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Memory of another first...


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     In my opening thread I shared how my wife and I got into this lifestyle, while more details and stories will likely emerge in my memory (and be shared), there are certain times that tend to be as fresh as the day they happened.  This event occurred about 3 months after first meeting (and continuing0 our mentorship with Steve.  During those first few weeks he wanted us to expand out horizons and we had many conversations on where we wanted this to go, not only sexually, but living the life as well.  One of Steve's passions was bringing out the deepest and darkest secrets and fantasies in those under him, then slowly working them into scenes to help determine just who the person really was, and live life to their fullest potential.  He really practiced what he believed and took great satisfaction working with those that wanted to learn and grow as well.  A few weeks after out first encounter, Steve invited us over for an evening 'meet and greet'.  This was a 'non-scene' evening, just a time in a relaxed environment to meet another couple (whom he also mentored) and discuss experiences, desires, fantasies.  My wife J and I were greatly surprised at just how at ease we felt when meeting Rob and Sue.  When we entered the home I noticed Rob was already naked and J reminded me that this was a requirement for me as well.  Stripping down I was kind of embarrassed, but quickly felt as ease and just assumed my place on the floor next to my wife, Rob next to his, and Steve in the middle.  The evening was informative and enjoyable.  We openly discussed our past experiences and what we hoped to achieve through continuing in the lifestyle, not only sexually but also in our individual relationships with our mates.  As the evening progressed Sue moved closer and closer to J (and she did not mind), eventually holding hands and asking her to dance.  This was planned in advance by Steve and he lowered the lights.  We watched as the wives danced slowly, and Sue wooed J with small whispers and kisses, eventually leading to a most exotic deep and slow kiss.  The evening ended with plans to get together again the next night, but this time expectations were to experiment and put into practice some of the things we had discussed.  Things were moving so quickly, yet J was very on board and told me she had no reservations.  I on the other hand felt like I was losing my wife and everything I had 'wished for' was now coming to haunt me.  The emotions were all over the place, I was seeing J more fulfilled and excited, yet I was like a frightened puppy.  

     The next evening started much like the previous, except when we entered his home Steve immediately told the wives to unlock us and then told Rob and I to take a quick shower together.  Awkward yes, but we obeyed.  We were told to stand at the stair landing till called.  About 30 mins later we were called down and all were naked, J sitting in the middle of the couch.  Steve then informed Rob and I that yes we were Bi, but in reality we were closet fags and tonight we would begin that training.  That eventually the only woman we would ever desire, look at and have any attraction to would be our wives, he would bring out the 'cock lover' out of us and our sexually destiny would finally come to fruition.  he then proceeded to tell me I was probably the biggest hidden 'subfag' he had ever seen, and would always be the lowest in any group I was around.  He really enjoyed this type of verbal domination and from the look of the wives they were enjoying it as well.  He then told Rob my mouth and ass were going to become his playthings, but I was not going to have that same satisfaction.  He then told me to hit my knees and start sucking Rob's cock, but Rob was not allowed to cum.  Rob had a nice cock and it did not take me long to realize just how much Steve really knew what I really was.  I glanced over at J and she had this look of total joy (Sue's hand on her clit did not hurt).  Over the next 30 mins or so I sucked and edged Rob, who repeatedly had to push me back to keep from cumming.  I glanced over and Sue was now going down on J and I almost lost it.  Steve then told Rob my ass was his, I was lubed and penetrated and in just a few strokes Rob filled me up with weeks worth of his frustrated cum.  To add to my insult Steve made me stand over a towel and put a tampex into my ass.  We then watched as my wife J was made the centerpiece of the MFF.  She was moaning and loving all the attention, and having many orgasms.  After Steve had screwed both wives several times, and he saw both Rob and I were fully erect.  He then asked Sue and J if it was OK for him to fuck J, both agreed.  For the second time I saw another man enter my wife, helpless to do anything but stand and feel every emotion all over again.  He lasted a lot longer in her than he did me, and J was really enjoying his cock (bigger than both Steve and I. I never did get to orgasm, put ice on my cock and balls and had to put the cage back on.  

    When we got home my wife told me to strip and she unlocked the cage.  She told me while I was not allowed to cum at Steve's, she controlled my cock and was going to let me get relief.  As she lay on the bed naked she said first you need to clean me up.  As I knelt before her the smell of sex and cum was overwhelming.  I always loves the taste and smell of my wife, but this was different.  I dove in and did my duty, and evidently she was enjoying it as she switched position and ground her pussy into my face.  Finished, I got on top of her and was ready to plunge when she said, 'Stop, wait..we have a deal."  She reminded me that for this year I agreed that I would only get to fuck her 3x, my BD, Christmas, and a freebie.  She asked me if  I wanted to use the freebie so soon into the year.  I was so confused, yet J insisted that this is what I told her I wanted and expected her to keep the agreement.  I so wanted to feel her vagina around my engorged cock, I wanted to unload into her.  she knew how weak I was and calmly talked me down, then graciously and softly used her hand to bring me to climax.  She took her cum drenched and fed me my own jizz, then told me to clean up and she again locked me in the cage.  I have never felt so much rage, fear, hurt, and rejection..yet something was happening that I liked.  J cuddled with me, held me and caressed me.  I was sensing a change in her, a confidence, she was becoming the woman I had always dreamed of, she consoled me and soothed me.  As I held her that night I realized we were beginning a journey.  I found the deepest intimacies were far beyond sex.  In the 30 years that followed our love deepened, our roles became more defined and she often told me that while she had many lovers, I was the love of her life. 




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sounds like a very lucky start. its nice to be allowed to be trained by such a skilled master. it seems he knew what he was doing and was able to educate you the right way to fit into real life again no longer in need to pretend to be someone you both are not from the start - you an obediant devotet faggurl to men and a devoted hubby to the wifey and her at least a hotwife to the real men. what more can u gain? - sorry for my bad english :-)

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