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  1. 40ish couple. Into swapping, swinging cuckold, bull stag role play.
  2. Here she is a few years ago flashimg on the side of the dragon(us 129) in Tennessee for a group of motorcyclists
  3. My wife, one of my favorite images of her. She's is the perfect hotwife. Over our 20 years she's had many lovers, some one night stands and a few long term. Currently she has a play toy, and a special gentleman who comes to town a couple times a year They have been lovers for 10 years. She and he met on one of those dating hook up sites. I've been lucky to not only watch, and be a part of their sessions, but I've had the honor of taking her to him for his pleasure. I'm hoping when things settle down to get more pix and hopefully figure out how to upload short video clips
  4. Happy Saturday, Just wondering if anyone else's wife/girlfriend was happily on another man's boat for the holiday weekend? My wife left this morning for her friends boat down on the lake here in East Tennessee. She texted a couple hours ago he had invited some friends, but did t give details, male, female, whatever. Hell for all I know she's being spitroasted while some dude jerks off on her. Anyways, anyone else left alone today to wonder...?
  5. My wide and her favorite position legs open and on her back
  6. They are very tender, and it drives her wild. Most days cant even wear a bra . So many have gotten quite the shock seeing those seeing in public
  7. As someone who has done this many times, let me tell you, heaven doesn't begin to describe how good this feels
  8. Shes beautiful Thanks for sharing a private moment with us
  9. You do like her. I can always count on your comments. Thank you for taking a minute to appreciate the view. Shes warming up to this and I'm hopeful to get different poses that accent her beauty as well as her body
  10. Played with the light a bit with this one? What do you think?
  11. Found this one. Guess I passed it up thinking it was a duplicate. Enjoy
  12. Posted a couple more that should have went with the original post.