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  1. nice throw back thursday. These were some of her first sets. These survived 2 hard drive failures thanks to being on an old flash drive. Enjoy
  2. It makes you comfortable enough with yourself to enjoy your wife without restrictions. Poor is the person whose pleasures depend on the permission of another - madonna
  3. Oh no no, not at all, wasn't even taken that way. I know we all get tired of the same questions day in day out. I wanted a different point of view. And it was given If i suck a cock because she wanted me to, pr if I think a guy is hot and I wanna fuck him, either way, I'm pretty safe knowing who I am. And for the record, ive done it all, except fuck a guy in his ass, so in case anyone was wondering. My wife still gets me hard as a rock Thats all I need to know
  4. Sure its asked frequently, but as I dont really care about labels, i was just curious on a personal level I guess
  5. Agreed. We ran into those guys who wanted her to leave me and only be with them, or those who fall in love because they got laid. Sorry mates, shes mine, always and forever. Youre welcome to look, touch or fuck her, only if she allows it, and its always going to be her choice how the relationship progresses. Treat her like a lady, and she'll rock your world I promise
  6. Duh, I realize what we were talking about now. It was a time thing is what she told me. After a bj in the car going to dinner, and him fingering her on the car ride back to his place, they went for anal and some more oral. Said she wanted him to think about her pussy all week till he picks her up again
  7. Not a sex post, but a general information post. I want to query the forum. If youre a man, and consider yourself straight, and you have a threesome with another man and your woman, are you gay for touching his cock? What about eating her after he's fycked her? If you touch it are you gay? Even if you have no thoughts of men outside of a three some, and single guys don't turn you on Is it still considered gay? Or does the term ' irs not gay in a threeway' apply?
  8. Thats the best part. Being denied. The whole agony of knowing shes been with someone else and not being able to reclaim her. We've went so far as to have her come home, freshen up, but not change panties or clean down there, and go out shopping. Talk about agony. Knowing what she has done, what she has down there and not being able to enjoy it. Pure bliss. Its not her being evil, shes the most caring woman I know. Our way of doing things is very carefully crafted for us, with many years of conversations and trust. It works for us. It may not be for everyone
  9. I've been lucky enough to experience the contrast of a black cock and my wife's white/pink pussy. I remember it well, she claims it was uncomfortable for a while actually as his girth was easily twice mine. It took several minutes of slow motion to get him balls deep and I remember her telling me he's so deep she didn't think any more could fit. But it did. He had awesome stamina too. Probanly the better part of 20 minutes he pumped before coming and it was a lot ! She told it felt like gallons
  10. I was supposed to get a warm pie this past weekend, but apparently they did everythimg but vaginally. I won't do anal pie. Your idea sounds great. I love her scent after she's been had. The muskies of it pushes me over the edge and makes my little cage more uncomfortable to wear. She oves seeing me wither trying to find a way to ease the strain. I'm such a lucky man