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My/our situation and my path forward (mid 20s)


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Hey all,

Here's a synopsis of my situation and what turns me on, pic of gf incl for reference. Hoping to chat with other people in the lifestyle and see if anyone has similar interests as me and might be able to share porn/stories/experiences.

I'm a switch shes a sub though so i never get to be dominated.

i think that's why this whole cuckold thing has developed she knows i have bi/sub fantasies but doesnt know i want someone to dominate us both.

I'm on here chatting with people in the lifestyle learning more about what turns them on so i can discover what I really like.

my gf and i are gonna start dipping our toes in soon and I'm kinda trying to explore the fetish. she is very interested in other men joining us. im especially interested in learning what other cucks are in to because it's what turns me on and I dont really understand it... so I'm frustrated with myself; I like being manipulated by my arousal.

I like her stroking me while asking if she can fuck someone. and then her coming back to bed with me after shes been fucked and telling me about it while she blows me i like the idea of being somewhere a distance away and going out lingerie shopping with her to buy stuff for her boyfriend and having her make comments that make other people raise their eyebrows. Especially younger women.

I like the idea of driving her around while she sucks a date getting her ready and then helping him fuck her those are my biggest fantasies.. obviously we will start slower than that. but that is the idea that has turned me on the most i want to be submissive and I guess its some kind of particular kind of exhabitionism/exposure/light humiliation? I dunno like i said my ultimate fantasy is to have us both submit to someone who allows her to keep me satisfied with her mouth/hands but keeps her pussy for himself.

Thinking about doing some cam stuff potentially.


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Think what you’re feeling is your true self and the confusion is that you perhaps haven't allowed yourself to be in that situation. If (as example) a guy was brought over for mmf and ‘forced’ by virtue of them forgetting you there to watch you will know by the wet in your pants if thats truly you. Have seen it a ton of times...

A more managed way for you as a couple to get into things perhaps

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I like how you both are approaching this.  When my wife and I started we were both submissive.  J in time did take the lead in our house, but still was submissive in every other situation.  I say this to encourage you that it can work and succeed.  The key is to both have trust in the dominant, many are just jerks and think that qualifies as being the dom, nothing could be further from the truth.  Keep communicating,  your fantasies are very doable..quite tame actually (that not meant as a slight).  Even as submisssives you have to know that in reality both of you hold all the power, in the end you may exchange that power to a dominant, but you have every right to take that power back, that is why respect for limits is important and all need to be approving of what expectations are.  I would not seek to 'work the fantasies' as much as contstantly communicating with your SO that you are all in, and hearing her as well.  When you do take the leap, finding any guy is easy...finding the right guy is what is paramount however.  Hope it all works for you, her hot ass deserves all the cock she desires. 

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