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  1. I love a woman with a bush an d even underarm hair to. Something about a bush and eating pussy
  2. have you seen all of my photos that appear under my link?

    elementary school principal fro

    m oregon

    1. lonerancher


      no ma'am i have not

    2. kristincarlson


      put me out there.....post me on xhamster

  3. do these really work on a human? There are some things that psychologist and even hypnotic people who do shows say YOU CANT GET A HUMAN EVEN UNDER HYPNOSIS TO DO ANYTHING BEYOND THEIR MORAL CODE! Anything that they do not want to do
  4. what will happen when some human finds these photos. Will they use them in blackmail won't the school fire you. How will you look a student in the eye when he comes wagging these into you office demanding a fuck! This is one of the things I can't understand Swingers keep it subrosa BUT CUCKOLDS are like put it on a billboard
  5. I am curious when a cuck husband is feminized & he is the bread winner how does this effect his business life. How far do the cuckolds go? How does this effect his wife?
  6. are there no white Bulls? Is it even cuckolding if all party's are white? Is white on black even legal if the bull is white and the cuckoldry is another race(black especially). In all my reading looking it seems CUCKOLDRY IOS BLACK BULL WHITE WOMAN OR ANY OTHER RACE.
  7. Have any Bulls ever shared a mother and her adult ? Or sisters or even other family related members ?
  8. Jenna Jameson said in her book "How to make love like a porn star" said she has never saw a swinger couple work out. She also said NO MAN is wired to watch his lover have sex( no camera) especially if that man has a bigger dick and fucks her better. I know the ON CAMERA PART WILL BE USED TO SAY BULL DROPPINGS cuckolding is different. HOW MANY on this or any CUCKOLDRY site will even whisper that there can and have been problems or divorces?? I am usually banned for this observation from places like Cuckoldfart. com! I would think that this porn star might be correct or at least know something.
  9. Alexdumont do you enjoyed these things? Is it your wife's bull that you suck and let fuck you? My question is does your duckling lifestyle like any of the things written in Cuckolding stories? I did read a "REAL" by a therapist who was counseling a white couple or maybe just the cuck. She told him just before LEGALLY signing over all his world to the BULL "YOU HAVE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME stop this NOW! He did wife was still with the Bull they divorced. Wife had Bull's baby. He put his life back together wife and he are still friends. I guess I am asking is does this sucking /fucking by a man put your wife's opinion of you in a not favorable light ? If you said Please stop or pause what would happen. I understand bi sexual and fun humiliation, but if this destroys or changes the original Wife/Husband relationship or harms it, is CUCKOLDRY still a good thing?
  10. I have sucked black men. I could see how this sissy or even the chastity might be fun. I would want rules thought so my job and family were protected. So i would want to not be shared with the mans friends. I would not want any photos after all i am not a porn star. If married my wife who would be cuckolding me would not be shared either. The sissy would begin when she and I got ourselves made up and would end when we got home or finished. The chastity would come off while I slept so my cock did not die, it could get it's nocturnal erections. Beyond this unless there was much trust and medical records I would not suggest sucking the bulls brother or father or his card playing buddies. If I indulged in these fantasies there would be more risk of being @@@@@@@ getting a disease. I would love the sucking and the cum BUT I will not give who I am away!
  11. this would be impossible from you own words. I suck your dick INSTANLY I am no longer straight man. In your mind that is. yes i like sucking cocks no I am not Gay. Black cocks taste the best to my taste buds
  12. why are these the two hallmarks of Cuckolding? Can't a cuck enjoy his submission and sucking bull cock cleaning up cream pie. Must the wife abuse make fun of him? When the cuck gets tired of this abuse do they leave divorce or get angry and maybe uncivil or harmful? How do you wives comfort your husbands or do you comfort them at all. When does a Bull Recognize time to back off or change the behavior he is using ? When there is a divorce what happens?
  13. I am just curious if a Single White man could suck some of these beautiful black cocks on here
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