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What the hell....Might as well show this one too! Why not! 

Beautiful MrsNc...just like that, dirtygirl. Perfect! Awsome pose!

If that doesn't make you think a hot, "nasty" thought or two...then check your pulse. 

Fuck yeah!



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Nccouple8283 sent me this nice surprise this morning!

I mentioned that I thought MrsNccouple would look hot in a g string...with those full butt cheeks of hers swallowing up the g. 

MrsNc had hubby take this pic to send to me. Isn't she a good lil slut to think of me and pose like this for me? And a good lil hotwife too...hubby loves sharing his sexy, naughty wife!

Still waiting to hear from my dirtygirl whether she'd rather have me plant some soft, gentle kisses on those sweet cheeks...or give her a few nice firm slaps.

She'll probably get both!



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