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  1. This is an open letter to Elaine and Robert Smith. Moderator please let me know whether this is appropriate. This is a gesture of thanks to them and the community of this website. The purpose of this email is an acknowledgement to Elaine and Robert for the pleasure of seeing their love and reading the exciting stories they have shared. I have enjoyed porn for a number of years and of course my favourite porn is cuckold/hotwife. Over the years I have seen certain 'stars' but a few are really memorable. My most favourite female star is Kay Parker. She was introduced to the industry by her friend John Leslie, also a performer. Ms Parker is now a spiritual healer and I read that recently John Leslie died. I felt a sense of loss at that as I have enjoyed all the sexy times I have seen them, especially Ms Parker. They have given me good memories and that I will treasure and say to myself 'Yes, life has been good to me'. It's like when a favourite movie star dies or a singer such as David Bowie. You know the world is better for their being here and collectively mourning when they go where we must all go. Try and get the movie Babettes' Feast, one of my favourite. I read recently that the leading actress in that movie passed away. I felt loss as she starred in a sensitive and uplifting movie that was inspirational. How brief life is and how fortunate have I been to be part of it and have seen enjoyable things. Why is this relevant to my email? In this website I have read of the lives and passions of people of which we have a common interest. It is so good to be part of a community as it can be lonely when non mainstream pursuits are frowned upon by a narrow minded culture. The West is sexually immature, I believe. I have felt a belonging and acceptance here. I am university educated, have been a pro singer and actor, worked in the public and private sector, have a big spiritual side, sing and teach mantras in Sanskrit, will start singing other spiritual chants, pursue more travel adventures and practice earth based magic. Why am I saying all this? To paint a picture of who I am. Elaine and Robert have shared many beautiful and wonderful photos and great stories of their sexy adventures as a couple and as I go through life I will remember 'you' both. You both stand out as a pleasant memory that have given many people great pleasure in how to enjoy life. Thank you. To you Elaine, you are beautiful, sexy, exciting and a real classy lady. A pearl among pearls. The older you get the more beautiful you get. Robert, congratulations to you as a great guy loving her and sharing with us all the way you both glorify the wonderful gift of life. I will remember you both as a very pleasant memory and with fondness. You know like movie stars and David Bowie. To all of you here, thank you, live life fully and thank you for the community that I share with you. To al the sexy beautiful wives...if you only could see yourselves through men's eyes, then you would know how glorious, magical, intoxicating and amazing you all appear to us. Many blessings to the both of you Elaine and Robert and thank you for being who you are and sharing so much. Happiness and warm regards to the website moderator and all you lovely people trying to savor as much of this short life we have. Fondness and warmth to everyone here. Thank you in particular to the all those Bull's such as Captain Black who give their time freely to advise Many thanks to you all. Christoph1001
  2. Hi gang. Thanks to all those that have replied with such great posts. Cuck wannabe here. Have not yet enjoyed the experience as yet as my wife is quite reluctant. I am of the view that if she met an attractive man who is really keen, some sparks may fly. If nothing changes that is her choice and I'll be very grateful for her and all I have. Life is good. She is starting to dress for display. During sex where we also do gentle bdsm on occasion, I always whisper all of those lovely things in her ear of her being fucked by another man ie sucking him fucking him, me watching, her my mistress and me her cuckold, me serving her and him, me making dinner while they fuck and such like. She really loves it when she is sucking my cock and then I get her to say "Come taste my lover's cock cucky boy" on which she gives me a long tongue pash. She always cums heavily and mentions afterward how much she enjoyed it. Not to make too much work for anyone...could anyone suggest what stories or things I can say in her ear, whilst I am thrusting in the missionary to turn the cum hot dial up to 11/10? Love to show you her one day, but would need her permission, which is unlikely. Pity, At 55 she looks 45, 38 E cup and did win a modelling comp once. One lucky guy. Oh... and pretty. Thank you all for the ride so far.
  3. Like your stories very much and looking at your wife.....wow! Best of all good things to you.
  4. I wish!! especially if he is pounding my darling missus.
  5. Oh yes I do. In the middle of a long drought though 😒
  6. Last one is a fake. Her hair on the right side DEFIES GRAVITY! and has the same cut in the photo before that. Nice try.
  7. I could be accused of being all of these in my life. Far south coast NSW in OZ
  8. It shows that your love is rich because your glass is always half full!
  9. Looking at the replies and pics herein I can only say "I LOVE being a guy" If women could only see how incredible they are through my eyes. How wonderful is life.
  10. Oh..thanks very much gang. Great to obtain so much worthwhile advice. O owe ya! Thank so very much for your time. R Christoph
  11. Hi you lovely sexy people, Happily married and she is well aware of my predilection to watch her enjoying/being enjoyed by another man and we joke about it. A frequent response from her is that 'I've got to be interested/in love/ etc in the person attached to the cock'. Watching her with another man in a hotwife or cuck scenario would be fantastic for me and it would be great sexual exploration; however, I am rather struck dumb for a response. What response is there to this? Any help would be appreciated, especially from wives who are of the view 'I am a slut/hotwife/nympho/cuckold wife and LOVING IT!!!' Regards Christoph