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  1. Ground Rules

    Our Ground rules are 1.Sex only and no sentiments 2.Always telling the truth about the number of lovers and when it happens 3.Condoms are mandatory outside our circle case of pregnancy,I will not put any parental effort to a child that is not mine. 5.No pushing about vanilla sex
  2. Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    Mine is 22cm long and quite thick,yet she fucks other men.Why?Because she does it for the thrill.For instance the regular guy who fucks me is adequate,but I also let other men with smaller penises to penetrate me.
  3. I think that sleeping altogether is the best.It is not polite to be left aside.If anyone needs a fuck,we are all there to give a hand.Most times,we have very good threesomes.There were times that my wife fucked us both with her strap on,aside the sex I have with some of wife's lovers.
  4. what do you think? my gf

  5. sloppy seconds

    Yes,it is the best lubricant, but it is dangerous.We have some times with trusted people who get checked,like we do,every two months.They are also couples like us and we all have our sloppy seconds.It is quite good if you are also bisexual and you take it in the ass.But,beware of the dangers.We are six people who are devoted to one another for bareback sex and we use a lot of measures for protection,that are not entirely risk free.
  6. It is silly to break up for sex.Most people do it,not because it matters to them,but for social reasons.Statistics state that most "cheating" incidents are not stimulated by feelings of affection,but pure sexual desire and nothing more.Same happens to us,also.We have sex with other people,usually together.Some regular "lovers" stay overnight.The fact is that we all have sex with each other,as those regulars are bisexual like me.Sexual behavior,other than usual missionary sex between a married couple is a taboo in every society.I believe it is rubbish.People are free to have any sexual behavior they want with whoever they want.This makes us happy and free of strangulations and it strengthens our bond.I think it makes us open minded.For example my wife,she was a virgin when we met and her only man till we started our current lifestyle and she thought that all these are abnormal.Later,after we started,she saw it was quite more normal than having one person to mate for your entire life.Then she started seeing homosexuality and bisexuality with another perspective,as we were going deeper.So yeah,a bull staying over is a good thing,but we have to be careful who we let in our houses.
  7. Let me see ur wife pics

  8. Let me see ur wife pics

  9. Let me see ur wife pics

  10. Bareback or Condoms???

    Vasectomy?Are you serious?Mates,we have no idea what is lying in our path.Today our wives might love us like crazy,but tomorrow?Our lifestyle is quite risky not only for diseases,pregnancies etc,but we also risk our relationships.Yes,many of us are bonded.Yes,many of our women have just sex.But what happens if there are feelings in our way?What if she loves someone else?What if we have to start a new family?Will we be childless,because of what?Vasectomy for non medical reasons is like crippling yourself.If your woman likes to getting fucked bareback,tell her that there is a similar procedure for her also,if she likes it so much.
  11. My wife for blacks

    Would fuck her.Find her a bull immediately!