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Exposing My Conservative Veiled Wife The First Time


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We are from Middle East and my wife is very very conservative. Only some of our family members have seen her face as she keeps it behind a veil. My wife has the typical arab features with silky long dark hair with huge breasts. She is amazing in bed but keeps her kinky side for me only.

After 10 years of marriage, I wanted to spice up our relationship and asked her if she would like to remove the veil and wear some dress that would show some skin. Since we live in a conservative society, I told her that we can go to some remote location so she wont be identified and we can have some fun but she strongly opposed the idea. All my attempts to convince her went futile. After 2 years of failed attempts, one afternoon we were just talking about random things and I started the same discussion about her wearing something naughty. To my surprise, instead of just rejecting the idea as she always did..she asked me why I am so keen on doing this. She wasn't sure if I really want to do this or just testing her..or am I going to be jealous if people look at her..or I may pick up a fight..etc etc..she had so many questions and had no idea why I want her to show skin to strangers.

I spoke my heart out and told her that I get a real hard-on when I think of strangers looking at her body and fantasize her wearing sexy dresses in public. The discussion was long but finally she agreed to go out wearing something sexy. WOW. I bought several dresses..see-thru, mini-skirts, thongs, low cut tops, tight fitted jeans, party wear, etc etc She rejected all of them..but finally we managed to decide on a tight fitted jeans and a low cut top which also showed half of her back. It was cold so she added a cardigan in the mix..I told her that whenever I say, she will remove it and she agreed. I thought it would be okay to keep the cardigan so she wont panic and have something to cover. The description might not seem too vulgar to some readers but living inside a veil her whole life and then suddenly wearing such attire was a huge jump for her.

We picked up a 5 star hotel..we booked our table, she was wearing the dress we picked..I adjusted the top so she can show some more cleavage and we drove to the hotel for dinner. The car park was on a walking distance but instead of giving my keys for valet parking, I drove to park the car myself and asked her to walk pass everybody standing outside the hotel and wait for my in the hotel lobby..she hesitated but then walked out of the car..I immediately noticed the guys outside the hotel checking her..she didn't look anywhere and just went inside the hotel.

I parked the car and walked to the lobby..she was sitting in the lobby corner trying to hide her cleavage by adjusting the cardigan. I gave her my hand to get up and we started walking to the area where we reserved the table. Even with the cardigan on, her cleavage was very visible and guys around us kept looking at her. I was holding her hand and told her that I am proud of her confidence and that she is looking gorgeous. Indeed she was looking stunning and I had a bulge in my pants realizing that strangers around me are looking at my sexy wife.

We reached the table and a waiter came with the menu..her cleavage was more visible now as we were sitting and she tried to hide her cleavage again in front of the waiter. When the waiter left I told her not to hide her cleavage as I want people to see her sexy body. I had a real hard-on when I was explaining to her. She obliged and @@@@@@@ her cleavage. The waiter came again to confirm the menu, but I knew that he was there to check out my wife..he kept looking at her cleavage and I kept playing with my phone and acted as if I am not aware! I kept taking her pictures all the time.

The waiter left and we started chatting..she was comfortable now and so I asked her to remove the cardigan. She did not ask any questions and remove the cardigan. Now she was sitting in front of me with a deep cleavage and her low cut top exposing her breasts...everybody in the hall had a clear view of her half naked back which was only hidden by very thin straps going over her shoulders. She was wearing a black bra and the bra straps were very prominent. We kept chatting and I noticed a lot of guys checking out my wife.The waiter came back again and kept ogling at her deep cleavage. She deliberately pushed her breasts against the table and her breasts almost popped out of her top..her hair were partially covering the view so she bounced her hair back..holy fuck..the waiter was a little shocked and paused for several seconds with his eyes fixed on her breasts. It was a very hot sight..her breasts were almost out of the top with a very visible black bra and her fine hair teasing her shoulders.

We had dinner but all this time I was constantly taking her pictures and she was posing again and again trying to show more of her assets. I wanted to stay there more so more guys can see her. I asked her to drop her shoulder strap so I can get a clear view of her breasts all the way up to shoulders..she looked into my eyes and then dropped her left should strap! Now her top was barely there and her breasts were almost all @@@@@@@. To my surprise..she got up and stood behind me..bent over my shoulder and asked me to take some pictures of us together..my cock was so hard that I really thought that it will tear my pants..she was standing next to me with her breasts hanging almost out of her top with the whole restaurant looking at her with their jaws dropped..I took some pictures and she went back to her seat..still exposing her great body for everyone.. I saw some guys and couples pointing at her and talking..in our conservative society..these moves are impossible and anybody doing similar "moves" would be immediately classified as a slut. I felt like fucking her right there when I thought that people around as are thinking of her as a slut..I bet they were jealous that I have such a sexy slut with me who is confident enough to @@@@@@ herself in public..

Soon we were done with dinner..she was very confident now. We paid the bill, got up and started walking towards the lift. Every single person in the restaurant was looking at her with their eyes ogling at her breasts and naked back. She knew that everybody is looking at her and they must be thinking that she is a slut but she was a totally different person then..we walked out giving everybody an excellent show of her breasts, back and fine hair that kept bouncing over her shoulders.

She was in the same dress in the car and I don't remember how many people looked inside the car as I was in a hurry to reach home and fuck her. She wore the veil when we reached close to our house. We went inside our room and I started undressing her..while my camera kept taking her pictures. She is indeed a stunning lady and I almost felt like cumming in my pants. I threw my camera, grabbed her hair and pushed her on the bed. I stripped out of my clothes and jumped over her..kissing and licking all over her fine body. I was kissing her lips..cheeks..sliding my tongue down to her nick..and kept whispering to her about the experience..how proud I felt of her showing confidence and doing what I really wanted for so long. She kept smiling, rubbing my cock and spreading her legs wide for my body to touch every part of her. I took her on top, grabbed her and pushed my cock in her pussy..it was so wet and my cock slipped inside easily. She starting riding my hard cock and I was enjoying her beautiful face, amazing breasts and fine hair bouncing all over my chest. I grabbed her hair and pushed her to the other side of the bed..never letting my cock out of her pussy and starting fucking her hard..I was all over her..holding her tight..resting my arms over her shoulders blocking her upward movement..while my cock was hammering her like a wild animal..she had no place to move and was enjoying my cock exploring the depth of her pussy..my cock touched her bone a couple of times and she screamed with pain and pleasure..I felt her pussy squeezing my cock and her hands tightly holding my back..I knew it was time and she climaxed..I cum like a dirty animal making a mess of anything that surrounds my cock..I came hard inside her pussy..I kept fucking her..she slide her hands down, grabbed and squeezed my balls hard..I felt like a drugged maniac and came hard again..and again..I literally felt my body spitting all energy inside her pussy..we kept lying there for a while..kissed some more and talked love..then we kissed again for a good night sleep!

PS. Now she is far more comfortable now and we occasionally tease delivery guys and sometimes when I am lucky, she allows me to strip her for strangers on cam..and fuck her! You can add us on Yahoo [email protected] to hear more stories and you may catch us someday on cam ;)

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Cuckold Tests

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I am one of the lucky stranger who watched his wife on cam...damn no words to describe her damn fleshy and got huge boobs and fleshy,chubby body.

Though both covered their faces i could see her eyes starring at my cock with her husband and me busy chatting and i suppose she was reading our chat as well.


Need to meet again either Online or when in Europe?

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can still feel the rush I get when stripping her for strangers..for the record, we have the most detailed exposure for im_bull where she started in a full veil and then gradually I stripped her piece by piece to fully naked and then @@@@@@@ and fucked her on webcam for im_bull..glad that you enjoyed her..though I am still expecting something from this experience from you..


next thing we are planning to have a stranger in our hotel room where I plan to strip and fuck her while the guy will record our video..he will get to cum for her and the rest depends on her as to how far she wants to go in the heat of the moment..i will post update :)

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