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  1. Dude....I fucking love the one where husband is holding her hand as she is getting fucked
  2. Personally I originally came here exploring and wanting to learn more about my kinks/fantasies/desires. My wife and I have/do enjoy the adventures y'all have shared. I have made some really good friends here, that hopefully get the chance to hangout with someday . Paula and I have learned a lot about our turn ons.... still exploring our kinks. So basically our expectations from here on would be (A) continue to learn from y'alls experiences, explore/push our boundaries (B)friendship
  3. Fuck me.......trying to drown a mother fucker LOL
  4. DAMN....hope that was more than 1 load in that condom
  5. Dude.....I bet the "spinner" felt amazing LOL
  6. Right on.......I joined this site to get advice and more information about my personal kinks/fantasies........I discovered way more than just listening to other peoples adventures...Found some really good friends that I hope to one day have the opportunity to meet them for a drink and just hangout
  7. Holy shit bro....you are making it hard to concentrate over here LOL THANK YOU
  8. LMAO spiderman ....and I fucking love physics
  9. Damn JAG.......you are on fire man......thank you
  10. I'm pretty fucking high right now......but does anyone else see "lemon slices"on her eyelids???? LOL
  11. Kaktuscpl


    OMG.....Now that's fucking funny
  12. I love those nipple clamps ...want those and a few others that are even more extreme
  13. NOT ME......the prick that made the comments ....I was jumping his ass
  14. Is that a trick question???? HELL YES ....MORE PLEASE
  15. ok that's odd/fucked up....I'm watching the 1st 3-4 vids and all of a sudden the song "Head Games"pops in my head LOL
  16. Kaktuscpl


    The latest thing in VR technology LMAO
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