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  1. Panasonic

    how to stop pop ups sites

    Yes, used to love the video links, but won’t go there anymore. They are infected.
  2. Panasonic

    Cheating Gf

    It looks like someone pumped a load in her and he pulled his cock out and she just pulled her panties up without her even trying to wipe the cum away. Either that or she masturbated before she went out and let the pussy juices from her masturbated pussy drip into her panties, again without wiping it away. As far as getting her to tell, while you are fucking her you need to convince her how much it turns you on thinking about her taking someone else's cock. If you talk about how you like it often enough, she might eventually let her guard down and talk about it.
  3. Panasonic

    Wife Pics

  4. Panasonic

    My Sexy Hotwife Pics

    What did she do on her night out?
  5. Panasonic

    Wife Pics

    Couple more pics
  6. Panasonic

    Wife Pics

    Nice &&&&&
  7. Panasonic

    Wife Pics

    She uses this to masturbate
  8. Panasonic

    Wife Pics

    Could some please cum on her pussy pic and post it? I bet she would really like that and I would too, thanks.
  9. Panasonic

    Wife Pics

    Hey guys, tell me what you would do to her. Thanks.