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  1. cuckinct

    Embarrassing orgasm problem

    Once I had an erection and was very very horny. Well I shifted in my seat and my cock rubbed up against my shorts and I came. In my pants.
  2. cuckinct

    Embarrassing orgasm problem

    It's possible. I have been so turned on before that just certain thoughts can push me over the edge and I cum.
  3. cuckinct

    Embarrassing orgasm problem

    Yep. That sounds like me.
  4. cuckinct

    Embarrassing orgasm problem

    Yep. That sounds like me.
  5. cuckinct

    sloppy seconds

    I eat cream pie but I don't get sloppy seconds. No intercourse with my wife.
  6. What is the most humiliating thing you ever experienced during your time as a cuckold?
  7. cuckinct

    Fastest you have cum during sex

    6 hours. I could only ever dream of lasting that long.
  8. cuckinct

    Fastest you have cum during sex

    It really is. I have more than one story about that happening.
  9. cuckinct

    Let me see ur wife pics

    The first pic of the boobs is perfect. Yummy for sucking.
  10. cuckinct

    We are new here

    I'm a cuckold from New England.
  11. cuckinct

    Embarrassing orgasm problem

    I have spoken about it briefly. I have erection issues but also my doctor said I was circumcised in such a way that it left the underside of my shaft hypersensitive rather than less sensitive. The slightest touch gets me off sometimes.
  12. cuckinct

    Embarrassing orgasm problem

    Well I posted already about being a quick trigger. But I must confess I deal with something even more humiliating. Sometimes I climax without even getting completely hard. I can still be somewhat flaccid and with enough stimulation I can blow my load. Happen to anyone else?
  13. cuckinct

    List Your Location

    Cuckold in CT
  14. cuckinct

    Fastest you have cum during sex

    how big is the bull boat? is there a special cabin for wife fucking?