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    Being the subject of severe humiliation; head games and being generally submissive to other people who admire and want my pretty Asian wife.

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  1. My dom herbertwarlow on xhamst er wants me post this link to my wife. https://
  2. I don't know sir. I am at your mercy and i deserve whatever you feel is needed.
  3. own my Filipina wife i posted and no one came in. I WIN
  4. OH Shit! that is you! omg please sir i will do what u demand. I sent you a PM
  5. I am playing for 15 min. Good I won again!
  6. wow sir, I was not expecting that you were going to post her here.
  7. I might except your challenge in about 1 hour.
  8. A game to play! I call it "Test of Time" so you create a share link like imig or vovovo. You post here stating you have your wife on display for (example 10 min.) You post link here with your wife on full display or chance of a dom that is smart enough to search for her. They might even make a new share link and repost your you wife so you are unable to take the photos down! I will play for 15 min. HAHA I WON!
  9. I am wiling to risk the chance a exposing dom will search and own my wife. I will keep this link up for 30 min. YES made it and knowone took advantage.
  10. Well I had to delete the link, A couple of doms were exposing her fully with all her info. I think my dom has left me along because he has not responded to my kik in over 2 weeks.
  11. I noticed the admin on Asian Hub added her link to the page. I am so screwed now. 😔😨