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Not sure if this is the right site? Is this cuckolding?


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Hello to all who read this,


I have some question concerning the way my life goes. I am mostly looking for information and not looking for dates or share pictures or so. Still this is going on:


My girlfriend and I have been together for more hen 10 years. Last monday she was with a friend of ours, and they ended up making out. I had given permission because I knew it was bound to happen. Afterwards she came home to me, very horny, and we had great sex, fantazing about her going further with him. The next day we fucked again, and I am very horny and hard by the memery , while typing this down. While she was with him I googled Cuckolding and read some stories, but I don't feel I fit the "profile" of a cuckold, nor do I feel my relationship does.

But I wanna continue on the path we are now. I feel that such paths cannot be taken lightly and you must be able te reflect on the things you do, and look on some info on the net. So my question is, "are we cuckolding, or something else? If we are not, what is it called and where can I find the right information.


Here are somethings that made me wonder:


1. Most cuckold husbands are submissive. I am not submissive to my partner and have no intention of being so to her lover. In fact the minute one of them demands this of me, is the minute he can pack his bags and leave, and probably followed by her.


2. I do not feel threatened in my masculinty. In fact I feel more of a man because I have such a hot girl, that other men still wanna fuck her.


3. I love my gf slutty and fucking around, but I don't want her to give up sex with me.


4. Her lover is not some very macho (black) bull, but a genuine nice guy, in fact submissive to her (the whole thing started because she is a mild dominatrix and I really don't want to follow her in that aspect, yet I don't mind if she finds it somehwere else)


5. So far she is the one with a lover, but she is not opposed to me having one too (male or female since I am bi). In fact she would also enjoy this.


So sorry if this is  a lame story, or a story not suited for the site but can anybody give me advice on what we are, and how to look for more infrmation?

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You have an open realationship but if your desire is to see her have sex with another man while you reject or do not seek others thats moving toward being a cuckold. If you find yourself aroused and it turns you on then you are cuckold you are not married so be careful if your gf and her lover decide you are unwanted she can leave and you will have nothing.

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