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  1. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Cock cage madness

    So I had a question. Any one have experience with lidocaine cream in their cage? My wife caught me with her vibe, and I was told to numb myself with the cream and wear my cage while she was out I guess I wanna know how long does it last? It's 15% by volume
  2. Smokeymountaincuckold

    New and eager :)

    Welcome to the lifestyle. Most of us have experienced our wives with someone else. I'm sure you'll fit in well
  3. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Open and honest discussion about chastity

  4. Smokeymountaincuckold

    June 11

  5. Smokeymountaincuckold

    June 11

    Got sent these and ask "if you can tell me who I sent these to, I'll unlock you and let you fuck me" I love my wife
  6. Smokeymountaincuckold

    How it all started

    after relaying to this guy i was posting t his, he emailed me these. seems she left a lasting impression on him. these were taken by him during our little encounter
  7. Smokeymountaincuckold

    How it all started

    Our adventures into the realm of swinging,public nudity, and swinging began one night 14 years ago with my best friend and I discussing how to get our wives to have a "swap" between the 4 of us.My wife is 36 and a mother of 3 and still had the body of a 20-ish year old. One weekend the kids were staying at their grandmothers house for the weekend and I had mentioned to my friend we would try to come up as I wanted my wife to flash her breasts to him. Of course he was all 'up' for it.I told my wife (who didn't know of the nights plans yet) that we were going for a ride up to see my friend. Along the way she asked was there a reason we were going up so late, and thats when I told her about the idea to flash him, but it was up to her as I wouldn't push her into it.Skip ahead : We arrive at his house and find out his wife is sleeping so he left her a note, got in the car with us and we left to go for a ride down some back roads close to his house.For the first hour nothing happened but him in the backtalking and her and I in the front talking and listening to the radio. Then I suggested to my wife she take off her bra while at a rest stop. She gladly did and we continued on our way driving around the area. A short while later i notice my friend stroking my wif's arm and i smiled to myself as she seemed to be enjoying it. At yet another rest stop, my wife got out and i turned to my friend and reminded him that "no means no" and he was fine with it. When she returned to the car she wanted to know did we want her in the back or the front. I told her to choose that I was fine with which ever she choose. Much to my delight she choose the back. I pull out of the parking area and continue to drive, and I can hear them talking in the back and I hear him ask could he touch her breasts. She said yes, and then i watched my beautiful wife rmeove her top and sit topless in the back seat with my best friend.After a few minutes of sqeezing he asked her if he could suck on them to which she really said yes as this is one of her favorite things.While he was sucking on her nipple i was trying not to wreck while driving as all I wanted to do was watch. The next thing my wife said turned me on more than I ever thought. She asked my friend if " he was off limits"? Knowing that my wife wanted to suck his cock, i instantly got rock hard and looked back to see my wife sucking my friends cock. After a few more curves I looked back and he was fingering my wife's pusy and I asked him how it felt, and he told me he'd never felt a pussy so wet before. I took us to the local Dam and parked down an old access road and shut off the lights and got out to pee, when I did I was greeted with my wife getting totally nude in the back seat with him. Needing to pee, I relieved myself and hurried back to see what they were doing. My wife was sucking his cock up on all fours in the back our of car while he played with her pussy. He sat up and she tried to straddle his cock, but the car is little so they got out and she sat on the front of our car with her legs spread and I got the pleasure of holding one of her legs up while my best friend took his cock and entered my wife. They went at it for a good while then they moved to the back seat again and she layed on her stomach while he entered her doggy and i was on the other said with my cock out letting her lick on it a few minutes as my goal was to watch her fuck him. After a few minutes she rolled over on her back and he entered her again, only this time i could tell he was getting ready to cum and he asked her where she wanted it. She asked me and I told her to let him cum in her. After he came in my wife they got dressed, I kissed my wife deeply and told her I was proud of her and we left and I took him home. On the drive to our house we relieved the last couple hours together and I fingered her freshly f**ked pussy. Once home i threw her on the bed and ate her out like no tomorrow then we had the most amazing sex for hours. Then twice the next morning.He has since become her boy toy. His wife still don't know, but he is trying to get her to let us all have a 4-some so he can come clean about the affair. So this pretty much sums up our first time. Thanks for taking the time to read it
  8. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Friday night

    So everyone knows my wife is looking for a lover, and, tonight she is with him. I'm locked and plugged and prevented from pleasuring myself while she's out. Anyone else lucky enough to have their wife being treated well by a younger more hung man?
  9. Smokeymountaincuckold

    My gf and her bull

    Yes. It's always a treat to see a woman being given such a nice treat. You are a lucky man to be witness to such an event
  10. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Cucks...check In

    Sorry for the delay, being a good cock keeps me busy. Here is my wife, an unseen image, for the dom's approval
  11. Smokeymountaincuckold

    My wife sends these to online friend

    So everyone knows my wife is looking for a lover, and, while she's searching, I'm cut off. Being the cuck I am, she sent these to me, and told me it was a friend of mine. Now I get to wonder...
  12. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Compilation of my wife

    Yes, she said that would do nicely
  13. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Compilation of my wife

  14. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Compilation of my wife

  15. Smokeymountaincuckold

    Compilation of my wife