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  1. this sissy is espacially intrigued by that 6:5 long clip hours ago. that catched me with its rhythm in special choice of picture ensemble with the music. wish i knew wher it is from:-) .
  2. so u go on beeing offensive - i saw i t was not the first time u simply postet u simply dont believe - so ther is no need for apology - u didnt wrote *i know and have following proof...* u said *i believe ..* and my answer was simply to your method - why dont say u know but making it that offensive ? maybe u are possibly still able to ask yourself that question? and with that i stop this - it has already taken to much time - have a good life 🙂
  3. and what makes u say that? without any reasonable explanation its only going after him for what reason exactly? just for harrassing him-just for beeing jealous - just for being mean -just for.... - what is the benfit of such a sentence out of nothing for u or for us all? so what if i say u are not real? what would u think about that - do i have the same right as u to say so ? no neither u or i have it! c'mon its for fun and exchange here - lets not even start the same hatespeech methods used all over the net 🙂 this is a friendly interfering 🙂
  4. Hey Rita, love your cuckold cartoons, very hot...

  5. i was always thinking about a similiar thing here. maybe its a theme for a special topic. one type of access for us sissies and cuckolds only able to show and not allowed to see pics with naked woman and one unrestricted access to woman and bulls. always thought it might be much more propper to restrict us from lurking us for those. anyone else would love to join in a demand for the admins to initate some kind of tool for this?
  6. a fine appropriate attitude of that SIR
  7. whow even better both together maybe 🙂 but whr to gt them any idea sir ?
  8. hmm one of the hottest ever i think - i can only imagine how her sissyhubby immediately lets his dribbles in his panties - wish mine ever did that to me -so he is the lucky one to have such a considerate spouse