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  1. Your wife is so hot I just blew a huge load looking at her pictures I want to fuck her in front of you and you can watch from behind and look at her big lips stretched around my dick can play with my balls and listen to them slap her ass as I pound her good and deep ...she will tell you how good my thick cock feel filling her pussy so full then you see me go balls deep and you see my dick throbbing as I fill her cunt full and as I slowly pull out it pours down her ass crack she grabs you head and pulls you into her pussy and tells you to lick her clean .....where y'all located I want some and be her bull 

  2. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. Magnificent tits.
  3. I’d strip her naked and have her stand in the middle of the room to admire her. Play with her nipple rings, so her nipples stand out erect. Have her on all fours so I can tongue her asshole while fingering her, get her nice and wet. On her back and slide my cock into her, fuck her close to orgasm then stop. Make her put on Heels, a short skirt and a tight top only. Go into a bar in town, dampen her top so everyone can see her erect pierced nipples. Have her blow me so I cum over her face, before coming back home to you where you can watch me and two of my friends fuck her and fill her all night.
  4. Love to lick the both of you

  5. Super tight pussy waiting for some bull to feed her his length and stretch her out. I’m not blessed with great length but I do have girth, I’d fuck her tight hole Doggy style with you underneath licking her. My heavy balls slapping against her swollen lips. I’d cum inside of her, leaking cum both inside and out for you to clean.
  6. Does she have a tight little pussy or has she had many cocks bigger than yours?
  7. Such a delightful mouthwatering sight. I’d have my whole face covered in juices as I devour her.
  8. So hot. I’d like to see her big tits and soft belly splattered with cum.
  9. Mouthwatering. Lucky, lucky fella.
  10. Great story. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Gorgeous pussy, ,may I kiss it ? Xxx

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