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  3. Oldercuck2

    Unsure whether to go forward

    This has made our relationship stronger in all areas.... In and out of the bedroom.
  4. Oldercuck2

    Unsure whether to go forward

    My wife was 18 when we got married. After two or three years I started telling her I was ok with her fucking other men. It took a couple years but she did finally start and grew to love her freedom. She is early 60's now and has spread her legs for just about anyone that wanted to fuck her and there has been many. The moral of the story is if you get your girlfreind to start fucking other guys be prepared to live with the fact she probably won't stop. If you both enjoy it then by all means go for it..... It worked for us but not all people are the same....
  5. Oldercuck2

    Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    In my case my cock is below average size and I wanted my wife to be able to fully enjoy being filled with a large cock. But It has more to do with I get off knowing my wife is getting fucked and especially watching her being fucked by another man. I get off watching another man cum in and on her, I love watching her suck his cock and him cuming on her face. I loved the fact that my wife fucked anyone that wanted to fuck her. I loved the fact that she is a slut whore......
  6. Oldercuck2

    Questionable Doubt

    Not a problem at all
  7. Oldercuck2

    new to site

    Very nice.... Is she still working as an escort or just fucking other guys for the fun of it.....
  8. Oldercuck2

    Questionable Doubt

  9. Oldercuck2


    The worst thing you can do is to force the issue. You have to remember that your wife is mentally justifying why she should go against the norm of social acceptance of marital fidelity. Although she is showing signs of her desire to fuck other men it is a big step to make the final decision to do it. That first time she fucks another man may take some time but it's worth the wait and you want to make sure she thoroughly enjoys the experience so that she will want to continue having sex with other men and women. It took my wife 3 or 4 years to fuck another man after she had told me she wanted to. Once that first encounter happened she became more confident in her sexuality and over the years has fucked 35 to 40 different men some several times and 3 or 4 women. Our sex life has been fantastic no regrets.
  10. Oldercuck2

    Open letter to the site creator

    I just wanted to take a minute and thank the creator of this site for helping me realize that I'm not a freak of nature, that there are other men like me who for some unknown reason that goes against accepted moral behavior enjoy knowing, watching and often helping their wife have sex with other men. At this point in our lives my wife and I are at the end of our sexual adventures and now look back with fond memories of all of the men and women we have had the pleasure of having sex with. In the beginning after about three years of marriage, that would be about 1977, my desire to have sex with other women began to build considerably. I didn't want to cheat on my wife I still loved her deeply and knowing she was a very sexually open person that at some point she would probably also desire other men I decided to talk her into opening our marriage to include having sex with others. There were several of her girlfriends that I would have loved to bed but I figured my chances would be improved if I also let her know that some of my friends had told me how hot she was and that they wanted to have sex with her and then gave her the go ahead to screw them if she wanted to. It took a couple more years of convincing before she finally took the leap and fucked my best friend. She didn't tell me about it for two or three days probably not sure how I would react. That first time she screwed another man is when I started wondering if there was something seriously haywire in my brain. It bothered me was I less of a man because not only did I tell her to fuck another man but it also turned me on knowing she did. As she continued fucking others I became more and more turned on especially if I was able to watch her being used taking another cock. Back then there was no internet to search the feelings I was having wondering if I was alone in this situation. Self doubt was always with me through the years even though we both enjoyed what we were doing. Then one day I found this site and finally found that others were doing the same things. I wasn't alone others also were turned on by their wife fucking other men. So to the creator of this site thank you for providing this outlet for us cucks and helping me realize I wasn't alone in this life style.
  11. Oldercuck2


    Definately got my cock hard......
  12. Oldercuck2

    Showing hotwives

    DomBull4U first of all I'm not sub not into that at all I just enjoyed watching my wife being fucked by other men and knowing when she went out she would be fucking someone before she came home and would be full of his cum. We married in 74 and by 77 I started working on her about fucking other people, I also wanted to fuck other women. At first she wasn't interested but I took it slow and about 1980 she fucked my best friend, that started her sexual awakening. We started with mmf and ffm threesomes as well as couples swap and as we progressed she became more comfortable and soon started picking up men in bars or we would go to strip clubs where she would pick out a guy and simply go ask him if he would like to join us for a three way fuck. Over the years she fucked 4 women and 35 to 40 different men many of which she fucked several times. Now that we have grown older she is unable to have sex without experiencing a lot of pain due to a medical condition but if not for that I would enjoy watching you filling her cunt and ass with your cock cuming on her tits and face. Unfortunately all I have left are the memories of those cocks filling her pussy and her lips around a cock swallowing cum.
  13. Oldercuck2

    More of my gf’s rack

    Very nice
  14. Oldercuck2


    Looks like she probably has a nice body but we need more revealing pics to be sure....
  15. Oldercuck2

    Advice needed

    If she were to leave you after fucking someone else the truth is she would leave you anyway at some point even if she hadn't. And now that the cat is out of the bag so to speak if you don't let it happen she may tell you it's ok but eventually she will probably fuck somebody behind your back to satisfy the itch that was building up. If that happens there is probably a bigger chance she will leave you. By going through with a threesome with your buddy and possibly letting her fuck strangers latter along with your reassurance that you love her deeply will give her more confidence in your relationship. My wife and I have been married since 1974 about 1980 she fucked my best friend then we did mmf, ffm and started swinging. Eventually she started fucking other guys she picked up in bars, her boss, my boss and others without my participation. We still had a fantastic sex life of our own as well. The key really is that you both know the difference between sex and love. Sex is physical pleasure to be shared love is a deep bond and trust in one another. It's worked well for us but this lifestyle doesn't work for all..... It depends on how you both understand and handle it.