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  1. so warm weather is here, in the states any way, so I suggest a contest for bragging rights. Film or take a picture of your wife nude, semi nude, or in see thru clothing in public. The catch is, you have to have someone else in the image Not necessarily their face, but where we can see she could be caught Any takers? I'm going to work on mine this weekend. We have a date at an adult club. So who knows...
  2. Doesn't have to be black. A softening cock fresh from my wife is a delicious treat.
  3. We are in sevierville. Male of a hotwife/couple here. She's out ATM with her current bf, but we are getting close to vacation, and was wanting to spend some time in north Georgia. Our pics are though out the site. Enjoy
  4. My best friend knows he's been a fwb for a while now. Some of the guys at my work know, and a couple of the guys my wife works at have exchanged nudes and sexts. My youngest brother used to watch her shower, he was about 25 at the time. Never worked up the nerve to pursue it. Women who love sex are a treasure. I'm very lucky to have found a woman who loves me and loves sex with me and many partners too😎😎😎😎
  5. Cuckold Is there any actual scientific data to explain why some of us actually enjoy the thought of our wives with another man? The arousal that comes from knowing she's with him, touching, kissing, coming, all that? Or is it just a fetish?
  6. Richer? No, I meant to type tighter. I guess spelling one handed I suck at
  7. I love it when she comes from another man's cock, clutching him richer, and holding his body close as he pumps her full of warm cum that I sit quietly by and watch leak from her
  8. This is my preferred method. The occasional oops you shouldn't see that turns into wanna see more
  9. I find it humbling when I have what I call "Chastity tears' The spotting reminds me of my place and helps me concentrate on my duties
  10. She took the key. The yellow one I have is easy to escape, and while out one night I cheated and took it off. So she bought this one. It is hard to take off with the key, and, so far impossible without. As most wives do, she keeps the key on a necklace she wears out. I'm left with nothing but frustration
  11. My wife thought it would be clever to have pictures sent to her phone while she was out on a date. Little did I know she would show her date. He suggested sharing them, so, at her(their?) request(command?) here are some images from Friday night PS ignore the bedspread It's what she uses when our Martial bed is being visited.
  12. Lame. I wish sysadmins would delete this
  13. Welcome to the blog. As our name states, we are in the smokies, sevierville specifically. She plays, I support. It's been this way for years. This lifestyle isn't for everyone but, for those who enjoy it, it's a whole other world. Enjoy
  14. Not to be left out, I present my wife for your enjoyment. Tonight, she was with a new friend. As I type, she's in the bath soaking. Preparing for her morning meeting with him.