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  1. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Kerstin Neumann

    Lame. I wish sysadmins would delete this
  2. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Curious Cathy in Tennessee, NEW, but maybe?

    Welcome to the blog. As our name states, we are in the smokies, sevierville specifically. She plays, I support. It's been this way for years. This lifestyle isn't for everyone but, for those who enjoy it, it's a whole other world. Enjoy
  3. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Big boobs

    Not to be left out, I present my wife for your enjoyment. Tonight, she was with a new friend. As I type, she's in the bath soaking. Preparing for her morning meeting with him.
  4. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Saturday night fever

    Well, it's an 'affair' for him I don't question my wife's loyalty. Her intention is to sleep with him a couple times then tell him I want to meet him, to invite him into our sex. What do you think
  5. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Saturday night fever

    So the wife and I haven't forgotten you guys. The guy she was seeing started getting feels so we had to deal with that drama... Anyways, there is a friend who wants her to come and 'talk' one night in his car after he gets off work. Hopefully I will get pix of her adventures. At the least I look forward to hearing her adventures with him
  6. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Christmas cuckold

    Check in. How many cucks in Chastity this holiday while your beautiful wife gets treated well by her bf/ bull and you spend your holiday in Chastity? Me!
  7. Here are some random images Nothing sexy, just showing her off
  8. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Open letter to the site creator

    The biggest challenge for me was admitting I wanted my wife to be with someone else. To feel that feeling as she's pleasured and the acceptance that comes with knowing another man has claimed her. It was once a lonely concept, before internet and blogs like this to be one of us. To have these feelings of wanting to share, needing to see, and the excitement of that first touch,first kiss, that moment she's opening her legs to a new man. It was confusing, luckily I found a woman before the internet who accepted my fetish(?) and was secure enough in our relationship to have lovers. 15 years later we are happier than ever. Tell me, how many monagomous couples still have sex. I get to when allowed, but for me the desire is still strong. And for that, I am a lucky man. Of course, having a hot wife with her appetite doesn't hurt
  9. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Cage too big

    Any one know if they make smaller cages? I'm hung like a snail, and this one is too big
  10. Smokeymountaincuckold

    How many cocks?

    I met my wife and she had only been with 2 , and one was her first husband. Fast forward 15 years and sue has been with 8 different guys, 2 were long term lovers and 3 I was allowed to be a part of.
  11. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Need help understanding feeling

    So most of you know me/us and our story. So we have been absent lately due to this that and the other Personal life comes first. So, this past weekend, I was informed I was wearing the canary yellow cage while she left to go out. Anticipating a normal night, I put it on and set off to do my husband duties. After a couple hours she returns with three of her friends and tells me that their plans were cancelled and I was the evening entertainment. Not knowing if any of her friends knew of my relatively sensitive situation, I went along with the idea of being the servant. Everytime I'd slip out of eye sight to remove my cage one of the women would find me and ask for a refill. As the night progressed and inhibitions lowered, my secret slipped my wife's tongue and my secret was out. Standing in a room of half drunk women, knowing my secret was a bit more than I could handle. My cock started to twitch and grow, and my discomfort , which my wife knew the signs, became the greatest joke in history. The women laughed at me being in Chastity and not being man enough to satisfy my wife. Needless to say I had quite the raging caged hard on Now, I ask, is that reaction normal? I've had bulls and lovers make fun of me, but never a room full. I'd love to say they wanted to see it, but my wife wouldn't let them, only pointing to my crotch and laughing. I was turned on in my humiliation. What do you think? I found out afterwards her friends knew she cheated but not that I knew. So the secret is out and I've been dripping pre cum ever since Help
  12. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Cock cage madness

    So I had a question. Any one have experience with lidocaine cream in their cage? My wife caught me with her vibe, and I was told to numb myself with the cream and wear my cage while she was out I guess I wanna know how long does it last? It's 15% by volume
  13. Smokeymountaincuckold

    New and eager :)

    Welcome to the lifestyle. Most of us have experienced our wives with someone else. I'm sure you'll fit in well
  14. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Open and honest discussion about chastity

  15. Smokeymountaincuckold

    June 11