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  1. A younger Karen in one of her Cum Fuck Me dresses. Always got fucked when she wore it.
  2. She'd look great with a hot load running down between those beautiful breasts.
  3. I'm curious, do many wives out there have phone or cam sex? For years I wanted Karen to have phone sex or cam sex with me. She always told me it didn’t excite her. So I was a little surprised when I got home from work yesterday. I walked into the house and all was quiet. At first I thought perhaps she was out for a walk, but I then heard a faint voice and realized she was in the bedroom on the phone. Expecting her to be chatting with one of her girlfriends I was more than surprised when I got to the bedroom door to see her laying on the bed naked while on the phone. She hadn’t noticed me so I kept quiet and out of sight. She was running her free hand up and down her body, stopping to rub her breasts and squeeze her nipples, then moved it down between her open legs giving her clit a circular massage. She was being rather giddy as she talked when I heard her tell him how much she missed the feel of his hardness inside her. My cock was twitching knowing she was talking to one of her lovers. After listening to some back and forth erotic conversation she stopped talking and was concentrating on her pussy. I assume the guy on the other end was busy telling her what he wanted to do with her. Moments later, in a loud voice she told him she was cumming and she let out a long loud moan as her body tensed in orgasm. Once she calmed down she began to laugh and told her lover how great that was and couldn’t wait for the real thing. As the conversation was winding down I tiptoed away so she wouldn’t know I had been watching. I was pouring a drink in the kitchen when she walked in all smiles and in a great mood. Gave me a kiss and told me that Gord was going to be in the city next week on business so she’d be staying downtown at his hotel with him for a couple nights or more depending on how long he’d be in town. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how erotic it is that my wife is so open to just tell me that she’ll be spending a couple of nights at a hotel fucking an old high school friend. The thought if her taking his cock and sperm over and over is the best thing about being her cuck.
  4. We were in the lifestyle for a while before Karen tried BBC.... lol... then tried to make up for lost time.
  5. After my wife has been out on a date or with a regular and then comes home, once I stick my cock into her used and sloppy pussy I cum almost instantly. Knowing that Karen has been thoroughly satisfied and her lover has pumped a load or loads of sperm into my own wife's vagina just puts me over the top. Feeling his sperm inside her makes me explode in seconds.
  6. Oh I know she really enjoyed it... she still mentions it from time to time. I have a feeling your husband would love the same gift and I look forward to the same gift anytime she wants to give it.
  7. Yes, my wife was dating a guy that gave her a spare key to his apartment. She was the same as your wife and loved going over to his place to surprise him either when he got home or early in the morning. She would often get up early on the weekend and got over to his place, let herself in, strip her clothes off and get into bed with him. She'd get home sometime in the afternoon thoroughly satisfied with that just fucked glow she would always have. The deal was that she could have a key provided she was at his place at least 2x's a week. It was usually more often then that.
  8. Damn...... I could suck on those nipples for hours!
  9. Yes, we had been in the lifestyle for years but she went to the reunion without any expectations of hooking up with anyone. So when she and Ken got together it was a bit of a pleasant surprise. As you can tell she had a really good time and has continued having sex with Ken whenever they can arrange to meet. I've encouraged Karen to meet Ken for sex every time they can as we both find it very erotic that 30+ years later they are fucking like teenagers.
  10. She told me as soon as she got home. I suspected something was up when she called to tell me that she was spending the extra night at Lori's place.
  11. Oh yes... since the reunion over a year ago, Ken comes to town on business about once a month or so. Every time he's in town Karen makes arrangements to go and spend the night(s) with him at his hotel. She will change her plans to accommodate Ken's arrival and is always so happy when she hears that he's making a trip here. I'm not sure how much business Ken gets done but from what I'm told there is a lot of fucking.