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  1. Showing hotwives

    wow very nice wives used
  2. Starting a new kik group for chucks to meet bulls

    what is the kik group name. I want to join as a cuck
  3. Asian Whores

    I know you own some my wife also sir.
  4. Asian Whores

    My dom wanted me post this
  5. Asian Whores

    Asian wife owned by a DOM
  6. I want see pix of your wife 


  7. Showing hotwives

    She is so hot
  8. My wife what you think

    What would you enjoy doing to my wife and my DOM wants me to receive as many tributes as possible on her lovely slut body.
  9. Dice and dare

    These are the rules I played on.. Blackmail Dice Game The game can easily be played by going to and setting up a room (by typing in a nickname for yourself which you use on SW and a name for a new room in the center block, This way any Dom who visits this thread will know what room you will be in and if he wishes can leave you a message in their so all cucks will have their own roomIf you wish to complete this dice dare, post below saying ‘I consent to the cuckold dice dare’ and a Dom can private message you to get started, either on here or in your own Rolz room. It is your responsibility to check bothRoll number 1: Easy info1) The country you live in2) Your wife’s first name3) The town/city you live in4) Your first name5) Your ages6) All of the aboveRoll number 2: Easy Pictures1) Wife: Fully clothed picture, no face2) Wife: Face picture3) Wife: Full body shot, no face, just wearing underwear4) Wife: Full body picture, topless, no face5) Both: Close up shot of both your faces6) All of the aboveRoll number 3: Easy info (B)1) The first name of the last person you had sex with2) Your wife’s date of birth3) Your house number4) The first three letters of your surname5) One sexual fantasy in at least 20 words6) All of the aboveRoll number 4: Easy experiences1) The ages you were when you each lost your virginity2) The first name of your wife’s first lover3) The full name of your first lover4) The number of sexual partners you have each had (best guess!)5) The name of the first man she blew, and her age6) All of the aboveRoll number 5: Moderate info1) All your wife’s given names (ie first and any middle names)2) Your surname3) Your street name4) Your wife’s maiden name5) The first name of your wife’s best friend6) All of the aboveRoll number 6: Moderate pictures1) Wife: Full body nude photo, no face2) Wife: On her wedding day, with face3) Wife: On all fours front or back4) Wife: Dressed for the beach, full face5) You: Close up of your cock, erect6) All of the aboveRoll number 7: Moderate experiences1) Does she take anal2) Does she swallow3) Has she ever fucked a guy she just met (say within 3 hours of meeting)4) Have you ever watched her having sex with another guy and does that turn you on?5) Have you ever given another guy a blow job6) All of the aboveRoll number 8: Hard info1) Your wife’s full name2) The full name of your wife’s best friend3) The name of the school your wife attended aged 164) Your full name5) The town/city your wife was born in6) All of the aboveRoll number 9: Hard pictures1) Wife: A full face nude2) Wife: Boobs displayed photo, full face3) Wife: Full nude body shot from behind4) Wife: A photo laying down, no face, fingering herself with one hand5) You: A close up of your hard cock6) All of the aboveRoll number 10: Hard experiences1) Have you ever visited a Dominatrix2) Has she been with another woman3) Has she ever gone black4) How many times have you been unfaithful to her5) Have you sucked cock after he has fucked your wife6) All of the aboveRoll number 11: Extreme1) 10 photos of your wife which you have not shown so far (or her fff address)2) Five full face nude photos of your wife, in whatever poses the Dom chooses (or your email address)3) Wife: A full body shot with face, legs apart, hands behind head (or her email address)4) A full photo of your wife’s ID (passport ideally) with nothing censored (or her mobile phone number, or her email adress)5) A nude full face photo with your full name written on your chest in big black letters (or her email address)6) All of the aboveRoll number 12: Length of Blackmail timeThis roll will determine the length of time the dominant will blackmail you for. If you complete all of the tasks given during this time, then the dominant must delete all pictures and info he has of you.1) 30 minutes2) 1 hour3) 3 hours4) 24 hours5) 1 week6) Bad luck, as long as the dominant wantsIf anyone wants to play I am happy to play along with a cuck/sub or Dom as long as another cuck/sub will be present- just message me.[The game can easily be played by going to and setting up a room (by typing in a nickname for yourself and a name for a new room in the center block, Then simply give the link and room-name to the Dom. It is important to add when you say that you consent to play your own dice room link, so Doms can contact you. To shake the dice, the Dom simply types: #d6 and press enter. To swap pictures, the easiest way is to set up a new private chatstep room, with password protection if the Dom requires, on or use another site for uploading and sharing photosOnce played and completed first set of rolls and you wish to continue let the Dom know that you consent to play the second set of rolls How far will you go, are you brave enough to try the second round. Only to be completed with the same Dom who has played the first round with you. Be brave be daring Roll the Dice1st roll1) The country and county/state you live2) Her full name3) Picture of her body with clothing (no face required)4) Picture of her body without clothing (no face required)5 Has your wife experienced anytime with a Dom at home or somewhere else6) Has your wife experienced anytime with a Dominatrix at home or somewhere else2nd roll1) The town you live in2) Where did you 2 meet and what happened on the first date3) How often do you have sex with your wife and when was the last4) Photo of her with legs spread wide (no face required)5) Photo of her semi naked showing her tits (face showing)6) How hard are you right now and why explain in 20 words3rd roll1) Her date of birth2) Her age3) Her favorite colour of bra4) Size of wife’s tits5) Her dress size6) All of the above4th roll1) Photo of wife’s nipples2) Photo of wife’s cunt that has not already been shown3) Photo of wife naked that has not been shown earlier4) Photo of wife sucking cock if you have any5) Photo of wife being fucked if you have any6) All of the above5th roll1) Do you get pleasure in exposing your wife to others2) Go back and do roll 2 no 43) Are you hard now talking about and showing your wife to the Dom4) Last time you masturbated5) How often do you masturbate and explain why6) Do you watch your wife with others when she is having sex and do you masturbate6th roll1) Three more photos 1 of which must show her face2) Give you a username which must include her first name. The Dom will use this to post her photos on a website that you are currently not on. The Dom will set it up so he can post photos of your wife3) Dom has the right to share that link with whoever he chooses. He will only allow you to view and comment, with his wording for you to add on her photos4) Dom can post all photos he has on another site and must show the link as proof also to send to his wife if he has already gained her email address5) Must send 5 photos from what has already been sent to him to another user or users of his choice on Slutwives6) All of the above**If a 3 is rolled then 1 & 2 also apply7th roll1) You have to send 3 photos to a Slutwives user of the Dom's choice2) Tell that person why you are sending him the photos and give him the link into the Dice room that you use3) When sending photos to him must include her full name and email address4)That person can if he wishes post her pics where he chooses and send you the link5)The Dom to post her photos onto and up to 5 websites of his choice6) All of the above**If a 3 is rolled then 1 & 2 also apply8th roll1) The last time your wife had sex with you2) The last time your wife had sex with someone else3) Does she prefer black or white cocks4) Her favourite Sex toy5) The part of her body she is most proud of6) All of the above9th roll1) Join a group chat with him and others say onto Chatstep or similar talking about your wife and showing her off to them at a given time which is convenient to all. No time limit2) The Dom to post onto Slutwives chat room up to 5 photos saying who they are off3) The Dom has no limits with you or your wife in exposure4) Has to be under Dom control for 15 minutes posting photos of her wherever he chooses5) Dom to post photos of his choice that he has already obtained in the gallery on Slutwives using her name6) What photo of your wife turns you on so the Dom can let her know if he chooses whenever he wishes if he has her email address10th roll1) A clothed photo of your partner, must include face2) A photo of your partner having sex3) A photo of your partner masturbating4) A Photo of your wife showing her cunt5) Your wife's email address6) All of the above11th roll1) Can end now but can still stay in touch if he wishes to do so, keep checking your pm's or your Dice room for when he wishes you to play again, with him or another2) Even though you are finished he can keep everything he has on you3) Bad Luck, play the game again with him another time but with another Dom rolling the dice he will only observe and comment4) Bad luck and play the game again with someone of his choosing another time via a pm or msg left in your Dice room5) Join a group chat session and discuss your wife’s sexual habits and show them some photos of her being a slut and they can do whatever they want with them6) He can continue to blackmail you after the game is over This is only a game which both fully participate. No monetary purposes, only entertainment values within the sexual field of perversion
  10. Dice and dare

    I have played this and would like to play again. I have played on the other site but not sure about this
  11. Cukckie's-Wives And Girlfriends On Display

    OMG Licker81000 you posted more of my wife! Why Sir
  12. Chatting On Kik

    my kik is same as here. i like dom to own my wife online and blackmail me to do what they want. I had a dom make me post her on site for 1 day. If i did not he would post and leave forever. also a dom made me lock up in cock cage and show him proof i was locked in cage on kik. Also made me cam my uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu wife on kik
  13. Hot wives ~~cuckoldfart chat

    nice, a dom already posted my wife here. now she is used by all.
  14. Hot wives ~~cuckoldfart chat

    wow that is a very large collection. What do you do with your web sluts?
  15. Hot wives ~~cuckoldfart chat

    Anymore post to show. I guess the chat room is dead now