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My Sexy Wife


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  • 2 weeks later...

Wife's 29yrs old and is barely unleashing the freak in her,,what do you guys think?

My wife was that age when she started 'going wild'.  but she'd never let me take photos of her, nor did she share her bed-time experiences with our best friend, she always had him when I was not around. This did mean she was able to call me at work and tell me he was coming around to pleasure her, which was highly stimulating,and she knew that there was nothing I could do to stop her doing whatever she wanted to do with him all day long.


She also used to leave me babysitting when she went out to his place in the evenings or when they went out together. Again, I knew what she was doing, but could not possibly stop them which together with the inevitable cream pie he left inside her for me to lick out I found very exciting.


Just wish she was doing it with someone now.



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