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    Being the subject of severe humiliation; head games and being generally submissive to other people who admire and want my pretty Asian wife.

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  1. Asian Whores

    I have to play dice game or show any dom that demands to see my wife if you type in this share photo link
  2. Seduce by email

    I like this idea also. I have tried twice by fff once and LinkedIn and she did not pass the test. I not sure if email would be better but I would be open to talk about it more. If you have kik message me. my name is same as here
  3. Dice and dare

    Its tough to find cuck and bull on at same time here. lol
  4. Somebody TEAMVIEWER?

    ex pos e at?
  5. Somebody TEAMVIEWER?

    961 641 060 p5im71 Where does most dom @@@@@@ at? which site is your fav?
  6. Somebody TEAMVIEWER?

    961 641 060 86th6i Thats my team view ID and Pass
  7. Dice and dare

    I have chatstep to play in chatstep password is: 123
  8. Leave Team View, Anydesk While You Go To Work

    that still makes me hard thinking about doing this. Team View ID: 961 641 060 Pass: 86th6i new as of 10/23/17 2:14pm
  9. IMG_0771.JPG

    so hot!
  10. IMG_2950.JPG

    so sexy!
  11. Dice and dare

    This is also a great way for a bull to share the cucks wife. He can post the link and see how many goes to see the wife. Check out this photo share. https://
  12. Dice and dare

    New Rules:
  13. Dice and dare

    If the cuck looses they need to say lost to game by bulls name. Also the bull should post some of the cucks wife here. Show the victory.
  14. Showing hotwives

    wow very nice wives used
  15. Starting a new kik group for chucks to meet bulls

    what is the kik group name. I want to join as a cuck