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Roger returns


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 I was tired we had been up to Reno and a divorced friend of ours had gone with us this last weekend it was snowing hard this winter.

 We were held up having to chain up and we had to wait in line so Amy leaned her seat back and went to sleep Jeff and I talked for awhile then he drifted off to so I covered Amy up with my jacket and Jeff was sleeping pretty good to so I drifted off but was woken up to move the car forward when there was an opening. so I didn't get very much sleep.

 We were held up there all night and I was a zombie when we finally chained up and moved back into traffic We stopped after removing the chains  At a little truck stop in Nyack On I 80 for some coffee and Jeff volunteered to drive for awhile and I got into the back seat but couldn't drift off but their conversation was comforting I was relaxed and almost asleep when Jeff asked is he asleep and I sensed rather than saw Amy look over the back seat and she said he is dead to the world and Jeff asked dose he know about us and Amy said hush we can talk about this when we get home he will need his sleep.

 Jeff was impatient though and asked are you going to divorce him and Amy whispered hush no I am not I love him lets just let it go on this way and he asked do you think we can get it on later and she said lets see just how bad he needs sleep he sleeps like a dead man and maybe we can do a quickie then they began to talk about other things and I was wide awake now my mind racing now in high gear as I tried to absorb this information it was very clear that they had been intimate before and were planning on keeping this relationship going on and I began to look back now and I realized that this had been going right under my nose for some time . 

 Jeff had come over the night Ellen left him and cried for over an hour and Amy comforted him holding him as he whimpered and after that Jeff was almost a family member I would sometimes come home and find him there laughing and talking to Amy like long time friends and he would kiss her right in front of me without any shame at all and Amy would slap his hands laughing if he grabbed at her and I also realized how stupid I had been.

 Their conversation droned on and on until we had passed through Sacramento then Amy whispered maybe if he is still asleep you can hang around a few minutes and we can have some fun I am kind of horny and Jeff laughed a nasty laugh and sleep tight Larry.

 I laid there like a zombie then I decided that I wanted to know for sure and in a few minutes I sat up pretending to be groggy and in fact I was I Stretched  and said boy am I tired I could sleep for a week and they both were quiet glancing at each other but I pretended not to notice I had him stop in Davis for some coffee and I realized now that after watching them knowing that they had been fucking right under my nose and probably in my bed that I was more aroused than mad my body betrayed me and my cock was rock hard now I couldn't wait until we got home and let her put me to bed  so I could catch them in the act.

 It was easier than I thought Amy put me to bed and cooed telling me to sleep good and kissed me as she tucked me in.

 I waited wide awake until she came in a second time and I tried to breath evenly Jeff was in the room also and Amy shook my shoulder lightly and then she walked over to Jeff and whispered he sleeps like a dead man lets goin to the kitchen I need to wash up the glasses.

 I gave them to the count of 100 then I followed it was early evening now and the living room was in shadow and I could hear them in the kitchen as I crept like a thief over and I peeked into the kitchen Amy was bent over the sink with her hands on the drainboard her blouse was up around her neck and her breasts were moving up and down as they fucked and Jeff was behind her his cock already in her pussy  Amy was breathing hard and I could hear the slap slapping sounds as his body slapped against her ass cheeks.

 Instead of confronting them I was shocked to immobility fascinated Amy would grunt when he slammed into her and Jeff was going HA   HA as his ass pumped his cock in and out of her I could see her juices on his cock and the depth of his strokes by the circle of her juices on his cock as he fucked her and Amy was pushing back against him as they fucked.

 I had the hardest cock and it felt like it would explode as I watched dumbfounded Then Amy began to chant don't cum yet don't cum yet her breasts were swinging in circles now and Jeff had a death grip on her hips as he drove his cock into her frantically his breath harsh gasps now Amy cried out and pushed back against him and Jeff yelped driving his dick deep into my wife and they strained against each other then Amy began to laugh softly as his cock pumped his sperm into her.

 I watched in silence then I hurried back to bed not wanting to confront them now.

 I laid awake for another hour trying to absorb this and I still cant decide what I want to do about it. I sometimes want to divorce the bitch and other times I want to invite Jeff into our bed.


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