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  1. Bareback or Condoms???

    I completely agree, I couldn't raise another mans child. The whole pregnancy idea can be erotic to think about but in reality it's not something I could deal with. Karen has dated some guys that were into the whole breeding thing. They would work hard at getting her pregnant , seeding her daily for a week or more but without results. A while after we had our children and she decided she didn't want to be on the pill all the time we decided it would make sense for her go have her tubes tied. We knew this lifestyle was something we both wanted and she hated condoms so having this done was the best choice. She would tell her lovers that she couldn't get preg but that didn't stop them from trying really hard. Karen LOVED the effort on their part as did I, knowing she was fucking her lovers so often and getting all the sperm pumped into her.
  2. I like the idea of the bull spending the night. For many years when the kids where young and at home we would be very careful. Her bulls wouldn't be allowed to stay if the kids were home so whenever they spent a weekend at their grandparents or several weeks of the summer at camp she would take full advantage. They would basically move in for several days and sleep in the marital bed while I slept in the spare room. I'd usually go to sleep at night listening to them fucking and would wake in the morning the bed slamming against the wall. Karen took advantage of the kids not being around and would spend most of her time at home naked encouraging her lovers to take her whenever they wanted. Even watching a movie in the evening she would sit on his lap with his dick in her. She always wanted to make sure I knew how much she was loving his cock. Since our kids have grown and moved out it's not uncommon at all now for me to get a call at work to say we are having company tonight and that I'd be in the spare room. I love how happy this makes her.
  3. Bareback or Condoms???

    Karen hates condoms so they are rarely used unless the guy insists. She says there is nothing hotter then the feel of a guy spilling his seed inside her.
  4. Fantasize about wife being taken

    My wife is the one with this fantasy. She often tells me about her fantasies when she's masturbating and 90% of the time they are of her being taken by a single or a group. Having them use her body for their pleasure, she quickly submits to their needs and encourages them to continue enjoying her body. She has many variations of this fantasy from camping to a frat party to being used by her employers. I find it extremely erotic hearing about her fantasies and what a nasty mind she really has. Not sure it could or should ever become a reality but she sure does love the fantasies as they are.
  5. What's The best Part Of Being Cuckolded?

    For me it was seeing my wife go from a somewhat conservative housewife to a sexually confident woman that quickly learned how much fun it was to flirt and tease men and seeing how erotic it was to give them what they wanted. She began dressing sexy, not slutty, in tops that showed cleavage and short skirts that showed off her fantastic legs. I loved how sexy she looked when going out on a date and I would be at a constant state of arousal until she got home. The moment she walked in the door I knew the result, she always had that just fucked satisfied look on her face. I couldn't wait to hear the details as I slide my cock into her sloppy pussy.
  6. Pix sent to me by my wifes new bf

    Karen went away for the weekend with her new bf. He sent me a few pics from his phone after they had checked into the hotel room. He commented about how inhibited Karen is and how much she LOVES to fuck.

    Great pics.... what a slut!
  8. Nurse TJ new bf

    First date stories are the hottest....
  9. Visit to the adult store.

    Hi George, I'm not exactly sure where we were. I was staying in Fort Myers and Rich did drive for quite a while before we got to the store. We had a lot of fun.
  10. Visit to the adult store.

    My name is Karen and this is a follow-up to my road trip experience when I recently went on a trip with Rick, a buddy of my husband as we drove down and I stayed at his place for a couple of weeks in Florida. While driving down on the interstate I kept seeing signs along the highway of adult stores or adult superstores, I know what an adult store is and after talking about it Rick said that we should go to one and he’ll buy me some lingerie and a new toy or two. Several days later Rick asked me if I wanted to go and check out an adult store and I was all for it, so after getting showers, shaving my legs and giving my pussy a nice trim we got ready to head out. It was a hot day so I wore just a light summer dress and heels, nothing else. We drove for a while and finally arrived at the store, I was surprised at how large it was, we went in and there were a couple of clerks that I could see. One was a young lady with lots of tattoos on each arm that I could see, the other clerk was a somewhat overweight black man that I would guess is in his 40’s. They were very friendly and asked if we needed any help with anything. We said we were just browsing and interested in some lingerie and perhaps a new toy. The guy pointed towards the back of the store and said they have movie booths if we'd like to have some private time. We spent a lot of time looking around at all of the toys, vibrators, dildos, and BDSM products. They had a large variety of stripper costumes and lingerie so I went to check out the outfits. I loved the variety of bustiers, garter belts, teddies, baby dolls and some of the skimpiest bathing suits I've ever seen. Rick suggested I pick up a couple of items go try them on so I found a bustier, frilly panties and a teddy that I liked and headed to the change room, I can hear Rick outside saying that I needed to come out and model the outfits for him. I tried on the bustier and panties first and open the curtain to step out into the store where Rick was standing, the male clerk also could see me and was checking me out in my new outfit. After modelling the outfit I went back in and changed into the teddy which was made of white lace therefore somewhat see-through, I went out to show Rick and I could tell that he liked it by the smile on his face. I also noticed at the male clerk had moved a little closer towards the change rooms to get a better look. I did a little spin for Rick and he suggested that I picked a couple more outfits so keeping the teddy on I picked out two more items. The next item I tried on was a bathing suit that was so skimpy it left very little to the imagination, I stepped out of the change room and this time the male clerk was standing there talking to Rick. I also noticed that there were other people in store now, another younger couple and two other men, one guy saw me and poked his friend to get his attention and have a look at me standing there wearing next to nothing. I went back in to the change room and picked up the next outfit which was a short tight fishnet style dress that was intended be a bathing suit cover-up. From being almost naked out in the store in front of these guys was causing that's familiar churn in my lower stomach and heat in my pussy, so I removed the bathing suit and slipped on the mesh dress. I looked in the mirror and could see that my tits and pussy were clearly visible, making my nipples hard and almost sticking through the mesh openings. I took a deep breath and walked out into the store where Rick, the clerk and the two other guys were now standing, all smiling and praising my selection. The longer I stood there chatting with them staring at me the horny I got, I so wanted to reach out and twist my nipples because they were begging to be touched. I went back in and slipped on my dress and decided that I'd buy the teddy and the mesh cover up, when I want out I told Rick that I wanted these items and we needed to go home. The clerk spoke up and suggested that we check out the movie booths at the back of the store and he would give us a couple of complementary chits, he said that he would hold my items at the cash as he handed Rick the chits. He told us we should going to booth number three so we went to the back, found booth three and entered this small room with a coin operated TV screen and a single chair, I was actually impressed with how clean it was. Rick set up the TV and picked a movie about a girl getting gang banged while camping as he knows I have group sex fantasies. We watched the movie for a few minutes and Rick began to fondle my breasts and it felt so good so I pulled my dress up over my head and hung it on a hook on the back of the door, leaving me naked with the exception of my high heels. I was so horny from showing myself in public and now watching this beautiful young woman fucking a group of men in the woods had me soaking wet. Rick had his finger in my pussy while I was undoing his pants to release his hard cock and wrapped my lips around the head of it, a moment later Rick got my attention and pointed at the wall where I noticed a hole and the head of a black cock sticking through. Rick whispered to me to give it a rub so I reached over and touched it with my fingers, when I did the guy on the other side pushed his entire shaft through the hole and I began to stroke it. I was almost positive that this was the store clerk but found it so erotic that I didn't really know who was on the other side of that wall, Rick was standing beside me, his fingers working their magic on my pussy. I look back at him and he nodded his head and smiled, I then leaned forward and slid my mouth overtop of this strangers cock, and began to pump it in and out of my mouth. After a couple of minutes I felt him pullback as he withdrew his cock through the hole disappointing me, I could hear him rustling around on the other side, then all of a sudden his cock reappeared covered in a condom. I glanced up at Rick with an inquiring look and he whispered that the guy wants to fuck, I guess I hesitated when Rick nodded that it would be okay if I wanted to. I did, I moved backing up against a hole in the wall bending over and guiding the strangers cock into my very wanting pussy. He began to thrust into me and I reach between my legs giving my clit a rub causing me to orgasm, when I came he was fucking me really hard and moments later I heard a moan from the other side of the wall. He pulled his cock from my vagina and I saw the condom full of his milky sperm. A minute later another cock, this one white came through the hole. This time I squatted down and took the hard cock in my mouth sucking and stroking until he started to cum so I pulled him from my mouth and jerked his load all over my bare tits. I moved over to suck on Rick’s cock when yet another appeared through the hole. This repeated itself three times as I sucked and jerk them until they came on my tits. At this point Rick was about to explode and he lifted me up bending me over the chair and fucked me so hard until he emptied his load deep inside my pussy. After using paper towel to clean up I slipped my dress on and we headed out into the store towards the cash registers. As we passed several men in the store I heard a quiet thank you as we walked by. As Rick paid for the lingerie the clerk completed our order and gave me a bullet vibrator on the house. When I said thank you he responded with "No, thank you" and a big smile. We left the store and I felt so satisfied, erotic, slutty and thrilled. We stopped near his home for a couple of drinks and we chatted about how much fun we had. Once home I pulled out the new vibrator, stripped off my dress and masturbated as Rick watched. Once I orgasmed and opened my eyes to see Rick stroking his very hard cock. I spread my legs wide and motioned for him to come over and fuck me. He took his time and we had the most wonderful sex as we talked and re-lived our trip to the adult store. I came at least two more time before Rick emptied himself yet again inside my pussy.
  11. Naughty Road Trip to Florida

    She's just finishing up the follow up story about the adult store. I've read part of it and it's so hot.
  12. What do people think about a hotwife having a boyfriend?

    My wife has had several long term bf's over the years. She likes the very regular sex of a bf since the emotional attachments are with me, the bf relationship is strictly fucking. On the other side, when she's in between regular bf's so LOVES going to a swingers club or going out with a gf to a club and picking up a guy for a one nighter. She gets so turned on by the excitement of sex with a stranger. Karen has also found regular bf's using this method.
  13. Naughty Road Trip to Florida

    My name is Karen and I've been a swinger and shared wife for many years. I'm married to a wonderful guy named Dave that encourages me to play as much as I like. Recently a buddy of Dave's named Rick asked Dave if he would like to keep him company while he drives down to his place in Florida and they could share the driving. Dave didn't have time to go due to other commitments but suggested that I go and keep Rick company. I thought it was a great idea since I've never driven to Florida before. Rick is aware of our lifestyle and Dave made it clear to him that we should have fun while we are away together. I was very excited about going and spending time with Rick as he and I have never been together. The day came and Rick pick me up at the front door and off we went heading south. We drove for seven or eight hours that first day and decided it was time to get off the road get something to eat and rest. We checked into an interstate hotel and found a small restaurant to grab a bite of dinner. We will back to the hotel and opened up a bottle of wine and got caught up on the days events on the television. I could tell Rick was a little nervous about how things would proceed so I suggested that we call it a night get ready for bed. As Rick was in the bathroom getting himself ready I removed all of my clothes and slid under the covers pulling only the sheet over my naked body. When Rick came back into the room he smiled as he could see the outline of my naked body under the sheets, he removed his clothes and climbed in beside me. We began kissing and he started to fondle my breasts and rub my nipples which made me moan, he then moved down and began licking and sucking them. I reach down and felt his growing cock which impressed me with its size. I move my way down and began to suck his hard cock and fondle his balls with my fingers. I was soaking wet from excitement and climbed on top of him lowering myself on is very hard cock, it felt so good as I impaled myself upon it and began rocking back and forth giving myself a very fast and very strong orgasm. I rolled onto my back bringing Rick with me and spreading my legs wide for him to fuck me hard. He began to pound me, thrusting harder and harder into me until I felt his body tense as he shot his huge load deep into my pussy. The next morning I awoke to the feel of Rick licking and sucking my nipples. I told him, that was like saying “Open Sesame” to my legs and suggested he make use of that morning wood. After giving one another the perfect start to the day with an orgasm we jumped into the shower and get ready for another day on the road. It wasn't long before I got a text message from Dave with the one word question,” Well?”. I knew exactly what he meant in responded by telling him that both Rick And I had a very satisfying night and morning. He sent me back a big :-). The following night when we got off the road and checked into our hotel we pulled our luggage into our room and Rick took me in his arms and kissed me taking my hand placing it on his crotch so I could feel his hard cock. He told me that he's been thinking about this all day. With that I stepped back and took my dress off, with that he realized that I was naked under my dress all day. I lay back on the bed and rubbed my pussy as he room removed his clothes. Pushing my legs wide apart and got down and began to lick me until I came all over his face, I looked down at him and said,”Fuck me, fuck me hard”. He climbed on and did just that and I love the feel of his hard cock in me and it wasn't long before I was cumming again. Rick blew his load and lay on top of me catching his breath. We giggled and laughed like a couple of school kids until we decided we were too hungry, slipped on some clothes and headed to a nearby restaurant. After we get back from dinner we were at it again this time I decided I wanted to suck his cock so that he could enjoy my mouth. I stroked him and sucked him until he filled my mouth and I swallowed every drop. The next day on the interstate I decided to have a little fun and opened up my dress while sitting in the passenger seat and flashed my tits at the truckers as we drove past them. I also laid-back in the seat and rubbed myself to an orgasm while we were speeding down the highway. I told Rick to get off at the next rest area and when he did and zipped his pants and sucked his rock hard cock until he came in my mouth. So for the next two weeks Rick and I continued to lick, suck and fuck like we were teenagers. We had a wild erotic time together especially the trip we made to the adult superstore but that's another story altogether. I know that Rick and I will be fuck buddies in the future and can't wait for our next road trip.