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  1. 1stexhub


    Very pretty and great body!
  2. 1stexhub

    Showing hotwives

    Reminds me of my first wifes bush was dark blonde but not overly bushy and always looked groomed and inviting!
  3. 1stexhub

    Showing hotwives

    Love her tan lines
  4. 1stexhub

    Let me see ur wife pics

  5. 1stexhub

    Party Season

    Love her smile!
  6. 1stexhub

    Let me see ur wife pics

    Fantastic pose!!
  7. 1stexhub

    Showing hotwives

  8. 1stexhub

    SEX 1916

    Preggars cool!
  9. 1stexhub

    My hotwife Elaine

    Still sexy!!
  10. 1stexhub

    SEX 1903

    Cute butt on the first girl
  11. 1stexhub

    My hotwife Elaine

    Love her nipples!
  12. 1stexhub

    My hotwife Elaine

  13. 1stexhub

    Is that it!

    My ex wife found out a married coworker had 8" much bigger than me and our sex life was nothing after that
  14. 1stexhub

    Is that it!

    Know how you feel and my wife said that!