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Small testicles


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5 hours ago, UK_EX said:

Small cock, small balls - yep - me too.  

6 hours ago, cuckinct said:

I wonder if testicle size has anything to do with being a cuckold. Personally I have smaller than average balls. And I am submissive and a cuckold. So I wonder if lower testosterone production can be a contributing factor. 

Yea, I would agree that I have very small balls. Even when it's hot my balls look like they are cold. Tiny little things, Who knows, may that is why I gravitated to being such a cuckold. You know, come to think of it, ever since I was younger I felt inadequate around all the other boys because I had the smallest little marbles of the bunch. Hell, as I got older, they never grew much, so even in the army I hated showering in the bays areas, because I still had the tiniest balls. Now it doesn't bother me in the least bit, because My wife seems satisfied, especially since she cold always find a real man with real big balls if she wanted to. And often times she did. 

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