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My Indian Fiancee


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So @Alikhancuck your wife/fiancee whatever she is, is one hot hijabi goddess. 

British hijabis especially usually turn out to be quite the sluts. I've never figured out why. I mean I've interacted with hijabi sluts from all across the world, but the brits and French are at another level altogether. Moreover that sexy Desi brit accent is an absolute killer. 

Those last 3 pics of her are absolute gold. Since I didn't see the thumbs and clicked on the first of the three directly my first thought was that there's no way that those lips would be satisfied with one cock. Looking at the next two my suspicions were confirmed.

I'm a hundred percent sure that there's no way, that she's going to want you involved in any sexual activity while she's with a bull like me. She'd probably put your cock in a chastity lock while sucking my cock and then offering her other holes to me. All the while having you watch fully dressed and telling you all about how it feels good to have a real cock in her. 

I do have a personal agenda in this particular aspect, but it's not really that she likes black or white cock better but rather that those pathetic brown cocks she's had no idea what they were doing with 'maal' like her; going straight in and cumming in 30 seconds. No foreplay, no proper dirty talk putting her in her place and telling her about the rough fucking she deserves and is going to get. 

So Ali I now want you to do the following. I want you to ask your fiancee to take a picture with a paper saying that Mav3ricx owns me and Ali is my cuck. You don't need to show her face. 

Once you do that you can get in touch with me on kik. Same username as here. 




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