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Modern Cuckold Lock


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I just stumbled across this:

https://cumsplash.me/products/qiui-bluetooth-app-remote-control-lock-cock-cage-male-chastity-device-metal-penis-ring-chastity-belt-adult-games-sex-toy-for-men?utm_source=fetlife&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Chastity&utm_term=Give up Control&utm_content=FL1


I think it is a great thing for the locked cuck.  The bull or wife can hold the key on their phone and not have to worry about the messy details of touching the cuck when it is time to unlock him.


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yes sir i saw that too- it seems interesting -espacially for those of us sissycuckolds no longer in the care of a woman as she is with her bull now - and that way able to find a kind *keyholder* even from far away :-) i only read they had been some kinf of trouble with the functions of the app. i hope/suppose they soemhow managed to fix that.

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