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    Love to watch my wife getting fucked and then having her sit on my face so I can suck the cum out of her cunt.

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  1. Oldercuck2

    Irish slut

    Longrun that is one fine ass. Makes me want to go to Ireland to explore my Irish roots and your wife's ass. 😀
  2. We've been married for 43 years and my wife started fucking other men with my encouragement about 7 years into our marriage. She developed quite the reputation around town as an easy lay.. She tended bar for a while and fucked several of the patrons.....
  3. Oldercuck2

    Help me make my Iowa housewife a slutwife

    What is your wife's objection to start fucking other men on a regular basis? You might just start taking her out every weekend to a bar or strip club and pick up guys for her to fuck. Keep telling her how much it turns you on knowing she is fucking other men. Reassure her that your love for her will grow stronger as she explores her sexual freedom. Make sure you emphasize there is a difference between love and sex. Sex is a pleasure of the flesh and love is a deep bonding emotion that grows stronger when two people trust each other completely. Let her know she deserve to experience total sexual freedom to fuck every man and or woman she desires. Keep reenforcing her with love and understanding. If there are objections find out what they are so you can overcome them. My wife had no desire to fuck anyone else and it took me a couple years to convince her to start. She's been fucking other men for the last 35 plus years and our relationship and marriage is rock solid..
  4. Oldercuck2

    My wife sends these to online friend

    Such a good wife......
  5. Oldercuck2

    Remembering the past

    This is a 100% true story. Back in the early 90's my wife and I had a favorite adult store that we frequented often. The store had the usual assortment of products of books and magazines a large selection of toys and apparel and of course movies. Right in front of the cash register was what they called the wall of shame. This wall, it was really just a 2X2 area, that was filled with Polaroid pics of female customers modeling some of the clothing that was sold there as well as some wearing nothing at all. Everytime we went there the manager tried to talk my wife into going to the back room to pose for some nude pics to add to the collection. She declined his offer several times but he eventually talked her into it. He took my wife and I to the back room where my wife removed her clothes and stood before us in front of a work bench in her naked splender. My wife has a great set of d cup tits and a completely shaved pussy. He helped her sit up on the work bench and asked her to bring her legs up with her feet on the bench top next to her ass then he placed his hands on her knees and pushed them sideways opening a clear path to her now wet pussy. He moved her knees as far as he could which also spread her pussy lips open revealing her moist opening. He then proceeded to take several pics of her in this inviting pose and ended with an extreme close up of her cunt which ended up pinned by the cash register. When he finished with the pics he looked at her still spread pussy then turned to me and said it looks like it needs some attention. I smiled at him and said be my guest, he looked back at her pussy then moved into position and began eating her with great enthusiasm. After several minutes her removed his tongue from my wife's pussy and said he needed to get back to the front and help his clerk. Wanting to be fair to his employee I told him he could send him back here to finish off my wife to which he said his employee would be more interested in sucking me off than eating my wife. Not being all that interested in man sex at that time a declined. Our favorite section of the store was the video booths. Back then the booths didn't have glory holes but they did have windows on the walls separating one booth from the next. The windows had blinds so if you wanted your privacy you could simply close the blinds which we seldom did. Most of the time after feeding the video machine we would check the booths on either side of ours and pic the one that interested my wife the most and open that blind. I would usually take my wife's cloths off and then position her in a way that the guy looking through the window would get an unobstructed view of her pussy. I'd have her lie on her back pussy towards the window and legs spread wide for him to watch me finger fuck her. Other times we'd put on a show with her sucking my cock or me fucking her. A lot of times it would be too much for the guy and he'd blow a load in no time and leave but within seconds another guy or couple would enter the booth. On one occasion while watching me fingering her the guy moved close to the window and while stroking his hard cock waved a condom next to it. My wife looked at his cock, which was larger than mine, then said should I fuck him? I told her sure why not. She stood up and put her wrap around (not sure what you call it) dress on her naked body and left our booth. Three seconds later I watched her enter the booth next to ours and take off her wrap then straddle the guy and lower herself on his cock. For the next several minutes I stroked my cock while watching my wife getting fucked in the next booth. When they finished she got dressed and returned to our booth where I then fucked her while he watched... We had many fun encounters at that video store... A great many memories.
  6. Oldercuck2

    Who doesn’t love ass and lingerie?

    Very nice
  7. Oldercuck2

    Found photos

    I would say that's definately a yes. I'm sure she wouldn't take 20 pics of her tits so she could look at them.. There is a guy somewhere looking at your wife's tits and wondering what it will be like sucking them.....
  8. Oldercuck2

    Love the idea of cuckold, but wife hates it

    Take your time and don't pressure her. It took two or three years of trying to convince my wife to fuck other men before she did. One night while I was fucking her I told her that it was ok with me if she fucked someone else. She didn't say anything for a few seconds then said "I did". Not expecting that response I stopped in mid stroke and made her tell me all the details.... Who was it, where, when did you enjoy it and so on..... When I first brought up the subject years before she had no interest at all but after she fucked that first guy she didn't stop......
  9. We've been married for 43 years. After our second year I started trying to get her to fuck other men and it took maybe a couple years of encouraging her before she finally did. We have experienced just about everything you can think of....... You only live once you might as well have fun while you can.
  10. Oldercuck2

    Violetta - French hottie

    very nice body...... looks like she is one hell of a fuck.....
  11. Oldercuck2

    Question for all cucks.

    i have never been attracted to men but had a latent desire to suck cock but I never acted on it until i started sharing my wife. i think the visual of watching my wife sucking another mans cock and watching him fuck her grew my desire. a good friend of mine would often fuck my wife one on one and in three somes with me and after a while i just took the plunge. while she was riding him i got between there legs and started tonguing her ass then worked my way down to his shaft and balls while he was still inside her. after that it was easy to suck cock and may times sharing a cock with my wife. that was several years ago and untill just recently i had only experienced oral with a man, about 3 weeks ago i experienced my first time being fucked by a man and found it quite enjoyable.
  12. Oldercuck2

    My Sexy little hottie

    good luck on your sharing journey. i have shared my wife since about 1980 and we have both enjoyed the fun.... most people cant understand the difference in love and sex. your wife is definitely a hot one that will have men lined up to fuck her just like mine..... i can think of all kinds of things id love to do to her..... enjoy life while you can you only live once........
  13. Oldercuck2

    My Iowa housewife

    she definitely looks like she would be a great fuck
  14. Oldercuck2

    Cum Eating

    My wife would come home after getting fucked and filled with cum and promptly sit on my face for me to clean her up. It was great, enjoyed it very much. But like you after I cum I cannot get myself to eat my own cum.... Strange
  15. Oldercuck2

    wife wants to try sex with other guys

    never have regretted sharing sharing her truley enjoy watching some guy fuck her. plus sloppy seconds or having her sit on my face afterward is great. such a turn on watching her suck cock and fucking one of our friends or someone we just met. its helped our sex life a great deal (especially hers) but you need a strong relationship going in for it to work.