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  1. Is there a meaning for which ankle it is worn? I think I read somewhere that it does, could be BS though...
  2. Understand that. I was thinking this would be a way to practice or ease into a like situation.
  3. I’ve done a bit of research, not much to be found on how successful it is, will give it a go though.
  4. In a sort of continuation of my previous post ‘Do I want to be a Cuckold’. I’ve been thinking of ways to get the ball rolling for the both of us, I might have an idea but want to find out if anyone had done it (I’m sure there’s lots) and if it is as good as I imagine. Because I lose my libido as soon as I orgasm, I was wondering if it is feasible to masturbate, cum into some sort of receptacle and freeze it. Save up a few loads, defrost and warm to body temperature and insert into my wife’s pussy. That way we could both enjoy sloppy seconds and me eating her cum filled pussy. I imagine this would serve as a practice run for us both, as well as perhaps spurring is both on. I’d appreciate any advice on this, is the taste or consistency affected? I guess I should drink lots of pineapple juice for the flavour, is there anything that can be done to increase the volume or amount of cum produced? Any advice more than welcome. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thank you for the post. Wise words. The last part about being tied up etc at the moment doesn’t appeal, but like you said, who knows where paths lead to.
  6. Interesting indeed. That would be a major disappointment.
  7. Yes to then three above. Interesting point, I tend to agree.
  8. Hi. Sad about the accident you mentioned. What would be the amateur mistakes to watch out for?