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Am I Being Cuckold?


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Hi all new member here just found this and thought I'd give it a try. If this is in the wrong place I apologize, first post and all. Anyway let me set the stage. I'm 38 my girlfriend is 32. We have been together almost 9 years. I was her first. I know this for a fact cause when I finally had sex with her it wasn't that time of the month so there's no denying that. She never even had a boyfriend before me. She grew up very prim and proper. Never even watched porn or masturbated. She's a small bbw, not really over weight but not skinny just thick and well proportioned. We were together 6 years before she ever went down on me. That's how prude like she was. But about 2 years ago things slowly started changing. She wore her first dress. Never thought anything of it. Then she started wearing the dress more and more. Then she started buying nice high heels, open toe kind. Still never thought anything of it. I always encouraged her telling she's beautiful, being the supportive boyfriend. Somewhere along the line I was asked to buy her toe rings. I did. She saw an anklet she liked so I bought that to as a gift. She wears all things and the dresses seem to be getting shorter and tighter. I know her pass code to her phone I know her email pass word. She said anytime I want to look I can. So she's not hiding anything. But the attire is what I'm questioning.

Is she slyly cuckolding me or just pushing the envelope?

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Cuckold Tests

  • 10 months later...

I've been talking with Mrs C about this whole scene. She is not too convinced with the idea.

During our discussions the anklet issue came up. She is ok with wearing them and has never been openly approached by anyone as a result.

Our conversation got down to obvioos cuckolding alklets like QOS and i suggested that she wear one to see if she got any reaction. I must admit that I didn't think she would say yes but.....she did.

I immediately ordererd the anklet and am waiting for it to arrive.

We are both nervous and excited about her wearing it as we don't know what to expect.

My motives are clear. I want her to fuck a BBC. Hers? Well i do think she enjoys the attention and would like to see where this can go. Maybe both our desires can be satisfied through this lillte anklet.

Ill post photos of her wearing it when it arrives.

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