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  1. How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    In the past weekend we had an invitation for a swinging session in our city.To be honest,everyone there sucked cocks.It is quite normal, I believe.When you start doing so,you are getting obsessed.I sucked 10 cocks.4 came into my mouth and the others had my wife fucked.I also had sex both ways with a lot of people,mostly men,but with women also, in both top or bottom roles.
  2. Let me see ur wife pics

    Oh thank you.Yes,I do...
  3. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    Bollocks...He is such an asshole...Are there any news?
  4. 👨💻What if you see your wife in this Position?

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  5. My wife's best friend

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  6. Let me see ur wife pics

    Unfortunatelly there is none...He does not know that I know,as he is a bit conservative,yet well hung.She told him to take the pic and send it to another boyfriend in Viber. He knows that she is a married woman who fucks around.