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  1. My wife used to go away to her lovers house on a Friday evening and return Sunday afternoon, I would stay home with the kids. She would call during the weekend and tell me what they had done and how many times they had fucked. At other times he would take her out and come back late. As the kids were in bed I would make up a bed for them in the lounge and she would leave the door ajar so I could creep down and watch.
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    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    I am fully bisexual and versatile, i.e. I get fucked and fuck other guys. My wife knows and I meet other guys from time to time for sex. We also have guys, white and black as long as they have big cocks to fuck my wife and if they are bi, me as well. My mate, who I met first on my own, will take her out in his van and fuck her then send her back with a cream pie for me. Other times we will just have a threesome and either I will fuck him while he fucks my wife or the other way round. Often we will both fuck her cunt at the same time and all try to cum at the same time and we will both get down there to clean her and each other up as we both like cum.