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  1. Pregnancy by bull/lover?

    If you are not into this,be patient.Keep trying.Go to the doctors and see if anything is as it should be.I am against raising someone else's child in general.Try having your own children.If you are not able,then go for the donor.
  2. Pregnancy by bull/lover?

    I always thought of that.If a couple is having a problem with breeding and a sperm donor is needed, he must not be a tube of frozen semen, but a real man,the perfect one for your needs, who fucks the wife until he knocks her up.Now only it would be as it should by nature,but there would be some spice to the dull sex life.
  3. Why do men hit on Married Women

    Married women,in general,have a not so good sex life.The majority of couple sees cuckolding as extremity,so they stick to old ideas and in some point one of them will cheat.So married women are an easier target with responsibility free sex play.I also believe that it is the thrill of stealing the woman of another man.She might not be that beautiful,or young or anything,but you took her from her man.I do not know....