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  1. Friend fuck her all night in his house and she back to home next morning
  2. There is actually one thing I would add now always is risk what if they love each other of course bull said me he is not interested but my wife before she was with relationship and I was like bull who fly on holiday and we fucking each other then we fall in love and she finish relationship with him and she came to me to Ireland so like you see always is risky lol but more exciting it’s fact that this bull looking for relationship with woman just for fuck so she will be keep back to him.I dream about it over 10y and suddenly I feel little fear that she be addicted from him you know better sex e
  3. It’s a beautiful true and honest story Thank You for sharing with us it’s always risky but for me it’s worth to take the risk even if she could leave me forever.Yes it’s a choice but it’s worst scenario and whatever gonna happens I can pay high price.So far she is exciting than bull which she didn’t meet him it’s over 5 y older and happy that he know how to treat women and know how to make them pleasures.
  4. Long time ago when our marriage was almost over my wife looking for any excuse to leave her from me and she went to coffee with her friend in Dublin…3 hours later I got message Honey I won’t be back to home I stay with him for night… can you imagine my feeling I cursed her wanted call her by slut whore etc but I was very excited I remember this I was working I couldn’t sleep I said how much love her and I realise how I like this cuckold feeling and maybe even her one night out save us. Don’t know maybe yes maybe not but since this moment I knew what exactly exciting me more than sex with her
  5. I really can’t wait for this moment when date will come and actually I hope she spend with him all night I know it will be tough for me the first time but even when my jealous will be very high I want to enjoy it.Bull said better for them and me will be full comfort so I have to stay alone in my room and they be together in their room
  6. Thank You I will do that then but it will something if they like each other and they keep long relationship and must to say I am worry just a little will I make it she is very teasing now I don’t recognise my lady
  7. Diner first then they both going to bull room and I be alone in my room she stay with him for all night
  8. Well I was around 10 y to convince my wife and now she is ready her date will be on June I can’t wait but yeah I worry little bit it’s different to stay on fantasy but doing in real it’s big step
  9. I said to her you really want do this that way? She told me to my ear: it’s nothing more exciting than go to bed with another man, I did once long time ago but this time I will really enjoy it. Didn’t expect that my wife is really slut
  10. Is anyone has situation like this?my wife wants go together to the hotel , she be prepare for date then give me long kiss and go down for diner with bull after diner she go with him to his room then she said she might text me Darling sweet dreams I won’t back to you I stay with him, see you next morning.She told me today she show me feeling how it like to have a wife real slut.Is anybody has experience like that? How can I survive this night? I won’t be sleeping I love it this idea but I think I couldn’t sleep
  11. Thank You we need go to shopping:-)
  12. Hi folks, today was very exciting day…he text me to set together exactly day I mean actually early evening for the famous date and what time I will deliver my wife to hotel.Her wish is that she don’t want to phone with him or text with him only me ( until date), after they swap each other phones and they won’t need me.When I bring my wife I will back to home ( this part can’t imagine lol now) and I will collect her next morning.Today he asked me what do I do if other meeting he bring his friend I didn’t say no even I said she always was Curious about 2m1f plus kissing with other woman.Bull sai
  13. I am still can’t imagine this all feeling when it going happens soon fact that my wife will be lied in bed like that and the bull will take picture for me as a proof
  14. Beautiful body I wish kiss all 😘
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