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  1. Nccouple8283

    My wife

    Thank you sir. Thongs on her are my favorite too
  2. Nccouple8283

    My wife

    Wife sent me a pic when she was getting ready for work. Thought I'd share with you guys. Bulls feel free to tell me what you would do to her.
  3. Nccouple8283

    Unsure whether to go forward

    Shes hot. Beautiful body!
  4. Nccouple8283

    Husband wants me to show her off

    I can see where the lack of control is a turn on that's kind of what the whole cuckold thing is right ?
  5. Nccouple8283

    My beautiful wife

    Shes hot! Would like to see more. Do you have any nudes of her ?
  6. Nccouple8283

    bigger wives to fuck

    Thanks dombull nice to be back
  7. Nccouple8283

    bigger wives to fuck

    We haven't posted in a while but this seemed like a good place to start again
  8. Nccouple8283

    jmacan59's sexy...and very hot...hotwife!

    She is a very sexy little hot wife!
  9. She is sexy!
  10. Nccouple8283


    She actually just got some new thongs maybe we will have pics soon!
  11. Nccouple8283


    What kind of fakes?
  12. Nccouple8283


    Today is our anniversary. Can my wife get some comments?
  13. Nccouple8283

    Is she?

    Love her ass in this picture