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Our first BBC's


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      My first posts were more about getting into the lifestyle and developing relationships and not about just a pure sexual event.  I was browsing through my journal this morning and came across what was perhaps the most interesting weekend J and I had since the kids left the nest.  I was called to federal jury duty in a nearby (very large) city, and as fate would have it sat on a jury trail (civil) that could take up to 10 days.  Knowing that my cage would have to be left at home my promise to remain chaste was still in full effect, but J thought it would be a great opportunity to do something we had not done in quite a while.  She had me reserve the hotel through the weekend, and would join me for a weekend filled with hopeful hot wife fun, and something she really enjoyed, watching me get pounded and used by men.  We were a bit nervous since we had not freestyled in years and this city was foreign territory to us.  It was the beginning of smart phones (we still had flips), so some of the work would have to be done during the week on the computer during my free time in the motel.  I posted ads on several sites, and the usual crop of wannabes and braggarts responded, but I was able to find a few that were genuinely interested and seemed worthwhile pursuing.  The ad stated just what we were looking for, multiple men (including bi activity) and safe sex).  One respondent caught my eye, he had 2 other friends, had experience in this type of setting, while he was straight the other were very open to bi activity.  All were BBC, ranging from 7 to 10 inches, all were dominant, and most importantly were respectful of safewords.  When I contacted J she got very excited, though not a size Queen (she had a hard time taking anything over 7), the thought of having 3 studs for the weekend pleased her.  Arrangements  were made to meet in a quiet bar a few blocks from the hotel Friday evening and we would go from there.

    J was already at the motel when I arrived from the courthouse and I had not observed her in this state for sometime, she was genuinely soaking her panties and put me on my knees to smell her sex.  My little cock swelled and almost exploded just because of this.  She was in a total horny mindset, and was so excited she made me lie down and ground her delicious pussy into my face until she had a huge orgasm.  I reached for my cock, but she said no way, made me put ice on it till I shrank and them locked me back up, "the only cum you are going to see out of that thing is because a huge cock is riding your ass" she said.  This was so unlike her, and I was enjoying the freedom we were having,  She showered and started to get ready for the meet and greet.  I want to highlight this.  J was not a 'looker', She had a decent body, but while I found her a 10, most men might see her as a 6 or 7.  I state this because I think reality is important.  I find woman most sexy when their confidence and humanness show through.  Most of us (men and women) can never compete with Hollywood or model standards, but when I see pics (like some posted on here) of wives and GF's, willing to @@@@@@ their 'imperfections' and enjoying the full freedom of their sexuality..well that is real hotness.  My j was no different, her ass would turn heads at times, but men would not necessarily ogle over her.  For that evening she bought tightest jeans I had seen her wear in years,  it highlighted her ass perfectly, her legs also attracting attentions.  She wanted to look the country girl, show she chose to wear a tight T'shirt without a bra, and pulled her hair back pony tail style.  Very casual yes, but we felt the clothes would not be on for long anyway.  We went to the bar and the guys were already there.  Three very hot looking guys who immediately looked at her ass, good start.  After some pleasantries, we dispensed with small talk and all of us agreed there was no sense in taking in a club, that might happen the next might, but tonight was just going to be about raw sex..and a lot of it.

     The room was quite nice, had a couch, love seat, and king size bed.  J had the guys sit on the couch and stripped for them (I was also nude), Ordered me to fix drinks while she explored the 'territory'.  one by one she had them drop their pants and actually shrieked.  These were the biggest and thickest cocks she had ever seen.  She was awestruck, the smallest cock guy was straight, the others were bi and so started working from the end to the middle.  As we sucked them all to erection we just told them the night was theirs and they took off from there.  Two of them lead J to the bed and began a mfm, she worked the cocks back and forth and I heard her moans of excitement.  The 10 incher noting my sissy/fag tendency roughly told me to suck his cock, deep, all the way (I loved this).  Before long I looked over and saw J taking a huge cock doggy style and moaning with glee, she was trying to suck the other guy off at the same time, but the rhythm was hard to establish.  My guy was really enjoying the show (and BJ) and soon grabbed my head and pulled it away saying he was about to drop a load down my throat if I did not stop.  As he recovered we watched as J was being pounded unmercifully and loving it, the guy came and the other jumped in without missing a beat.  J was shouting things I had never heard her say, obscenities and fawning over the beauty of their big cocks.  He came rather quickly and J ordered me to eat her pussy (no cum due to condoms) but still a treat.  She then saw that 10 incher erect and just about fainted.  She asked if he was Ok fucking my ass before he fucked her and he said, "I like to fuck, period", so we took center stage on the bed as they moved to the couch to recover, sip their drinks and enjoy the show.  He put a condom on, some lube and tried to enter my tight hole, the expert he was it did not take long.  He was right about liking to fuck, as he pounded my ass I looked over to see J watching and being fingered by the guys.  She let out a loud moan (told me later  that watching me take that cock was one of the hottest things she had seen).  That night and the entire weekend proceeded that way.  The final scene I had to bow out and watch as J was gang banged by those 3 guys, taking turns over and over as they wore her pussy out.  In the end she broke what I believe was her last virgin territory as she had all 3 of her holes used at the same time.  She told me later this was not something she really enjoyed, but something she had always wanted to do.  What a women. 


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