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  1. I think she would like that I'm not able to get pleasure for a while.
  2. I am not trustworthy so I guess it needs to be locked up.
  3. I have never done it
  4. Who here thinks my little dick should be kept caged.
  5. All I can say is I am an untamed sissy cuck that needs discipline and training
  6. Yes. It's true. She can't feel me anymore.
  7. Yes. I do. It's small.
  8. Sounds like just what I need too.
  9. Some training and humiliation is something I believe I need too! My 4 inches deserves it.
  10. much bigger than mine
  11. So We all know some women are interested in the size of the guys cock. But what about Ball size? I have smaller than average balls. I even asked my doctor and he said yes they are smaller than an average adult males. So do women care about a guys ball size? Bigger balls = more attractive sexual partner? Guys, have your wives or girlfriends commented on your balls?
  12. I have smaller than average balls too. I cum a small spurt usually. usually I dribble more than shoot cum too.
  13. Yes. Im in CT. must be a state thing? Small guys in CT?
  14. I'm a cuck and surrender to his superior cock.
  15. I bow to your superior cock