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  1. Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

    or this one
  2. Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

    i never found drawings*tacky* i always thought sometimes they even show better than a photo whats in the focus - no distraction from whats meant to be for the eye :-) and often showing much more explicit whats right and whats in th taste of th sender for example :-)
  3. Fake people

    but never mind if u feel offended by something no one stops u from leaving and go to places that better suits your needs - at last its for the benefit of both sids - - u are no longer bored with us - and we are no longr in need of rading that .....her i stop out of courtesy :-)
  4. Fake people

    you are absolutely right - they are all the same - its always good to see those kind of sweeping blow :-) maybe as we say in germany - all woman are whores ...besides mother LOL - (if thats the right translation*) cmon - what do u think will u get with that kind of immature judgement ? there are always lots of preetndes and wannabes but that doesn't say they all are :-) so.... maybe u will renew that statement :-)
  5. Secret Code

    i wonder too- and so one simple goo-gle-click and here it comes :-) (wiki) -and of course there are various others In Chinese slangFirstly, tortoises and turtles are regarded as insufficiently virile. So "to wear a green hat" (i.e., to look like a tortoise or turtle) is to be cuckolded (simplified Chinese: 戴绿帽子; traditional Chinese: 戴綠帽子; pinyin: dài lǜmàozi). Same goes with the expression "to wear a green scarf" (simplified Chinese: 戴绿头巾; traditional Chinese: 戴綠頭巾; pinyin: dài lǜtóujīn)
  6. Cuckold Quiz

  7. Verify Yourself And Get Vip Membership

    now that is strange i postet a pic her but its gone didnt sho up - then i asked where the pic is gone and even that text is gone too? why did that happened or what did i wrong??
  8. Cuckold Survey

    did it yesterday too- waS not aware its necassary to mention here :-) - is ther any chance to see soem kind of result?