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  1. Violetta - French hottie

    very nice body...... looks like she is one hell of a fuck.....
  2. Question for all cucks.

    i have never been attracted to men but had a latent desire to suck cock but I never acted on it until i started sharing my wife. i think the visual of watching my wife sucking another mans cock and watching him fuck her grew my desire. a good friend of mine would often fuck my wife one on one and in three somes with me and after a while i just took the plunge. while she was riding him i got between there legs and started tonguing her ass then worked my way down to his shaft and balls while he was still inside her. after that it was easy to suck cock and may times sharing a cock with my wife. that was several years ago and untill just recently i had only experienced oral with a man, about 3 weeks ago i experienced my first time being fucked by a man and found it quite enjoyable.
  3. My Sexy little hottie

    good luck on your sharing journey. i have shared my wife since about 1980 and we have both enjoyed the fun.... most people cant understand the difference in love and sex. your wife is definitely a hot one that will have men lined up to fuck her just like mine..... i can think of all kinds of things id love to do to her..... enjoy life while you can you only live once........
  4. My Iowa housewife

    she definitely looks like she would be a great fuck
  5. Cum Eating

    My wife would come home after getting fucked and filled with cum and promptly sit on my face for me to clean her up. It was great, enjoyed it very much. But like you after I cum I cannot get myself to eat my own cum.... Strange
  6. wife wants to try sex with other guys

    never have regretted sharing sharing her truley enjoy watching some guy fuck her. plus sloppy seconds or having her sit on my face afterward is great. such a turn on watching her suck cock and fucking one of our friends or someone we just met. its helped our sex life a great deal (especially hers) but you need a strong relationship going in for it to work.
  7. wife wants to try sex with other guys

    My wife and I have gone to clubs to find men to fuck her. I usually sit at our table while she danced with other men and watch her seduce them. She will often ask a man to dance and while dancing will just simply ask them if they want to fuck. Hasn't had anyone turn her down yet....
  8. wife's shared pussy

    testing how to transfer from my phone to my laptop. pic is my wife's shared pussy.
  9. 1st time wife meeting guy alone

    I always get hard thinking about all the times my wife fucked other men... It's truly the greatest turn on knowing she's getting screwed and filled with cum....especially when I get to watch her get naked and spread her legs to take his cock into her pussy, watching him sliding in and out of her
  10. Fastest you have cum during sex

    For me it was years ago when I was in high school. I was 17 she was 16 we both were virgins. We were on the floor in her living room and both of her parents were at home. I got her panties off put on a condom and climbed on top of her. She was very wet from our foreplay and I was able to slip right into her popping her cherry made about two more strokes and I was done. A couple of years later she told me her mother had watched the whole thing.
  11. Wew

    My wife and I have been married for 43 years and she's been fucking other men for 39 years. Our lasting relationship is based on knowing the difference between love and sex. Love being a deep emotional bond and sex being physical pleasure. Sure she has had feelings for boyfriends but only love for me. We have had total trust of each other knowing if we have sex with others it's for physical pleasure. We have a deep bond and want each other to enjoy life to the fullest..... You only live once......
  12. Short Penis

    My cock is small and while that's part of the reason I'm a cuck it's really more a state of mind for me. I enjoy the thought of my wife fucking other men and I totally get off watching her sucking another man's cock and then taking it up her cunt and ass. The bigger his cock the better. I want her to be fully pleasured.
  13. Her boyfriend sent a pic

    My wife's boyfriend and a black friend of his took my wife to a motel for the night. Her boyfriend took this pic and sent it to me. She was 18 when we married and after a few years of encouraging her she started fucking other men when she was 23 and hasn't stopped. That was several years ago.....
  14. My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    The part of the letter where she says she only wants men that will give her more in class and money than you can would concern me. She just might come to like a better life than you can give her and decide to dump you for a bigger cock and deep pockets.