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  1. so is she a platonic gf of yours? anyway its nice of you to encourage and support her in becoming a better *slut* for the *real men*. better for her to enroll her full potential as playtoy and him to get the next sweet white flower to pic and you for your mind beeing supportive. kind of reminds me of my very first gf - still shy,prude and inexperienced after beeing 7 years with me. she beeing 23 at that time out of the sudden starts to fuck with the 18 year old boyfriend of her younger brother - as far as i know she never gave in the advances of that old landlord we had and who lived in
  2. but its okay - sissies(cuckolds) like me and him cant be reminded enough about the status of the belly of our spouse as we dont come so near as the bull does *giggles* -he even inspects it from inside LOL and about our own status in the whole situation. so nothing wrong with that:-). just waiting excited for the next step....
  3. now i think i get old- i really get the feeling i read that before *giggles*
  4. 🙂 what kind of message do u want me to sent i dont understand - please elaborate:-). sure we can have a chat if you like:-)
  5. how exciting he already notices her belly growing and her sweet tits getting already ready to grow and produce that fine milk for that black offspring . he must be so happy to be allowed to witness all that beautiful babymaking of his superiors from so near and be allowed to be part of it.
  6. what about that kind of guys? are they to far ?
  7. what a lucky couple they are. to be priviliged with such a kind treat of that man. maybe it should be organized as some kind of neighbourhoodwatch and neighbourhoodhelp that young couples like that should be introduced to real life and be helped out by the older more experienced and really able to fulfill the needs of young girls and woman men. like some kind of initiation for the whimp white boys we are to accept our status and them girls to see what they are for. i was always dreaming about that kind of experience sadly never had it. i suppose the boy needs no name in it as he is sup
  8. hmm any chance we get the next part:-)? anone else can support by asking too?
  9. i suppose now its my turn 🙂 and i quot kaktuscpl: *when are you going to give us the next part of the story......looking forward to see how this plays out * somehow reminds me of my very first girlfriend years ago. Unfortunately it was just my fantasy she was with the ancient landlord and she was too prudish and shy (at least with me) and I too shy to talk about fantasies. until suddenly she changed the circumstances and then I was soon history 🙂 and I didn't even know that there was such a thing as cuckold (and a natural state of being a cuckold), not to mention even a term for this
  10. *Anybody wantmore* is that some kind of a trickquestion?
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