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Wife and bull exchange keys anyone?


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When my wife and our best friend were seeing each other, they exchanged front door keys so they could see each other whenever they wanted to.   She liked to surprise him by turning up at his place unannounced and stripping off to welcome him home  

Anyone else have this arrangement?

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Cuckold Tests

Yes, my wife was dating a guy that gave her a spare key to his apartment.  She was the same as your wife and loved going over to his place to surprise him either when he got home or early in the morning.  She would often get up early on the weekend and got over to his place, let herself in, strip her clothes off and get into bed with him.  She'd get home sometime in the afternoon thoroughly satisfied with that just fucked glow she would always have.  The deal was that she could have a key provided she was at his place at least 2x's a week.  It was usually more often then that.

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