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  1. That's my wife also..... She loves sex and knowing she had my blessing to enjoy other men was all she needed. Prostituting was more my fantasy and she did give it some thought but in the end it was her decision. I was in no way what so ever going to pressure her to do anything she didn't want to. Love and respect her too much for that.......
  2. My wife has fucked other men for all but a few years of our marriage always giving her pussy for free to almost anyone that wanted it. She has above average looks and I always felt she should be charging men to fuck her. She did call a place in Nevada and talked to them for over an hour getting all the particulars about working there. The plan was for her to fly down and work primarily weekends and be home during the week days. After considering the options she finally decided not to do it saying she was afraid that some guy she knew might come in and see her there. So that ended my fantasy....... She does have a sugar daddy though that sends her money anytime she asks him even though he hasn't fucked her for about 15 years. He was one of her steady boyfriends for about ten years but moved away. Anyone else have this fantasy or a wife who is a prostitute? pic is her fucking a BBC
  3. Doggy is her favorite position and she liked a good ass fucking now and then.... Dp also....
  4. Married in 74, wife had her first in about 81 and about 40 total. Plus 3 or 4 women....
  5. Being gay or bi is not what being a cuck is about. There are cucks who are bi but I doubt being a cuck would be a step to proclaiming yourself gay. My situation, although I have had sex with men I am not attracted to men in any way. Walking down the street I check out women not men. Sex with men has been just another form of release when opportunity presents itself. So if my wife left me I would definately look for female companionship.
  6. it took a little over two years to convince my wife to start fucking other men..... you cant force it you have to let your wife feel comfortable with the idea of fucking another man. dont give up trying but dont be too forceful either....... good luck..... by the way after my wife started she loved her sexual freedom and kept herself filled with other guys cocks on a fairly regular basis..... by the way my avatar is a pic of my wife getting her pussy filled with BBC
  7. OMG  WONDERFUL...!!  You are soooo Blessed.... and you  set  the  pace.... I  LOVE !!!

  8. I've sucked cock in front of my wife before.. Even sucked a friend along with my wife... Licking and sucking him at the same time...
  9. OK here's a pic of my wife's ass I just took for comparison....
  10. I've watched my wife eating pussy several times but it was usually in three somes or foursomes or more.... Loved doing her from behind while she had her face buried in the neighbors cunt...
  11. That pic was actually taken in the early 90's by her boyfriend I wasn't there not sure what she was looking at. He probably just wanted her to give a show to whoever might pass by. He enjoyed having her @@@@@@ herself to others while she was with him. I haven't got any recent pics of her ass for a comparison...
  12. My wife's ass, standing in front of the motel window
  13. Our sex life definately improved. We had a good sex life to begin with but after my wife started fucking other men it definately got better. I truly got off on her telling me what, how and when in detail of what she did and what he did to her. Did he suck her nipples, eat her cunt.... How big was his cock, how long did he fuck her...... Did he fuck her ass..... Did she suck his cock.. Swallow his cum.... Listening to all the details while I ate her pussy cleaning up his cum then I'd climb on top of her to add my cum to what was left of his.... Loved to watch other men fuck her...... We did have fun.....
  14. In my opinion too much is made about a black male with your white wife. Yes, I have known white women that prefer sex with black men but also those that are indifferent or are not at all interested in them. Over the years my wife has had sex with 30 to 40 different men and a few women. Black, brown and white men made up the mix and for her there was no preference. I once asked her what she enjoyed most about her sexual freedom and she told me it was the variety of her partners. Each one was different than the last and I guess that a lot of men would tell you the same about the women they bed. And I guess you could attribute that to spreading the gene pool.... I do not believe that I'm a true cuckold as defined by the book and I don't think many here are. I'm not into humiliation being used or abused by a bull. I'm not deprived of sexual contact or restricted from having sex with women other than my wife. What I am is someone who enjoys knowing and watching his wife having sex with other men. With all the different situations it's no wonder there is no scientific explanation for why we enjoy sharing our wives....