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Chance for wannabe to become a cuckold


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I have been asked to find a cuckold for a curvy 24 yo hispanic woman with lovely 42D breasts who is just cute as a button.  She is in the New York City area.  If there are any unattached cuck wannabes in the NYC area who are interested in a very real situation this might be for you.

The ideal cuck will:

. be between 22 and 32 years old

. have at least a 4 year degree

. have a job

. have a desire to treat her like a princess

. have a desire for a long term cuckold relationship

. understand her sexual encounters are in no way under her cuckold's control

. be ready to embrace a full time cuckold lifestyle

. be prepared to meet with me for frank conversation before meeting her.

   : my approval is required for any potential cuck to meet her.

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She is still looking for a good cuck who wants a complete relationship, not just sexual kinks. She is considering dating a nice boy her age who is after her then breaking the cuckold thing to him.  I told her that is probably a bad idea, so how about it NYC cuck wannabees step up and contact me.  I will set things up to meet her with me the first time if you are suitable to court her. 

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