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hello everyone

wanted to see how others have been in the the cuckold lifestyle. i have been wanting to be in this lifestyle for more than 30 years and have not had the chance till now. i have found someone that i want to bring into our life as our bull owner . my wife has talked about have this in our lives for many years.but with other things have come up and have never gotten the chance till now to have it happen. when we talk about it we don't want to have multiple men we want one we can enjoy and maybe join a club and we all go out every once in a while. just looking for others that are in this type of lifestyle and to hear about there experiences.

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Hi bobbie.

If you guys have been talking about it for years, then you two are probably ready.  Take it slow and communicate.  Set boundaries, but expect them to change a little.  Like any type of relationship, it evolves over time.

My wife and I have been doing this for years.  We actually started in college, before we got married.  We are now in our 50's.

My wife has had long-term bf's at times and multiple bf's at times.  There are advantages to both, but my wife and I prefer having one, long-term bf.  

I like the long-term bf's more because I get to know them, as well, and I have actually ended up being very good friends with them. She likes them because it's usually less drama and more stable.  The short term bf's, however, give her variety.

Good luck with your adventure.  If you truly are a cuckold, you will find out very quickly after you guys get started.  I have never gotten tired of watching my wife get hours of pleasure from another man's cock.

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