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Wife's Past


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Now I knew there was little chance of my wife saying ouch! on our wedding night, I knew she was experienced  but over time I have found out just HOW experienced!
She told me about a lad she dated when she was just 17. He worked on a farm looking after the cows, he lived in a large caravan on the farm. The toilet had never been plumbed in but the shower in the corner of the main bedroom had been? In the night rather than go out to the main farm buildings he would pee in the shower, as did my future wife when she stayed over. She liked to watch him pee and liked hoping he would watch her but he was not interested at all and would never indulge her in any way. One weekend the lads father turned wanting to stay, not a problem there was another bedroom at the other end of the caravan. At about 5am the lad got up and left to see to the cows, the father appeared in the shower! She had a perfect view as he dropped his bottoms and held his cock to take a piss. He saw her looking and said sorry but he didn't want to go out in the cold, but he didn't stop pissing! He watched her watching him and as he shook himself he said with a grin “but you don't mind do you?” at this point my lovely wife pulled the duvet back to revel her naked legs spread and playing with herself! “let me suck it” she said and he obliged. As she sucked he felt how wet she was and said he thought he heard his son taking care of that last night “well lets see if daddy can do a better job shall we?” apparently daddy did. He then took them both out for breakfast, the son totally uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Next night the lad fucked her again then when he left next morning the father treated my future wife to her first major water sports session. He pissed on her face and tits then she straddled him and fucked her ragged while his son milked the cows!

This next one she told me about but never went into much detail unlike the caravan one, so I always suspected there was more to the story. A date took her to someone's party and she said he and a friend took her upstairs and they had a three sum, she also said she performed sexual acts for a couple of others. One day she let slip one of the names from that night and I knew who he was. In a pub over some pints he filled me in on that night and when I challenged my wife she told me the rest! The date and two others had taken my wife upstairs and were gang fucking her as others watched, she then while getting a drink naked, announced she had tired those ones out was anyone else up to the job! The bloke in the pub said he was number 6 or 7 he wasn't sure but she was very willing still, apparently she got less willing as time went on but had little choice by then. He also told me that at one point nobody knew who's ass was pumping away between her legs, apparently a taxi driver was looking for who had called him and had just decided to make the most of the opportunity! She told me that when she was left alone she went and through up in the bathroom due to the alcohol and amount of cum she had swallowed, she sat on the toilet letting the cum run out of her. The bathroom door was nearly kicked open as there were more cocks wanting to fuck her, the bloke wasn't sure how meany fucked her that night, my wife laughed at his guess of 10 or more “it was twenty that I know off, I lost count of the ones who had seconds, and there was two men who delivered pizza and more beer, I was there tip and held down on the bed while they had me!”
after that she knew her past turned me on so was not so shy about telling me things.

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We've been married for over 10 years. My wife was an escort before we got married. She worked for over 6 years as an escort in Japan. When I met her she had just finished a bachelor party and was used really well! She did eight guys at the party so i was number nine! All her holes had been used and stretched. She was quite popular especially with the US military base and was constantly in demand! She did many Caucasian and Black soldiers! She is Japanese. What made her popular was that she was shaved all the time and did all including anal! She says that she has had some very enormous cocks and couldn't take it all but they tried to bury it in her! She's 5 ft 1/2in and 100 lbs. she has kept in touch with a few of the men that were her favorites. One of them was passing through our town and she invited him to stay with us. He was in his late 30's Black 6'4" tall and about 240lbs. Married Very buff and well built. She remembered that he had one of the largest cock she had seen! And yes I can now verify that! It was amazing watching his cock trying to stretch her very tight hole. Her 5'1/2" frame taking that enormous cock! It must have been at least 11 or 12 inches and thick as her arm! The screams and her wetness I have never experienced before!

His cock was all white with her cream. Amazing! He used her a lot that night and hoped he would revisit us againL

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My wife has told me about a blind date that her long time friend had hooked her up on. This girl worked in hospitals so she has a doctor friend that she wants my wife to meet, so they arrange a date night out with some people from the hospital. My wifes friend was staying at her house that night. After some drinks my wife gives her friend the keys to her place and tells her that she is going for a walk with the good doctor and to let herself into the apartment. My wife leaves with the doc and was feeling very horny and winds up back her apartment. The sneak in, as not to wake her friend. They start making out and heavy petting. As this continues she can feel his cock get hard in his pants. She starts rubbing his cock thinking that it feels pretty big in there. As she unleashed his dick it was only about half hard but was already 8". She had never seen a cock that big and as she started to play with it, it grew to about 11". She started sucking it and told me that she could barely get her lips wrapped around the head, never mind swallow the thing. She sucked him off, while he played with her large breast, and fingered her pussy. He then proceed to blow a giant load of cum in her throat (she has always swallowed) that she could control and it leaked down his shaft onto his balls, which she then dutifully licked clean. After a bit of cuddling she started to play with his monster again making him nice a hard. He mounted her and drove that giant cock deep into her pussy, bareback (my wife hates condoms). Her fucker good and hard. He lasted quite a long time making her cum at least twice. He pulled out of her and blew another load of cum on her tits. They fell asleep for the night. When she woke up in the morning she peeked under the sheets to make sure she wasn’t  dreaming, to her delight the giant cock was still there and looking like it was once again ready for action .Her friend asked how the walk was with the doc and if she liked him. My wife asked her if she knew he had a 11" dick, her stunned friend asked how she knew and she told her that she just sucked and swallowed his load. This story always gets me going. She tells it very rarely but I love it each time.

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