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  1. Hey Rita, love your cuckold cartoons, very hot...

  2. rita_dwt

    Is she really satisfied?

    i was always thinking about a similiar thing here. maybe its a theme for a special topic. one type of access for us sissies and cuckolds only able to show and not allowed to see pics with naked woman and one unrestricted access to woman and bulls. always thought it might be much more propper to restrict us from lurking us for those. anyone else would love to join in a demand for the admins to initate some kind of tool for this?
  3. rita_dwt


    a fine appropriate attitude of that SIR
  4. rita_dwt

    Cucks, show off your cages

    whow even better both together maybe 🙂 but whr to gt them any idea sir ?
  5. rita_dwt

    Cucks, show off your cages

    any idea where to buy such necklace sir ?
  6. rita_dwt


    hmm one of the hottest ever i think - i can only imagine how her sissyhubby immediately lets his dribbles in his panties - wish mine ever did that to me -so he is the lucky one to have such a considerate spouse
  7. fantastische Fotos

  8. rita_dwt

    More Gifs, Pics

  9. rita_dwt

    More Gifs, Pics

    like to add some of my collection too :-)