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  1. Bareback or Condoms???

    Vasectomy?Are you serious?Mates,we have no idea what is lying in our path.Today our wives might love us like crazy,but tomorrow?Our lifestyle is quite risky not only for diseases,pregnancies etc,but we also risk our relationships.Yes,many of us are bonded.Yes,many of our women have just sex.But what happens if there are feelings in our way?What if she loves someone else?What if we have to start a new family?Will we be childless,because of what?Vasectomy for non medical reasons is like crippling yourself.If your woman likes to getting fucked bareback,tell her that there is a similar procedure for her also,if she likes it so much.
  2. My wife for blacks

    Would fuck her.Find her a bull immediately!
  3. Does she want to cuck me?

    At first all women are a bιt concerned.It is natural.The first step is to plant the seed.Then you wait.In most cases they will consider about it and they will be positive.After all,why not?They will have the security of a loving husband and they can fuck whoever they want with their husband's blessings.I wish you luck my friend!
  4. Fastest you have cum during sex

    That depends.If we have vanilla sex,the fastest was 8 seconds.When I have sloppy seconds it is almost instant.