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Hello everyone!!


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Hey everyone!! I’m Amy, I am 28 years old and my hubby is 43. We are newer to the scene but have had a few experiences and really enjoyed them so far. We joined to see if anyone had advice they would want to share. I look forward to talking to everyone.


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My Experience is being a sub cuck slave to a white Lady for many years. Who told me what to do and made me do what she told me to. which I loved. She would have me crawl into the bathroom while she sat on the toilet and make me put my head in between her thighs and the toilet seat and Let me have the pleasure of licking her pee pee. Other times she would make me jack off for her, while she pissed on my black cock. I was her cum eating Black Sub pet boy. and yes make me lap up my cum. Or suck me off and share the cum with me. She always knew that I was weak to White wemen.  I loved having her as My white sexual  Boss Lady and take orders from her. She knew she owned my black ass, sometime calling me her Bitch, while she fingerfucked my black ass. & sucked me at the same time. She would say things like you know you love fucking little white Girls don't you?  I would say Yes Ma'am I do I need your white pussy. Loved Kiss her ass while she lay on her couch. My tongue deep in her ass crack slobbering all over it. I always ate my cum off her and if she fucked someone else I still eat her pussy and kiss her when she sucked dick. Never any cages or anything like that.

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