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  1. Friend wife maria

    Very pretty wife
  2. Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    My first wife and I had only been married about 7 months came home and caught her on all fours getting fucked by a huge black guy. When I told him to get away from her he jumped up grabbed me around the neck slapped me across the face 2-3 times. My wife begged him not to hurt me and she would let him finish fucking her.
  3. Wedding

    My first screwed so many guys before we were married(that I was not aware of) that she spent the night with one the week before we married so he wouldn't show up and cause problems.
  4. We are new here

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  5. Fastest you have cum during sex

    My first wife got off on me cumming in her pussy the faster the better she felt that proved I loved her, when she was drunk would beg to get fucked and tell me hurry up and cum
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    My first wife was a cheater and didn't tell me she was having an affair with a co worker for months. I found out after she got pregnant and had eaten quite a few creampies without knowing
  7. We are new here

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  8. Wew

    My first wife had a few lovers or one night stands until she met a married guy with an 8" cock and she wanted to leave me


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  13. Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

    Reaching in her panties is HottHott
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    Sucked black cock when I was 19 only white guy on night shift
  15. text i receive from my wife this morning

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