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  1. icelord0807

    Let me see ur wife pics

    Sent yesterday before she was fucked from her new lover in his hotel.
  2. icelord0807

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    I had a conversation the other day with a man.I know his wife is fucking around and I also know that his is fond of men with him being in the receiving role.Anyway.I told him that I have sucked and fucked most of my wife's lovers,not because I had to,but because I wanted to.After all in my sex life,I had sex with a man,long before with a woman and to be precise I was sucking cock.He told that this is pervert stuff...WTF???He has his wife fucked,we has sex with men and it is pervertious???People are not serious...
  3. icelord0807

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    Oh yes!!!Me too!!
  4. icelord0807

    How many cocks?

    350 and still going.I had more.We had a couple from Austria for 2 weeks in our home as guests.We met them in a business trip there and we found out that they like our lifestyle.Gosh,they were speaking so freely about this that I got jealous.They were new to this.The husband was in chastity.Nice lad with a great ass.I was number 1 for the husband and number 6 for his wife (27 years old both)
  5. icelord0807

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    Being bisexual is not the same as being emasculated.It might be the porn industry or social reasons that people believe that bisexual men are gay.Nope.We like a dick in our ass,as we love our dicks in pussy or ass. Personally, I love being in the middle,as it is more intense. Another thing, many of my wife's lovers are also bisexual or they are open to new experiences.I cannot say that I fuck them all,as I am quite large for a newcomer,but many lads are willing to try to fuck or get fucked with a man.In most cases,my wife "widens" them gradually with het strap on dildos,if they are willing t do so and then I come.For my ass,there is no big deal.I can get fucked by anyone,as my butt is quite trained and it has been stabbed many many times from big cocks and dildos.My record was in Berlin during the Pride parade last year,where we met a company of 8 BBC lads,who were also bisexual.They all fucked me.All of them had at least 5cm wide cock.After that they left and I made love with my wife and I came like a real man.
  6. icelord0807

    Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

  7. icelord0807

    Pegging: Spicy sex practice

    We were on a trip with my wife some days ago.Every time we go on trips we are testing new toys,apart from meeting new people.We were heading to a nearby country in our car and before we pass the border, there is a nice plateau.I pulled over and we sat there finishing our coffees in that place.It was quite calm and it had nice view. We started talking about our best experience so far.She told me that "Yes,I like the new cocks that feed my cunt.But I like fucking your ass other male asses more than that.It makes me feel powerful!!!". I was astonished by that and a also a bit concerned.I asked her is she thinks that I am not man enough,because I have anal sex with her,with a strap on and various dildos and various men and shemales. The second astonishment came to me with her next phrase...."Buttholes have no gender.You fuck me better since you started getting penetrated regularly.You are not less of a man.In fact all women I know that peg their husbands love it.Most of them have also sex with men.Do not worry,dear...Being gay is not only taking it in the ass!".And started making out.She sucked my cock and she rushed to find her harness and the new dildo we got.She took me there like I was a whore.And I liked it. We resumed our trip and we reached the hotel. After we settled, we went to our dates. We had met during the summer holidays.They are swiss currently living in Bulgaria because of their work. They are a very nice, clean and polite couple, some years older than us, but they stared their endeavors in the past year, because of a car accident of Guy,the husband, which left him with a very persistent erectile disfunction. Apart from Lilly's promiscuity,they wanted to explore the part of cuckoldry. We were talking about our morning task in the plateau and the discussion we had and they were agreeing. They also told us that pegging Guy is almost an everyday routine for them and many of the couples they know, not all of them in swinging or cuckolding like it and they spread the word. After all,it is a biological matter.Men have their G-Spot up their butt.Prostate stimulation from anal intercourse is magical and the orgasm is intense.As a matter of fact,I know no man that was properly penetrated and not kept having anal pleasure. It is also quite erotic and it teaches men how to be more gentle when penetrating a butthole, because of personal experience. What is your opinion on the matter?Have you ever tried it?Are you willing to?
  8. icelord0807

    Let me see ur wife pics

  9. My opinion is that relatives must not know,except if they are also in the game.For example my wife's sister knows,but she is getting shared with other men,so she can understand.The majority cannot.As a matter of fact,humans are polyamorous,but there are a lot of religion and social chockings....So...