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  1. My wife currently enjoy older men because they are more gentle and loving. they are enjoying what they do and are not out to prove anything. I'm talking about the ages from 60 to 75 years or older. She has such a good time with them and they really treat her very well! Just this past weekend a grey haired elderly guy spent the weekend and she was all smiles after he left! He was very generous and took us out to eat at very high class restraurants and bought my wife some very sexy tight dresses for her to wear to dinner and she got some stares from men and women. Wife kissed him in front of them and it was all good. He was touching her under the table from what i could tell by her movements and she excused herself and went to the ladies room to remove her very tiny panties. Wife is very smooth being waxed front to back and has been that way for over 25 years since being an escort. Well anyways he had a very nice time and we invited him back anytime since he's a widower and living alone. He invited us to go to his place next weekend and we are anxiously looking forward to that since his residence is in a very prestigious neighborhood. I let him have my wife the entire weekend since being a widower he wasn't getting any. For an older guy he sure has a lot of desire and stamina with his nice large equipment and my wife enjoyed him thoroughly in every way. He is still with us and my wife still loves being with him. It seems so natural now with him coming over and having her anytime. He has walked in and joined us while we were in the middle of our lovemaking. My wife has offered him all of her holes and I have cleaned her after. She likes having the attention when people see her with 2 guys going out. They think that he is her dad, but when he kisses her they are shocked and the I kiss her too. We have enjoyed going on vacations with him and cruises too. I love it when my wife teases him with her tiny thongs are between her lips and her gets excited and his cock gets excited. She spreads very wide for his large cock and just milks his cum out of him. We enjoy having him with us. He is turning me to be bi and I am being excited about it
  2. I've had sloppy thirds and fourths this past weekend. We had two of her escort friends on Friday and two more on Saturday . It was totally so facinating watching her scream and moaning while getting repeatly fucked in all holes. She came so many times and when they left she was like a limp dishrag. Her holes were completely stretch out and when I got to it she couldn't feel me at all and I did cum so much right away after being teased for two days just only allowed to watch.
  3. When wife was 25 she was fucking young 18 year olds to 75 year olds. Being an escort for over 6 years she has had all kinds of guys from all ethnic groups. Everyone always tried to bottom out when she's being fucked so she has a very well used pussy and ass that has been stretched in so many ways. She has let me watch and teased me up close quite a lot of times since we were married.
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    Wife's Past

    We've been married for over 10 years. My wife was an escort before we got married. She worked for over 6 years as an escort in Japan. When I met her she had just finished a bachelor party and was used really well! She did eight guys at the party so i was number nine! All her holes had been used and stretched. She was quite popular especially with the US military base and was constantly in demand! She did many Caucasian and Black soldiers! She is Japanese. What made her popular was that she was shaved all the time and did all including anal! She says that she has had some very enormous cocks and couldn't take it all but they tried to bury it in her! She's 5 ft 1/2in and 100 lbs. she has kept in touch with a few of the men that were her favorites. One of them was passing through our town and she invited him to stay with us. He was in his late 30's Black 6'4" tall and about 240lbs. Married Very buff and well built. She remembered that he had one of the largest cock she had seen! And yes I can now verify that! It was amazing watching his cock trying to stretch her very tight hole. Her 5'1/2" frame taking that enormous cock! It must have been at least 11 or 12 inches and thick as her arm! The screams and her wetness I have never experienced before! His cock was all white with her cream. Amazing! He used her a lot that night and hoped he would revisit us againL
  5. I love it when the wife creams on the big coc!
  6. I was made into a bi cuck! My wife made me do bi things to her bull. i was sucking her bull so she could watch and get him ready for her! letting him cum in my mouth. i also was taking his huge cock up my ass whenever he wants me and when she wants to watch. I am only allowed to wear panties when i'm at home.
  7. My wife loves riding the train in Japan at rush hour! She lets guys grope her and comes home really wet!!
  8. Very nice! I enjoy being a cucold too!
  9. I'm in a very similar situation. She was very well experienced at a very early age! and continued after we were married! She had approximately 20 before 15yo. she was the talk of the neighborhood! Her uncle was her first and I met him at a famiy get together. We had been married less than 2 weeks before this and my wife invited him to stay over our house since he was an out of town guess.He was very large and thick and poor aunt was getting really stretched after being with him for over 15 years. She told my wife that she was stretched out of shape both front and back! Well the wife wanted to relive some memories with her uncle so I had no objections and he joined us in bed! Boy, what a night!