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    Looking for couple(s?) for medium to long term bull/dom relationship. Also interested in meeting tourists, visiting London and perhaps wanting someone to show them a little of the more intimate side of the local population! Nice cock, big ridge behind glans, good size rather than huge! Stays hard after cumming...

    I have experience and, whilst straight, am very relaxed and confident in mfm situations. I enjoy it when hubby is active or passive - if hotwife enjoys it best if he just watches, or is absent, that's fine by me. I especially enjoy when he helps - by holding her pussy open for me to lick or to aid the entry of my rock hard cock. Joint play is also fine - I can't do DP on my own...

    Something I particularly enjoy is watching the cuck's face as I slide my rigid cock inside his wife's willing slit for the first time... So erotic!

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  1. Thank you! But - where do you live? You don't know what travelling I do!
  2. For me, there is nothing quite like a little black dress with very little underneath.... Though I love a basque or corset.... Of course, school uniform can be fun To be welcomed by a wife wearing only a hotwife anklet, earrings and a buttplug is breathtaking... no, the little black dress is favourite
  3. Hi Peter, photos of the "wife that did" would demonstrate what I missed....
  4. ...and a southeastern gent (Sussex) also looking for a nice, long term cuckold couple (but hey - every long term arrangement needs the first meet to start and long term isn't compulsory!
  5. That is one delicious arse - I would love to be standing right behind her as she remained in that position - and you lay on your back, head between her ankles....
  6. Mmmm, I would love to meet you two in a nice hotel....
  7. ahhhhhh, what will be the new normal? When will we get there? This cock will be ready and waiting....
  8. Mature guy looking to meet a new couple - experienced or newbies enthusiasm is what counts!
  9. Well, covid is certainly putting a Spanner in the Works - but that doesn't mean that we can't chat - get to know each other and maybe even make plans for the post-covid world that must be on the horizon....
  10. Woohoo! Let's hope the vaccine works!
  11. Not a good time for these fun pastimes at the moment - but it will pass - ans getting to know each other with no short term chance of a meets builds the anticipation.... and aticipation is part of the thrill!
  12. Well, do feel free to book your tickets and let me know! Coronavirus permitting!
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