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  1. Ours kind of started from cheating. I thought she was cheating, but she says she was not. It was when we were in college. I knew she was attracted to a buddy of mine, then one semester they took a class together. Then, they started studying together, alone, at his apartment. I felt sure they were messing around. Whether they did or not, it did @@@@@@ my cuckold kink to me. I was confused at first, but instead of being jealous, I found myself heavily turned on by the possibility they could be having sex.
  2. You need to make sure your wife is the type of woman that can have and enjoy casual (nsa) sex with another man. My wife is, but it took years for her to admit that. Not just to me, but even to herself. As expected she asked me, more than once, if I was just looking for permission or felt guilty about something I had done. The answers were no, but it took me quite a while to convince her of that. It surprised the hell out of me when it finally happened, but it did. She had sex with my good friend a few months ago. It actually went very well and my wife is definitely open to doing this again. We had been talking about it for years. She and I met in high school, and she always lived a straight laced life. But she has always had a sex drive that was off the charts and I could tell, deep down, she was a naughty girl. From the beginning, I would see her noticing other guys and she would even flirt with them, right in front of me. That was how I discovered my cuckold fetish. The right guy finally came along. He is a co-worker of mine that was going through a divorce. He is a nice looking guy, very charming and quite fit. He started coming over to our house, so my wife got to know him as well. I could see the sparkle in her eye when he would come around. It got to the point where she would hug him hello and good-by, and if we were sitting at our kitchen table talking, she would sit very close to him. I would see her touch his arm, rest her hand on his thigh, etc. I would also see her looking at his ass and crouch almost constantly. Again, she would do all of this right in front of me. She would tell me how sorry she felt for him, living alone, and told me it was ok for me to invite him over for dinner whenever I wanted. I agreed, but then I gave her his cell number and told her it would probably help if she invited him as well. She took his number, then I grinned at her and told her I was fine with her texting him as much as she wanted. She just grinned back. Finally, one day, He and I were at work. We were talking and joking about sex and I opened up to him about my fetish. I was a little worried how he would react, but I could tell he liked what I was telling him. That night, I told my wife what he and I had talked about at work. She acted pissed, at first, but she had a huge grin on her face the whole time. At the end of our conversation, she didn't agree to anything, but she told me she was curious. The next day he brought up a sex topic and quickly directed our conversation back to my fetish. He was surprised I wanted wanted my wife to fuck another man. He asked me if she or I had another guy in mind and I just grinned at him. He grinned back and chuckled a little then asked "me"? I was nervous as hell, but somehow found the courage to say "yes, I would love for you to fuck my wife". He sat there grinning as he processed what I had just told him. Finally, he looked at me and said "I'll be honest. I think your wife is smoking hot and I would love to fuck her, but I don't want to ruin our friendship". I told him I didn't either, so we can just think about it. He asked if I was going to tell my wife about what we had talked about and I told him yes and that I would let him know what her reaction was. That night, as soon as I got home, my wife asked me, very sarcastically, if I had talked to him again about my fetish. I told her yes. She laughed as asked "what did he say". I told her "he thinks you are smoking hot and would love to have sex with you". She stopped what she was doing, yelled "shit", tried to act pissed, but again, she had a huge grin on her face the whole time. Then, she looked at me, very seriously, and asked "you really want me to have sex with him"? I grinned at her and said "only if you would like to have sex with him as well, because I would never ask you to do something you didn't want to do". She grinned and shook her head. It was very obvious she was thinking about it. At one point, she looked at me and said "I haven't had sex with anyone but you since we've been together". I grinned at her and said "so, you are long over due to feel a different cock inside of you". She laughed and shook her head. That night, we had amazing sex. Afterwards, as we laid next to each other, catching our breath, she said "I have a confession to make". I leaned over towards her, with a big grin on my face, and said "really, what"? She put her hands over her face, and started chuckling. She removed her hands, looked at me and said "I really, really do want to have sex with -----, are you absolutely positive you are ok with it"? I almost cheered in excitement. I told her yes, I was absolutely positive. Then, I told her "try it once, see how it goes, then we will take it from there". She just continued to giggle and shake her head. Several times, she would grin at me and say "I can't believe I am actually thinking about doing this". She asked me if I thought she should require him to wear a condom. I told her that he was fixed and I trusted him that he was clean. She said "good, because you know I hate condoms and I love the feeling of a man's cum inside of me". I asked her if I could tell him that what she told me, tomorrow at work. She chuckled and said "sure, may as well if we are gonna do this". So, I did. When I got to work, he kept looking at me and grinned. I could tell he was curious if she and I had talked. I finally got a chance to talk with him in private. I walked up to him and said "guess what". He just stood there grinning at me. "She admitted to me, last night, that she really, really wants to fuck you". He grinned at me and asked "are you sure you are ok with this"? I told him "absolutely", then told him to start texting her and see what she says. Within a couple of minutes, I got a text from my wife. It was "he's texting me". I made a short reply "rock his world, babe". She replied "ok, I will, lol" He let me read all of their texts as they progressed. Wow, my wife was finally coming out. She and I would often sext each other. She loves to sext very graphically, and now she was doing it with him. She told him the first thing she wanted to do to him was to suck his dick and swallow every drop of his cum. When he showed me that, I just nodded at him and told him "oh, yeah, she loves sucking cock, and swallowing". She told him her favorite position is doggy style because she likes it rough and doggy style will allow him to pound his cock into her really hard. Then she told him she wants him to try to cum in all three of her holes at least once. That text made his eyes get really big. He looked at me and I just chuckled and said "Oh yeah, she's a naughty girl, she's gonna let you do whatever you want to her". It was only about 10 in the morning and I could tell the texts he was getting from my wife was making him extremely horny. I suggested he see if he could leave work early, then ask my wife to meet him at his apartment. Luckily, it was a Friday and people would tend to cut out early anyway. He did. I knew, right away, when he asked my wife to meet him at his apartment, because she texted me. She said "he just invited me to his apartment in about an hour". I replied "I know, I suggested he do that, lol". She replied "lol, I had a feeling you did". Then I replied "you gonna do it"? She replied "hell yes, I want him bad". He grinned at me as he grabbed his stuff. I grinned back at him and whispered "get ready, she's gonna fuck your brains out". He just chuckled and left. The last text I got from my wife was at about noon. She said "last chance to change your mind, I'm almost at his apartment". I replied "go for it, babe. Enjoy and rock his world". I stayed at work most of the day. I figured it would help if I stayed busy. Surprisingly, I wasn't felling any angst or having second thoughts. I was wondering, could they really be doing it or did they chicken out, lol. As I was leaving work, I sent my wife a text. It said "heading home, if it's going well, feel free to stay all night with him". By the time I had gotten home, I still had no reply from her. By about 11pm, she sent me a text. It said "he's asleep". I quickly replied "did you have fun"? She replied "are you kidding? are you sure you wanna know"? I replied "hell yes". She replied "he has a really big dick and he knows how to use it". I replied "awesome, did it feel good? any regrets"? She replied "lol, hell yes and hell no". Then I asked "what are you doing while he's asleep"? She replied "I walked around his apartment for a a bottle of water out of his frig, now I taking a bath in his tub". Then I told her again, to feel free to stay the night with him. She replied "Ok, I think I will, see ya tomorrow". She got home about noon the next day. She took a shower, then, although she was quite sore, we had amazing sex. I was surprised by her mood and attitude. She was as happy as could be. She told me every detail of her night with him. She told me he managed to cum in her about 7 times. They would sleep a little, then fuck, then sleep a little more, then fuck again. He came twice in her stomach, four times in her pussy and once in her butt. To be continued.