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My Ex


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I know I am blessed with my wife who can be as dirty as you would want, and I shall tell more about her soon but I must tell about an ex whom I was also very privileged to know.
Helen was very pretty a natural blond, cute shy and sweet also a virgin when I met her but she was only to happy for me to sort that out for her. We then fucked everywhere and anywhere as most do at that age but I started to notice something different about Helen? She was shy around my friends and family, turning red easily but seemed less shy when naked! And when I got my cock in her she lost any inhibitions at all!
She lived with her mother a divorced school teacher, rather strict! When we were alone Helen liked walking around the house naked, she also did this if her mother was home, she didn't like it at all!
One morning after I had stayed over we were in her kitchen, me sitting in a gown her stark naked making a drink. I heard the side gate open and someone approaching, being a summer day the back door was open. It was the milk man who put the milk inside the kitchen and said a cheerily “hello” Helen smiled back and replied. Looking at my face she grinned “he's seen me naked before, I counted out change at the door one morning!” and you don't mind I said “no I like it, oh!” she had seen my hard on under my gown, she walked over “oh? And you seem to like it to?” she knelt and started sucking me off. She stopped to say that if he was coming back she would have got me to fuck her on the kitchen table but as he wasn't I took her upstairs.
Then one weekend we were staying at friends house who was having a party, us and other couples were fucking all over the house, Helen also walking around naked. She had to cover up a bit as a couple of the other girls moaned as there boyfriends were enjoying the view. At about 3am the house was quite me and Helen wearing just her knickers were getting a drink in the kitchen when another guest came in. He was only two happy looking at Helens tits as we chatted, eventually he point out that although he loved the view it was very cruel as he was without a girl friend and here on his own. Helen seeing the bulge in his jeans walked closer to him, she said to me that she felt sorry for him and did I mind if she “took care” of him, I didn't!. She put his hand on her tit “you play with these while I get him out” she said as she undid his jeans. She knelt down and took his cock in her mouth, know Helen was great at blow jobs but he lasted quit well bobbing her head until he groaned and her cheeks puffed out, she stood. “um quite a load there!” he kissed her and thanked her.
She told me she liked the feel of her second ever cock in her mouth and the fact she didn't even know his name. She also liked the fucking I gave her straight after watching, saying she wanted more!
Her second cock to fuck her came about a month later, we went to the lake district for a camping holiday but it rained none stop. Cold and unable to get dry we found a farm house that did bed and breakfast. The fifty something couple who ran it were nice, the husband obviously taken with Helen! Retuning to the room once she said someone had been through her underwear in the case, we knew who! We didn't have much money and hadn't expected to have to pay for bed and breakfast, I half joking suggested how we could make our money last and to my surprise Helen thought it might be fun! On our third and finale day things worked out perfectly, the wife went to a farmers market in the morning leaving us alone with her husband. I stood in the open door of our room and started talking to the man, behind me sitting on the bed was Helen, naked. I started telling the man about our money problems and paying the bill. From his eyes I knew he had seen Helen, it wasn't hard! I suggested another way of paying and he knew what I meant. Helen walked over and moved me aside “he's nervous” she said “you go for a walk and I'll take care of things” off I went.
Nearly an hour latter I saw him in the kitchen window so I went up to our room, Helen was naked on the bed and grinning.  He had taken full advantage of what was on offer, groping her tits and fucking her like something possessed. Having cum inside her he apologised for being rough, he hadn't had sex for a long time and certainly not with a teenage girl. He calmed she stroked his cock, he felt then sucked on her tits, she moved down and started sucking his cock, something he was most grateful for. When hard again Helen opened her legs for him again, this time he was much more steady, she begged him to take his time and he did. She came and then began encouraging him to do the same. When he left his second load in her her legs were under his arms and her feet around his head. I fucked to another noisy orgasm there and then, we left the next morrning having payed in full but not in cash!

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As part of her D of E my girlfriend spent a week at an out door activity centre in the lake district hiking and map reading. After her return she had a great interest in bondage  and I tied her up in various ways as I fucked her, on night she said it was “nice but not the same”? One night at the centre she had stayed up late with a group of mainly older lads and instructors and she said the flirting was bordering on the obscene! She went to her bed and played with herself as she was turned on then went to sleep. She was woken by people in her room and her hands being held above her head. Her pyjama bottoms were removed and her top undone, they were 4 of the people from earlier. Each arm being held and a hand over her mouth her tits were used roughly and two of them held her legs open and licked her pussy. They were told to hurry up as it was obvious an order had been decided. Each one fucked her in turn as she was held down, each puling out and cumming on her belly then wiping her clean with her pyjama bottoms before the next took his turn. As one took seconds she was told that if she told anyone they would all say she was willing and after earlier they would be believed and not her. The last one left his cum on her belly and she used it to rub herself to another orgasm. She had loved being held! She had loved the eagerness of the one telling them to hurry as he wanted to have her, also there roughness. This all led to some very interesting events latter on!

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