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  1. lonerancher

    cuck and fem dom husbands

    If you have ever read about or saw on Utube cuckolding , Fem Dom or feminization of men(usually force Fem) is one way they sometimes explain it. What is interesting to me is whether you read about these on a website or view some of the Utube videos, never never do you see a "I am Mr Thomson now Tabatha I want to tell you the joys of becoming wife's sissy". HEY it is so cool and so wonderful, so uplifting to service my Hot Wife's lovers. Now there are Utube videos about detransitioning and how they wish the had not done this. I cant but think those unfortunate Tabatha formerly Mr Thompson were not really forced by a narcissist mate into becoming Tabatha. This change would only add to the humiliation, titillation, And emotional breaking of the cuck(hot wife's husband) WHY IS THERE NONE OF THESE STORIES OR VIDEOS?
  2. Thanks for following 

    1. lonerancher


      you are welcome. I am curious though single.

  3. lonerancher

    The best night in life

    both woman are beautiful for sure. the lady in the lower photo is looking so sastified
  4. lonerancher

    Shiela D

    she is beautiful woman he has a nice cock
  5. lonerancher


    wow this beautiful woman whoever is the man fucking her is blessed.
  6. lonerancher

    Any Indian Cucks with White bulls here

    this woman is beautiful for sure her husband is blessed
  7. lonerancher

    Busty Bbc Slut Lisa

    this woman is a beautiful goddess. She looks so satisfied and happy. is that her husband taking these beautiful photos?
  8. Wondering if say both families or marriages are into this. Has there ever been say a mother in law or father in law doing mother in law doing her daughters husband. A father doing his son's wife . If there are would anyone admit it. Christmas say father banging the sons wife, while the other two watch. Or the mother being done by her son in law. Hell if several marriages in the family are into the cuckold or swinging lordy lordy what an orgy
  9. lonerancher

    Love seeing lots of men pound my wife

    would be nice to see that for sure. Praying she does not get pregnant or a disease. Have a life full of fun from Texas
  10. lonerancher

    emotional breaking

    so how many of these Cuckold relationships end because there is an emotional breaking of the cuck husband and the wife to? Emotion is a large part of life Friendship is emotion, love is an emotion, sex is many times from an emotional connection AND even HATE is an emotion! So when the wife takes a lover with or without husbands knowlege a emotional tie can be broken ending her love for her husband AND can form an emotional tie to the lover. BUT if the wife becomes pregnant by the BULL, there will be a large connection to her child's father. WHEN a Cuck Husband is humiliated and belittled and there is no STOP or SAFE WORD or time taken by his wife and himself to reconnect that original emotions that brought them together, DOES THIS NOT END THE MARRIAGE??
  11. lonerancher

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    are these you sucking these cocks. Are you a married cuckolding wife?
  12. hello from Texas i like the photos you post. Are any of them you being sucked

    1. secondjag


      Thanks, many of them are. Kind of a game I play; every once in a while I slip some of myself in and guys like Kak or Slap try to figure it out.  

  13. lonerancher

    Cum Eating

    I am single but would love to suck a black cock and swallow every drop. Even would consider sucking more than one black cock
  14. lonerancher

    Black men

    well there are stories about cuck husbands that have taken the bull and the wife to family gatherings. i am guessing this was to hhhhhhhhh the husband more so as to gain control.