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  1. icelord0807

    Let me see ur wife pics

    One more from a good fuck session.She was with my nephew,18 and virgin and a friend of his.They were there,in our favorite fuck hotel room for 9 hours straight and they were powerfucking her,taking turns.In the end,she used this red dildo you see and violated their butts.Another man in the family fucked in the ass by my wife.
  2. icelord0807

    both cuckold families are into this

    I fuck my sister in law,while my wife bends her husband and shoves her cute little pink dildo in his ass,preparing him for my cock.
  3. icelord0807

    What's too old

    There is no old in this.We met a couple from Sweden in summer.Hubby was 70 and wife was 66.They were both excellent.Wife told me she had a great fuck.I also tested him in my ass.His wife also was a dynamite.Best fingering blowjob I ever had.
  4. icelord0807

    Let me see ur wife pics

    It is good to have your wife satisfied in any matter.Here is a view most of her stallions like.
  5. icelord0807

    Let me see ur wife pics

  6. icelord0807

    Let me see ur wife pics

  7. icelord0807

    Let me see ur wife pics

  8. icelord0807

    Is there a time limit on cheating?

    I am about 1.85m and 106 kgs trained Army Ranger (captain now).I am stronger and more lethal than those.I do not like violence though.But some people deserve it.Like this wanking punk you told us.
  9. icelord0807

    Is there a time limit on cheating?

    He was a punk.I do not care that my wife fucks other people.I like that.But it is far from a punk belittling me.I was also a soccer player (football as we call it in Europe) and a Cental Defender.I would break his leg in training,just because he looked weird at me,so imagine what I would to to this bastard if he was making me a joke in front of my wife and friends.As for your wife,she did not make you a cuckold.She cheated.She told lies and was fucking with someone that did not respect you.This is a no no situation mate.
  10. icelord0807

    Let me see ur wife pics

    Straight from the Fuck Hotel.She was with a friend,John,Who likes to fuck her in the ass while she has a dildo in her pussy.Later she fucks him with her strap on that has the same dildo she had in her cunt...