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Hi everyone. We’re a fairly new couple to the lifestyle and we’d like to share some of our experiences. Reliving through retelling is a lot of fun, and we hope you’ll enjoy them as well. I guess an introduction is where to start though...

My name is S and my wife’s name is L. We’re just using the first letters of our names to protect the “not so” innocent :). She’ll be adding to what is written as we go...

Anyway, I’m 35 and she’s 34 and we’ve been married for almost 12 years. We met in college in the northwest and moved to NC for work almost as soon as she graduated...which was a year after I did. We don’t have any children...which is a bit of a sad story for us. My wife has had several miscarriages and so to avoid anymore heartache we decided to go ahead and have her tubes tied. I won’t say anymore about that except that that was a very difficult decision...but we agree that it was the right one. 

Our entry into the lifestyle is probably not all that uncommon. A neighbor. 

For the most part, my wife stays home except for occasionally volunteering at a nearby preschool...with all her free time and her love for the outdoors, coupled with her outgoing and social personality...meeting neighbors was easy for her. It’s not an exaggeration to say that she knows most of our neighbors within a 3 block radius of our house...she loves to meet new people. One of the ways she does this is when she’s out running. If she sees someone, she’s going to say hi and if they’re friendly, she’s going to stop and talk to them. 

Well, about 3 years ago she met a neighbor that changed everything for us. Occasionally she would see this particular neighbor while out running. They’d say hello or stop and chat for a bit and eventually they started running together. This went on for a month or so before it became more than just running. As she tells it (and she can add more if she wants when she gets on), she started looking forward to her “run dates”...more and more. They exchanged phone numbers at one point so that they could text each other about what time they would run the next day...and those texts turned to flirting and eventually he asked her out for lunch. At first she said no...and then she said yes. 

I should back up and say that I knew nothing about this. I work a lot and several times a year I have to travel for work. Normally I’m only gone for a few days but there are some work trips that keep me away for up to a week. She will tell you that my job and the amount of time that I’m gone contributed to what took place. I would agree with that...though where we are now would tell me we were going to get to this place regardless. But I really had no clue about what was going on. I knew she would occasionally run with a neighbor but I had no idea that they were texting. Neither did I know that they eventually started having sex. 

That’s how it all started. 

There were red flags that I should have noticed. For one, our sex life was quickly dwindling. When we were first married and all the way up to her affair, we had sex several times a week...after she met her “run” partner, our sex life was reduced to just a few times a month. There were other things as well...but that should have at least made me question what was going on. It didn’t. 

Her first time with him overwhelmed her with guilt...in her words. She couldn’t believe that she had actually done it...but instead of stopping...her first time turned into weekly “dates” which eventually turned into 3 times a week...even more than that when I was out of town. He lived only a few blocks from our house so it was easy and accessible. This went on for about 6 months before she couldn’t live with the guilt anymore and finally confessed to me. 

I’ll admit that it almost destroyed us. She stopped seeing him  and we started counseling and spent the better part of a year trying to get back to where we were. In many ways, we were able to restore our marriage. But it wasn’t to be. While I was away on one of my trips, she went to him again. As soon as I got home, she told me. Again it was hard...really hard. But it led us to some really good conversations about why she couldn’t stop herself. That’s how she explained it. She loved me and didn’t want to lose me...but sex with me was not enough for her. I guess I should let her explain that and she’ll enjoy writing about it...but he was much bigger and much better than I could ever be. She didn’t want to lose me but she didn’t want to give up the great sex she’d have with our neighbor. 

That led us to investigating open relationships online. How they work. Do they work. Are they ever successful. The whole thing began to change how I viewed her and us and our sex life. Eventually we came across the term cuckold. That seemed to explain us and our desires much better than open marriage did. I really didn’t want to see other women...and I started wanting her to see other men. Once that came out...the floodgates opened and that’s where we are. L explained all of this to our neighbor / her new boyfriend...and he was more than happy to continue fucking her. 

As of now, I’ve never witnessed them having sex. We’ve talked about it and are thinking about it but I’m not sure yet and neither is she. 

So that’s us...S and L. 

We hope to talk to others in similar situations or further along in the lifestyle than we are to get some other perspectives and maybe some encouragement as to how we move forward. This lifestyle doesn’t seem to be one that remains in one place...but continues to develop into other things...that’s what makes a little nervous...........and excited. 

Hopefully, we’ll be adding more later.  




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8 minutes ago, 1m4somefun said:

Enjoy this new found adventure and remain open, it can only get better !

Love to hear both side of your story, that is akways amazing as well...


K xxx


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