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  1. Beautiful,hot,very sexy,awesome body, especially her perfect legs. Pls more pics. What is her hottest fantasy?
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  4. i would do them both, they both have their great assets.
  5. luv the pics of your wife. Will volunteer to do some email role playing about your wife and what could happen with her and to her. let me know. Leave a message for me, my mail is [email protected]
  6. Stop sending your unnecessary, too many unexciting, not stimulating, garbage to me. Way too many items i can find on my own.  Stop pls

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  9. hot, beautiful, very sexy, does she know that you want to be a cuckold? if she does, you are very lucky, luv that smile.
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  12. tell me more, my wife is asian also, got her to do some things, luvs what she does, still shy about coming out in open to enjoy herself. maybe someday soon, but tell me about your wife also.
  13. you are never too old, many people prefer older because you have more experience. Never give up what you enjoy, especially if you both love what you are doing. GO FOR IT!
  14. luv ur story, made me horny just reading what happened. my asian wife is so very shy, but i did get her to blindfold herself, got her drunk, and had a friend (bbc) screw her and boy did she really enjoy it. she swears she will never do it again. want to know what happened that night?