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feminized cucks


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Can only speak for how it worked for us.  I was the bread winner and house 'slave' if you will.  J was a nurse and worked PT for her enjoyment, and did help with some things around the home, but it was my job to make sure everything was up to her standards.  I did laundry, shopping, cooking, cleaning.  She kept all the finances and paid the bills.  I was not feminized in the sense I wore woman's attire at home, we actually lived just like a normal family, just FLR.  She had final say in all the decisions, yet like any marriage consulted me over important issues and if I was not sure or on board would defer at times until we came to a consensus.  That said, if something needed done she would have the final word and I never questioned her on it, and even it things went south (rarely), I never said said I told you so, lol.   I respected and supported her as any mate would.

At work I was always caged, wore panties and as stated in a previous post eventually changed mannerisms to be more 'effeminate'.  The change was so gradual that no one really commented or seemed to notice.  if they did do what, I was being transitioned to who I was born to be.  While never overly 'flamboyent', J wanted me to look, sound, act, and be femme. In time it was not an act, I was and am that person, even several years after her passing.  I so thank her for the insight in bringing the true me out, and building my confidence to live 'out' (in the sense of losing my outward masculinity in a masculine world).

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