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  1. so if you are a single male living alone can you become can you do this ?
  2. How many cuckold practicing couples still come together as husband and wife or as lovers in a relationship to make love with each other
  3. who is the father she is beautiful pregnant and will make a great mother? If it is another man's child she can attach to him and you can loose her.
  4. she is very beautiful she should become a model. Some man who is allowed to have sex with her will be blessed. This Texas ranch owner can't understand this cuckolding and the bull making him a pussy free husband>
  5. she is beautiful very beautiful. Whoever her husband is he is blessed whoever her bull is he to is blessed. Don't understand why her cuck is willing to be a cuck? Is this advertising for men who want to have sex with her to come forward?
  6. he has a very beautiful wife to show off
  7. very beautiful I am near Abilene Tx on my ranch wish ya'll could visit. I bet she is a very loving woman
  8. You say slut she is beautiful for sure. My conditioning of a slut is she will fuck anyone she chooses or is told to in this context. Will this slut do a gang bang for you? Does she allow you to pass her around to your friends? I am guessing she is cuckolding her husband with you will she do this things while he watches. Example you are watching March Madness with friends she is dressed in stockings garter belt and a smile only but she will suck or fuck any of your friends who ask her???
  9. beautiful lady big beautiful tits great smile on her too
  10. Has anyone in the cuckolding either had because of a bull's wanting this or for any other reason had insest sex. Say the bull wants the sister he is fucking to eat her sister while he is fucking the other sister. Or perhaps just because someone thought it interesting
  11. I have done that sucked on a black mans cock on my knees naked too. Gagging on his cock I have drank all the cum of a couple black men
  12. how could any human male or female deep throat one of these cocks. Smelling licking sucking on jacking off until one can put their mouth over it so to swallow his cum YES.





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    2. Trixsy


      What about?


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      about your hot bady and kinky behavior

    4. lonerancher


      very beautiful woman for sure and sensual as well 

  14. In answer to Bimarried001 Yes i understand that all is not a phrase i should have used. Humans are all different
  15. when a mans wife gets pregnant by another male it sucks much glue that holds the husband and wife together on both the husband's part and the wife's part

    1. Gracie


      Every situation is different.  What you say may be the case with some, but with others, the wive getting pregnant by another man may be very desirable.  In that situation, the husband and non-bio father raises the baby as his own and is delighted to do so.