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My Wife


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People say that we are freaks.We might be,but it is not their job to judge,no matter what.There is nothing more beautiful than seeing your wife radiant from pleasure and shiny from her sex sweat and some other man's semen glistening like pearls on her.Same goes for us.Monogamy is a state that we are not programmed to live,but a religious,political and "ethical" illusion.You have a gorgeous wife that likes sex not only with you,but with other men.It is normal,as you fantasize other women.It is stupid to have sex with each other and thinking about others.This draws too much energy out of our system.After all it is just sex.It is not because we are impotent,small or whatever.We all need change,or else there will be a stalemate.Your wife gets laid by others,I think she is made for fucking,then comes home happy and you also have sex together.Way to go mate.You are a lucky man.

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