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  10. I was divorced about 4 yrs when I remarried my current wife I was 34 and she was 27 and never married since I had a dau and she had been engaged we basically knew neither of us was virgins. I had told her my first wife had cheated with multiple men and her fiancee had met someone else, sometime in the first year of marriage she had shared during college she had tutored black athletes. She had stayed a 5th yr to get her Master's and tutoring helped offset the cost of college then she said she had also dated a few of the blacks she tutored. She never told her family or friends because she knew they would never approve but thought I should know and the ones she dated were nice guys and she liked them. I never pressed her for more info seeing she was nervous about telling me and a lot of things we did in college needed to stay there. After she told me that I started thinking and having fantasies of her being with black men trying to imagine her at 22 with long red hair with the huge black athletes they were fun to think of but after a while went by the wayside. We went on with our lives had a dau plus had mine from first marriage then about 10 yrs ago my wife had turned 39 in April and could tell it really bothered her that 40 was coming up. Our sex life was down to nothing it had been over a couple of months since we had sex my 18yo dau had moved down south with her mom to work her during the summer and our 8yo was on a 2 week vacation out west with my wifes family. Susan is a teacher and has the summer off and our family vacation was not until August so she had a lot of time to herself and was ok with me being gone for work and her alone. I came home on a Thursday afternoon we live in the country so no houses on either side or across the road and the back is large yard and a cornfield but there was a car with out of state plates in the driveway. I was thinking one of her girlfriends from college was visiting her teachers seem to do that being off in the summer. No one was in the living room or kitchen thought I heard noises on the back deck so slid back the screen door and got the shock of my life my wife was on her knees topless in just her bikini bottoms sucking a huge black mans cock. I said what is going on here as my wife tried to speak he held her head on his cock and said keep sucking and my wife did, he looked at me and said sit down in that chair and let Susie finish sucking me. I startec to say something as I walked toward them his voice was much firmer he said shut your mouth and sit down and no one will get hurt, Susan stopped sucking him looked at me said do what he says hun dont want him to hurt you. I was stunned, hurt, and yes afraid as my wife went back to sucking him as he looked and smiled at me then said she sucks just as good as she did in college look how much of my black cock she can swallow was always ready to suck a black cock in college. I had seen Susan suck my cock but never anyone elses and now she was at our house on her knees sucking a huge black cock and I was letting it happen with no resistance. The black guy seeing I was not going to be a problem focused all his attention on my wife grabbing her red hair and pushing her down more on his cock saying take the whole thing like you used to baby you still remember how to suck black cock. When she finally got the whole thing in her mouth he moaned and began fucking her mouth my wife adjusted and took his cock with each thrust hearing him call her his lil cocksucker was wild only made her suck harder. I dont know how long he did this but finally cried out I am gonna cum swallow it all bitch then saw him stiffen up and was shooting his load in her mouth Susan seemed to have no problem swallowing it all. When he finally pulled out her face and lips were bright red and she was panting his cock limp was bigger than mine hard then I watched my wife hold his cock kissing the head looked up at him and said thank you. The black guy laughed and said anytime baby I was so excited when you wrote me and asked if I still wanted to fuck you my wife looked at me and nodded yes I did write him and gave him my phone number. I was in shock that my wife asked him to come fuck her then the black guy said you neglected your hubby go give him a welcome home kiss. He looked at me as my topless wife walked over to me and bent down smiling and him saying if you know whats good for you kiss her back too. My wife still had some cum on her lips and in her mouth she kissed me hard and hard her tounge in my mouth she said use yours put it in my mouth he laughed and said you like the taste of my cock ? I felt so humilated when my wife said you should of got home sooner you could of watched him fuck me but dont feel bad he is staying the night and you can watch him fuck me later.
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