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Cuckold feeling


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Hello today our bull sent me picture you can’t imagine my feeling my heart was beat too much my legs were too soft unreal feeling a lot of jealous but my stick in my pants was too exciting 

tomorrow I am going to show his picture to my hotwife and we will see is she approve him or not

i am feeling jealous that’s fact but cuckold it’s too interested for me 🙂

I think first time will be tough for me 

any suggestions what could help me to not torture myself? How to deal with my jealous? 
is anybody had similar ? 
can’t wait to lost my virgin and be real cuckie:-)

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I think you just have to realize that she is coming home to you after it’s all done . The bull is just a plaything for her . I see it as an alive vibrator . You are just giving her extra pleasure and that’s an awesome thing . No reason to be jealous at all . Enjoy it . You have an awesome woman that is open enough to do this . Good for you ! 

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Thank You for support me it will be our first time actually and I am starting little nervous actually more than little.

it’s a normal? 
The plan is we going to hotel then she will be prepare for and we going down to bar when bull will be waiting and I introduce her and I back to room wait.When they chat and might get one drink they will back to hotel room together and I will be only watching them 

I was waiting over 10 years for it

But feel little stress don’t know why

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