lowered his body to hers and Lisa was gasping and making strangled sounds as her hand found his cock and guided him into her then she cried out as his cock head slipped out of sight.

 Les slowly at first began to fuck her adding some of his cock with each stroke until Lisa gasped I,m cummings then as her pussy gushed its fluid he slipped all the way into her without any effort and they fucked like mindless animal's with Lisa Cumming once more before Les cried out his howl and rammed his dick into her and held her there for long seconds as he came then he was gasping for breah and soon he was pumping into her again and Cumming again.

 Later thy undressed and fucked in our bed thn in the early morning they fucked again.

 Les spent the day with his grandmother but as soon as he got back to our place he and Lisa were going at it again and I spent the night sleeping on the couch and was woke with them fucking again.

 I was happy to take him to the airport later but he thanked me for everything profusely promising to stay in touch and Lisa talked about him for months after that.

 We have another friend now though that live closer.


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Share on other sites story! Thanks for sharing! sounds as if this is an ongoing story. This other friend you say he lives closer...sounds like this other friend is Lisa's "regular" bull. 

Sounds like you have more of this story to tell! 

Thanks again....can't wait to hear more. And I'll second that request for a pic of your hotwife, Lisa.




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