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  1. lonerancher

    Black men

    Do black bulls like for the wife's husband to become a doormat. This doormat husband will be fucked suck the bull, even do things among his own family to show his submission
  2. thank you for folding me

  3. hello how are ya'll? are you a happy cuckold couple? I am in Texas 

  4. lonerancher


    I see woman with their breast pierced at the nipple. Why does it increase the feeling? Can a child suck the breast with these in? how bad does it hurt the women? Women get their clit pierced what does this do for them. Men get their cocks pierced again what for. Does it increase the feeling for the man or for the woman?
  5. lonerancher


    Ma'am I guess i still cant get my head around that someone can be so awful in their treatment of their "HUSBAND" yet still call him husband. I can't get my head around a women married a man. Now she fucks only black cocks and he is left period. DID SHE NOT MARRY IN LOVE? Does she not want to have children with him? For my self I married because I loved her. Would I submit to being her "CUCK" perhaps BUT big things like she and I making babies together would not be something I would submit to. Would I raise the child of she and the bull not a problem. But part of the reason I married her is to have children, now she says not with you, with him YES. Marriage over simple as that. All the rest sucking him off being fucked by him not a issue unless there is a medical reason, like hemorrhoids that make anal sex a NO NO.
  6. lonerancher

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    I am not a cuck at all don't even have a wife but I did enjoy sucking cocks black cock especially but that was then now I am old and these things are for younger men but I use to love swallowing cum
  7. lonerancher

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    I am not married so not a cuck but I have sucked a man or two off
  8. lonerancher

    Natural order of things

    very very beautiful wife
  9. you look great from the cock down I wonder what you look like from cock up. Was this feminization a desire of yours OR the bull and your wives? Do you do other men besides your wife's bull? Does you wife enjoy watching? Do you go all the way and by that I mean taking cock in your ass,boy pussy?

    1. Gracie


      My feminization was at my wife's insistence at the strong urging of several of her black boyfriends.  She has a LOT of black boyfriends.  I do take a lot of black cocks, both orally and anally.  I did initially resist both my feminization and sucking and being fucked by cock, but I learned fast that resistance was futile.  I am allowed to cum ONLY when there is a black cock in my ass, and I love cumming so I am always encouraging guys to fuck me.  My boss is black and fucks both me and my wife, for example.  I am not allowed to pick my own, as my wife must approve anyone who fucks me.

      I assure you, before all this happened,  I had NO desire to suck or fuck other cocks, or even touch somebody else's cock.  Now I wonder what I was afraid of.  It is GREAT!  I love it!

      GG 023.jpg

    2. lonerancher


      wow wow you are beautiful from what I see

  10. lonerancher


    I am 7 1/2 inches but I guess this is small
  11. lonerancher


    Hope this does not piss anyone off. Hope this does not get me kicked out. I was reading a sex story about BBC white wife and cuck husband. The main lines were she was watching her "HUSBAND" being fucked by her black lover who she is pregnant by. She said Wringing all the man hood from him! She talked about how her lover used her husbnd and how her husband was licking her sex while the black m an screwed her husband! I know this is a "story" BUT real life stories about about kidnapped and use people are MUCH MUCH worse. So how Sadistic is the Cuckolding? I can only see a sadist like the one in Ohio that had the 3 girls in a house sexually and otherwise torturing them, this made national news in USA.
  12. lonerancher

    Meet for drinks in Texas???

    well I am near the Abilene Tx area live on my place/ ranchet
  13. lonerancher


    you are a very very beautiful lady
  14. lonerancher

    Texas Bull

    beautiful cock for sure
  15. lonerancher

    Me and my wife

    tow beautiful people sharing a kiss look totally in love with each other