Advice from Bulls and Cuck practitioners please

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Hi all you great sexy people. Just some advice please in my journey. Married for a long time and have been very interested in my wife being in the lifestyle of Cuck/Hotwife. She is gorgeous and we love each other to bits. Each time we have sex I whisper to her of other men fucking her and me watching and tell her stories while I'm thrusting away of how good it will be and she invariably cums at least once. She always says after how she enjoys it. She and we enjoy mild BDSM. She is now dressing more sexy in public and I tell how how it gets attention and how I love it. We have played Beautiful Mistress and Cucky Boy fantasies during which she sucks my cock and I get her to say "Come taste my lovers cock cucky boy" upon which she rushes at me and has a big pash. She is away at the moment but I spoke to her about playing BM and CB games again which she agreed and so I am anxious for her to come home soon. I have mentioned to her "Adultery is cheating and its not cheating if we both agree" and she is well aware about how much i want this. It seems that she is not ready to actualise this. She may never be. Just wondering if there is anything I can do to progress things along. Don't wish to rush it. Any advice please?  Sorry no pics but she is beautiful, intelligent and has a size E cup and would call her voluptuous. 1. Do you think she is favourably receptive to actually realising an experience out of the fantasy of the bedroom? 2. What are my chances? 3. What could I say to her, to give me a good measure, that she is willing to go further than just keep it in the bedroom. Any advice appreciated.  

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Step 1 put your location in your profile so that if there is a bull local to you he will know and might be able to assist in person.

Step 2 find a local bull who understands how to handle a new hotwife and become friends with him.  Start seeing him for drinks or to watch sports or whatever.  Share with him all you can.

Step 3 introduce him to your wife as your friend from wherever makes sense, book club, darts at the pub, cricket whatever works that you are both into.  Have him over socially and let things just happen.  They eventually will.

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