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  1. arrowheadwaterj, plenty of people quickly giving you advice on how to handle this, maybe it's only me who can see a pretty basic problem here, so I have just one question for you, maybe I have missed something in your openong post, my question is has your wife actually said she is up for this, saying she wants other men in your marriage, as I have not seen anywhere where you say that she is, more-so it is all your idea/wants up to now, I see no point in giving you any advice until you clarify/clear this point up, for if your wife is not as yet on board, then it's a non starter, and you can wish and hope all you want until she is!
  2. For Me and I think most other men there's only one time when you are too old to have sex, and that's when you are dead and in the ground and are pushing up daisy's instead of pussy's, as for the lady's I would hope it something similar, although my wife has just about given up on having sex at 65 yrs old, so lady's is this a common thing to happen to you unlike us men who never give up on wanting sex, I for one would like to hear the lady's comments.
  3. If I ever got one of these text messages, and after asking my wife did she agree to and also was a willing party to the sending of this text message to me with their/his comments as to how the sexual side of our marriage is going to be from now on, then I would happily reply. Well I'm not so afraid to say to you, as you are to me from your text, that she's all yours to fuck as much as you want, because I'm done both with her and our marriage, for her allowing you and wanting you to send your/this text, I have already told her of my decision, and that she fucked up big style with her decision, so you don't need to explain it to her, as for you! I don't give a fuck about if you want this or not, she's all yours as far as I'm concerned, would you like her sent gift wrapped or in a plain parcel! I think you can see from this I’m never going to be a big fan of the humiliation cuckold side/type of lifestyle, the marriage, and being respectful to each other, does and always come’s first for me and also my wife by the way, otherwise we don’t believe there is a marriage that is worth having.
  4. Stonemtlcouple, you are lucky to have such a strong marriage and loving hotwife, and I hope it continues for you, many couples find out that their marriage was not as strong as they thought it was and that's a fact, so I have to say you must have not read up on the subject very much, and as for you not ever hearing of this happening to couples (it ending in divorce) for it does happen and more often than most couples in this lifestyle wish to hear about, so I find your comment hardly believable, in most of these cases there was always love between the couple before with them enjoying the lifestyle, but sometimes this love gradually dwindles by her from her husband to in favour of her bull/boyfriend because they have spent so much time together alone, and so the hubby takes second place, this "IS" very "REAL" and "DOES" happen, often with the breakdown of their marriage, sad but true unfortunately. Regards Caligula1949
  5. Surprised, there is not one post, where they became too close from these situations and the couples marriage broke down and ended in divorce or the husband realised what was happening and had to step in and veto the affair, forbidding them to meet again to save his marriage. This happens in true life situations, and we know it does, just saying! Regards Caligula1949
  6. Azskin88, I have to admit I also suspected so right from the beginning so only posted once before to try and draw this person out more, the posts after that convinced me it was just this persons hopes/wishes to possibly have this kind of lifestyle, I doubt if this person has ever broached the subject with their spouse, that's if there is a spouse in the first place, there is one photo claiming it to be his wife from a year ago, but it may be the poster them self making it to be a woman poster. not unheard of, this story does not give/leave this site with having any genuine truthfulness value at all, especially for the genuine posters, and unless the admin does not curtail these people by moving them to a fictional section, it will not grow, don’t get me wrong these story’s do have some value and are fun to read, but only as “Erotic Fiction”, not true life happenings. Regards Caligula1949
  7. Well what happened, it's now Monday and no post, did she go to the karaoke bar, what time did she get home, I'm another who is waiting to hear from you to give us an update.
  8. Keithxxx thinks, it will all work out in the end > I think, Yes it will, and probably IMO it will be in a Divorce unless you both talk honestly ASAP, my advice is to stop this lifestyle for the moment, get your cage off so you are a free man again (this is important). Once uncaged you both need to have a long and sober talk , and not in the confines of your home, especially the marital bed, this is to safeguard against you both possibly getting intimate and maybe having sex, this is not the time for that, I recommend you have the talk over a dinner date at your favourite restaurant (not to much alcohol a glass of wine with the meal is fine) this will allow tempers and anger issues to be kept under control, so you can talk in a calm and positive manner to each other, you need to set this up with your wife beforehand telling her why and what you want and expect you both to discus at the dinner date, this will give you both time to think and sort out your feelings and what you wish to say. The main thing is, you both have to be totally honest with each other, as for now it is not working, because of your differences in what you each want out of it, IMHO you are both taking it to far, to much to the extreme, which IS! Damaging your marriage, and which NEEDS! repairing urgently, even if it means giving up the lifestyle for real altogether. As for game playing it can work very well if you both think this will work for you, many couples do it this way as it's safer for the marriage, so it has to be worth a try, try to make it over a shorter period, for a few days or up to a week to start with, things like you being caged again, she teasing and denying you any form of sex whilst you have to satisfy her as often as she wants (many times with luck), and when this time ends, you then need to have intimate and loving sex with each other, it is a must, again IMHO this is the best course for you both, you must always put your marriage first every time. I truly hope you can work things out between you, so I finish in saying good luck to you both.
  9. I'm with KennyG, fuck that totally humiliated sissy cuckold thing, not for me ever!
  10. Yes quite a good story, and that's all it was, i.e. well written spank material only, it was no way a true occurrence here's why, as soon as you mentioned that your wife had no recollection of that night because she was over three sheets to the wind, then that blew it for me (excuse the pun), for I, my wife, our close friends, work colleagues, people who are new to us ect,ect, ect, we have all at one time or another have been extremely drunk, and in all our conversations not one of those times can any of us not remember what we did, anyone who says this happened to them is talking BS, you may not remember snippets of things you did, but anything like giving a blow job, having sex or such like, no way would you not remember, it just does not happen. But that's not to take away that it was a good story, for if you had not included that little detail it would have been a great story, one that would be believable.
  11. jetset17, are you both already into the lifestyle? seems to me you are not, otherwise I think your wife would just come straight out and tell you she wants to fuck him, you need to talk to her first before talking to your friend, It also seems to me from what your wife has been saying, she is putting the feelers out to you to see your reactions, in a way looking/seeking your approval for her to fuck him but I could be wrong, so you need to find out if this where she is comming from. The next time she mentions something about him regarding sex, which will give you an opening to broach the subject I suggest you reply with something like, jeez (her name) I get the impression you are asking me if you can give him a mercy fuck, would I object and be angry with her or would I be up for it, say If my thinking is wrong then lets just drop the subject, but if I'm right then I'm not saying yes or no to it, more of I'm saying we need to talk about this a lot more so we both understand as to how this will/could affect our marriage, that's what's important here and therefor my concerns, I hope it is both of our concerns. Then take it from there whichever way it goes, good luck!
  12. Well let me first off say I'm a man and before I retired from driving a PSV (bus) I kept myself shaved down there for many years as it was most uncomfortable (sweaty smelly ect.) sitting in a hot drivers cab all day, after retiring I decided to grow My hair back the wife was not keen and asked Me to shave again, I said jokingly I will if you will, she replied do you mean to tell Me that after all these years that you don't like My bush you never said anything before, so after I had a little thought time. I replied no it's not that, I have been thinking how much fun it might be to shave each other and left it at that, anyway about a week later after We had both been showered she said she had been thinking about what I said and the thought intrigued her and she said I want to do/try it. Well let Me tell you, We both enjoyed shaving each other immensely we both said how much more intimacy We experienced between each other more than either of us had expected and the applying of the soothing/cooling cream was Wow! out of this world, We both were very aroused and had the most intense sex session We have had in a long time, of course after this We had to shower again this time together and re apply the cream and My manhood was again standing to attention and I did not disappoint, My wife was very enthusiastic too, it's difficult to put into words how We both felt but agreed We should have done this years ago and have a lot of catching up to do, yippee! no complaints here. Funnily enough the subject of shave or not to shave has come up recently on another forum we are members of and the subject of landing strips came up, one of the members sent a photo of his wife's strip he had shaped into an S for Slut, this sent my wife's thoughts/idea's into overdrive and she wants me to do something similar to her but not tell her what it will be, sort of a surprise she said (she will have to grow the strip first though). So I have some time to wait till the strip is in full bloom and am looking for inspiration and any of your ideas/thoughts would be most welcome, I thought maybe a heart. Regards Caligula1949
  13. Sultancucky so whats the difference between this version of cuckolding or the hotwife life style or are they the same thing only worded differently like to hear your and others views on this.
  14. Would say its more akin to a hotwife lifestyle rather than cuckolding good luck and enjoy yourselves and always communicte with each other on feelings you have good or bad.