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  1. much bigger than mine
  2. So We all know some women are interested in the size of the guys cock. But what about Ball size? I have smaller than average balls. I even asked my doctor and he said yes they are smaller than an average adult males. So do women care about a guys ball size? Bigger balls = more attractive sexual partner? Guys, have your wives or girlfriends commented on your balls?
  3. I have smaller than average balls too. I cum a small spurt usually. usually I dribble more than shoot cum too.
  4. Yes. Im in CT. must be a state thing? Small guys in CT?
  5. I'm a cuck and surrender to his superior cock.
  6. I bow to your superior cock
  7. Anyone feel free to pm me.
  8. I posted a pic of my little dick on a thread called would you consider this small.
  9. My little 4 inches wouldn't fill a pair of briefs.
  10. I'm 4.5 inches hard.
  11. Think my wife should lock it up huh?
  12. Wow you are big. Mine looks like an acorn compared to yours.
  13. So I'm posting this for public opinion. Do you consider this small? Doesn't get much bigger when hard either. I'm a 35 yo cuckold.
  14. is that a pic of one of the other men's cock?
  15. No creampie shots?