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  1. Very pretty love her smile
  2. She is very hottt.
  3. Very sexy woman
  4. Be careful offering to spread her pics.
  5. My ex wife bragged about coworker with an 8" skinny cock going deeper than I ever did
  6. What a sweet sexy smile she has love redheads.
  7. I noticed the first one was your lovely wife what a sexy smile she has.
  8. Very funny comics thanks for sharing.
  9. Very nice!
  10. My first wife was only 19 when we got married I was 27 settled into my job and life she seemed to want all that too but found out the hard way she wanted to date around like before we were married and forgave her because of her being young but she took it as an ok to screw anyone she wanted.
  11. My first wife was 18 when we met and she had no problem having sex found out after we were married had lost her cherry at an early age and had been getting dick from s few guys.
  12. Saw my first wife make out with a guy the first time and was hot but almost as tough to watch as if they were having sex.
  13. If your wife has been chatting online with a guy and she decides to meet him she will do it whether you agree to it at or not. Has she tried you out asking you how you would feel if she meet someone else yet referring to someone else. My wife took an online instruction class via Skype seemed to schedule when I was gone and even met him in person.
  14. Very pretty and sexy too.
  15. Yes she is very hot and she knows it!!