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  1. Cucks, show off your cages

    Here I am doing dishes while she chats with a new friend on skype
  2. Cucks, show off your cages

    Can you link me to this?
  3. Its a lifestyle you can´t refuse

    It's a lifestyle you can not say no to. Glad I never have
  4. Cucks, show off your cages

    Hey guys, looking for a little moral support here. Show off your cages and tell me what you like and don't like about them and what you wish it did or did not. Here is my little canary cage. I have a metal one with an insert, just working up the nerve to try it.
  5. Got these while at work

    So I posted these earlier in another forum, but I moved them, so yes and no, double posted. Wife sent me these while I was at work. Said she met a new friend, and these are what she sent him Hopefully they meet and there is chemistry. Here's to hoping she's someone else's for the night. 🤗🤗🤗
  6. Cum Eating

    Semen works well as a flavoring. My personal favorite is tartar sauce with fish. The creme is salty and adds a bit of after taste to the fish. Works well on hotdogs. Mix it with coffee So many ways to incorporate semen into food. Nothing beats from my wifes freshly worked vagina tho
  7. This looks amazing

    I dream of such a pleasurable moment. Her pleasure is all that's important. I live to serve.
  8. Her Addiction

    My wife has had many black lovers. Enough to know that black men being huge is a myth But there are big and small of every race, and everyone is welcome to be a lover if the chemistry is right
  9. I need the groups help

    This lifestyle is my design It is a perfect relationship that allows my wife the freedom to have many lovers, and to keep me from pleasuring myself while she is out. I have always shared her. Since before we were married The cage is relatively new. Maybe a year? Bought a new metal one. I hope to try it on when I get home
  10. A Question for Cucks

    Yes, this is my personal favorite too. The not knowing is highly erotic. But the reclaiming just can't be beat
  11. The weekend

    You know, you're right. I will see if she's in the mood for me tonight. I'm I'm a bit of trouble, and not sure if I'm lucky enough to take her picture. I posted one in a new thread and a picture of my punishment. However, I wear it so much lately, come to enjoy the soft snug fit and constant dribble of pc. If only there was someone who could take her and give her a proper fuck. Then maybe, she wouldn't be so mad at me
  12. My weekend

    I am supposed to post proof I was caged
  13. My weekend

    So I was caught trying to jerk off this week, and my punishment was, I had to lotion my wife wearing my little canary cage. Looks like none for me again this weekend . Excuse the mess. I had just gotten finished.
  14. List Your Location

    I'm slowly finding out we are not as rare as we once thought.
  15. Question about the forums

    Thanks for all your help. I've been looking around a bit. I'll tell her she has her own fan club. Lol