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  1. mrbull2323


    Nope bull in mass looking fir a wife
  2. mrbull2323

    Share her

    Lovely wife
  3. mrbull2323

    Nyc area ??

    I'm in Massachusetts
  4. mrbull2323

    Biloxi IP

    Got a couple days at the IP and wives want to come out?
  5. mrbull2323

    Got these while at work

    She can send pics to me too
  6. mrbull2323


    I'm looking for the next wife to play with. I can travel to surrounding areas. Kik is preferred but [email protected] will also work. I know there are mass couples as I have had a few
  7. mrbull2323


  8. mrbull2323

    Slut Wife in NY

    Nice wife I visit new York at least once a month.
  9. mrbull2323

    back in the swing

    I would love to be her bull
  10. mrbull2323

    back in the swing

    Very lovely wife
  11. I would fuck the hell out of her
  12. mrbull2323

    30th in ATL

    Email me [email protected] and hey cucks if you just want to serve and please a bull feel free to send pics of your wife.
  13. mrbull2323

    So what do you think of my wife?

    Good looking wife I'd give her the night of her life
  14. mrbull2323

    30th in ATL

    It's my 30th Tuesday I'm in Atlanta where are the cucks here so I can fuck your wife as my present
  15. mrbull2323

    Apply to be my bull in Manhattan, New York

    If you cone to Cape Cod let me know.