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  1. Saw on another site was very hott
  2. 1stexhub


    Can I watch??
  3. 1stexhub


    Vicky keeps getting prettier and sexier
  4. Mine was with the asst mgr of the store my wife worked part time found out he lived in the apartment building next to ours and was easy for him to stop by to see her
  5. My first wife yes was only 19 when we got married and was still interested in other guys and they liked a younger teen girl
  6. Glad your doing well my wife and I are both working from home our teenage dau is doing online school and is bored, lol
  7. My first wife was only 19 when we were married in the 80's and was a tall skinny blonde with small tits. She made the remark to myself and others about her disgust with black men being raisied in a small rural town and we were now living in a small city that had blacks living there. Her comment was said with conviction that no black man would ever touch and we believed that to be true. Less than 6 months into our marriage I came home early one day and caught her on our bed on all 4's getting pounded by an older and very large black man. She confessed later that since she had quit her job and h
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