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  1. Now we know that every guy starts out with their cuckold fantasy first before broaching the subject to their wife . The fantasy is just amazing and becomes all consuming . You think about it when you are having sex with your wife and you think about it when masturbating and it’s what you watch when you are looking at porn . But, has anyone finally gotten their wife to agree to cuckold you and you notice that the reality is way different than your fantasy ? Do you regret putting your plan to action ? What about your wife ? Does she have any lasting regrets ? What if you did it and did
  2. I wish I could be there in that hotel lobby with you for moral support !
  3. I think you just have to realize that she is coming home to you after it’s all done . The bull is just a plaything for her . I see it as an alive vibrator . You are just giving her extra pleasure and that’s an awesome thing . No reason to be jealous at all . Enjoy it . You have an awesome woman that is open enough to do this . Good for you !
  4. My wife wasn’t home when I got up this morning . I was wondering where she was . She just got home and told me she went for a walk along the beach . She also told me that a guy waved at her from his boat and that she waved back and shouted “can I go for a ride” . He said sure and she went on the boat and cruised around with this guy . That’s all she said . I am wondering if the guy fucked her or did she give him a blowjob or was it just platonic ? Maybe she has met this guy before . All I know is my cock hasn’t been this hard in a long time .
  5. With CL gone how do you guys find dudes to have sex with your wives ? It seems very hard to try and meet guys these days .
  6. Ok but how do we bring up the fantasy to our wives ? More hints and help please .
  7. If you send me her info I will send her a FB friend request and flirt with her and see where it goes .
  8. I would love to try and I would keep it totally discrete . Can I send her a FB friend request ? Message me .
  9. Are there any people from the area around here on CF ? I was hoping to make some friends with similar interests . Hit me up if you are from around here and want to hang out and talk about this lifestyle over a couple beers . 49 year old married guy here .
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