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  1. cookoo

    Wife In Public With Her Ass Hanging Out

    Bump for Todo
  2. cookoo


    Mrs C's hot ass. Love to see a BBC banging her.
  3. cookoo

    My wife the model.

    I call this as BS!
  4. cookoo

    Wife In Public With Her Ass Hanging Out

    After quite some time away...we are back! Found some old photos, they are pretty tame but though you all may be interested in Mrs C 's sweet ass ...and other bits too. Mr and Mrs C
  5. cookoo

    Faked And Captioned

    Latest Fakes
  6. cookoo

    Mrs C's Massage

    Thank you. You are sweet. Mrs C
  7. cookoo

    Mrs C's Massage

    Good Point. Never thought of it that way. I suppose my intentions were self serving rather that thinking about her.
  8. cookoo

    Mrs C's Massage

    Possibly! But if it happened, I wanted to be there to enjoy it with her.
  9. cookoo

    Mrs C's Massage

    After a long absence, I finally have some time to get back on the site. Here are some photos of Mrs C's sensual massage. I was hoping that things would get hot and she would finally take another man's cock, if not in her pussy than in her mouth. Sadly, it didn't happen. It surprised me that she agreed to the massage and was clearly turned on but didn't do anything about it. On the upside, as you can see, he was touching her all over. Maybe next time things will go further. Please encourage her to be more daring. She does read every comment and will respond to this thread. Mr C
  10. cookoo

    Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    I dont get it either
  11. cookoo

    Faked And Captioned

    Of course its a fake...they all are!
  12. cookoo

    Faked And Captioned

    My latest attempt at a fake
  13. cookoo

    Faked And Captioned

    Another Fake to enjoy
  14. cookoo

    Wife In Public With Her Ass Hanging Out

    Mrs C's massage. Hope the upload works. It was a very sensual experience but unfortunately didn't go any further. 20170217_224207.mp4
  15. cookoo

    Wife In Public With Her Ass Hanging Out

    Leon.the guy massaging Mrs C is a Tantric masseur from Sydney. His name is Michael. I was hoping that things would go further than a msssage but unfortunatly I was the only one to fuck her that night. However, he did touch her all over her body. Even rubbed her pussy through the bikini bottoms. That was so much further than i expected for the night. Maybe next time she will go further.