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  1. Lack of interest caused this post to be deleted
  2. Well, it's been a while for us to log on and post, but this thread seemed like a good place to return Our first time Sharing/cuckold experience, isn't mine. It was ours. I was in one years ago. I will discuss it, and if there is interest, ill talk about current wife. It was 1995. I was young and dumb and in love and got married. As things go, it was average. But I had this longing. Sex talk started hinting towards another couple in our bed. Didn't quite work out that way. After meeting a suitable couple, or so I thought, turned out to be just him. She wasn't into it and
  3. My wife loves cock. Big small, doesn't matter. Shea quoted as saying small ones are good for anal and sucking. Large ones are good for fuxking
  4. 40 views One reply. Sorry shes not model material Plenty of websites you can go to for that
  5. I told her I needed to post a picture today She sent me this. I'm curious who took it or was it a camera selfie
  6. They are scattered through out my profile. And in members page
  7. Hes a bit older than us. Has had a crush for years. His health is turning and he's become more brazen. She's stated she will let him go as far as he can. If you have forgotten, ive included a picture of those luscious breasts
  8. So I get home the other day, Monday, and the wife tells me she has to tell me something. I was like ok, let me shower and I'll be right there. Short story long, the neighbor came by to get some mail that was at my house and the got to playing around and he got himself a hand full of those luscious titties. So I told her she needs to let him fuck her next time he comes over for some mail. Now what she doesnt know is I installed a nest camera in the kitchen to capture such an illicit act. Stay tuned, cause hopefully ill have a video for you guys to show what a dirty girl my blushing b
  9. Well, youre in luck, that is what she wears 😀
  10. But you saw what i was talking about, right? It wasnt just me not understanding the system?
  11. Thanks for looking into it. I fiynd what you were referring to. I thought I had more than 472. Like 522. But anyways. Have a good weekend Cheers mate
  12. Maybe I'll just start ignoring the main page. I'm also not getting notifications on posts. Didnt know I had a reply on my post from hot wives showcase. Maybe my account in the database is corrupt?
  13. Great fantasy. Has been many mokns since shes played while I was at work Hard to find the time what with kids always home now Lol
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